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Weslo Crosswalk 5.2t Treadmill Review



The Weslo Crosswalk 5.2t Treadmill is a machine that lets you get in shape. The treadmill carries a horsepower motor of 2.25 which can go up to speeds of at least ten miles per hour. The machine has been created specifically to provide you with both a lower body and upper body workout. With the upper body, the 5.2t has its own set of dual resistance arms that are sure to keep your blood pumping and active. You will feel fully engaged while you do your workout. The machine’s Comfort Cell feature is also there to soften up each step during your routine, so you’ll end up avoiding experiencing inflamed, sore, and aching feet and joints.


Whenever you’re up for a challenge with your workout, you can further increase the machine’s incline so you can burn twice the amount of calories. You are also free to use the machine’s four types of pre-programmed workouts if you want to do some professional training instead. These programs have all been created to improve your cardiovascular fitness routine and burn unwanted fat. There’s an integrated thumb sensor that allows you to keep your pace inside your targeted heart zone, so you can complete your overall fitness goals.


The machine has a length of 63 inches, and a width of 32 inches. It’s got a height of 48 inches as well, and a weight of at least 168 pounds. The running surface has a measurement of 16 inches x 50 inches. It can carry a maximum user weight of over 250 pounds.


It runs on a highly-powerful 2.25 HP Impulse O Motor, that is both powerful yet quiet at the same time. The speed controls can go up to over 10 miles per hour. The machines have a dual-positioning incline that lets you build up the intensity of your overall workout sessions, and enhance the different muscles in your shoulders and arms as well.


The 5.2t comes with a patented Comfort Cell cushioning feature that aims to keep your feet and joints protected, and absorbs a good amount of impact here as well. You can keep track of your heart rate thanks to the machine’s thumb pulse sensor. The SpaceSaver feature lets you fold the machine easily for compact storage.


The machine’s features include an LCD display screen, four kinds of built-in workout programs, two programs that focus on weight loss, and two more for performance. The display readouts include a 1/4-mile track, the amount of calories you have burned during your workout, the speed, the distance, the elapsed time, as well as your current heart rate.


Warranties include 90 days for both the labor and the parts. The shipping costs, meanwhile, will all depend on the price of the treadmill itself – As well as the store where you purchase it from, and the kind of delivery you want for it. There are several retailers out there, however, like Amazon and eBay, who are willing to provide you with free shipping.


The 5.2t is easy to assemble. The instruction manual which comes with the machine is there to highlight over nine steps for the assembly process. Weslo is kind enough to provide you with an Allen wrench as well – However, you might want to get yourself a Phillips screwdriver, an adjustable wrench, and needle-nose pliers too. And if you’re not too good at reading instructions, the manual is there to give you a link to a highly-detailed assembly video, which allows you to walk through the construction process. All in all, building the 5.2t should take roughly 45 minutes without stopping.


Perhaps one of the 5.2t’s best features is their upper-body resistance arms which guarantee a smooth workout for you. When you begin to run at a top speed, your arms will be getting a workout as well due to all that pumping. But when you’re only walking on a treadmill, your arms swing idly by your side without any intensity or effort. The 5.2t is a treadmill that wants to change that by giving you pivoting resistance arms which you can use to increase the intensity of your workout. These arms are there to ensure you that you are continuously working on your upper body, and you’re going to feel it on top of your shoulders and arms once you’re through. One of the things we love about the 5.2t treadmill is that it didn’t stop with the typical treadmill design, and it was finding a way to set itself apart from the rest.

There’s one major drawback that comes with the 5.2t – Its overall quality. After you’re done assembling the treadmill, you will learn that the machine’s pieces are lightweight and are not even exactly the most durable types of components that you’ve handled in the machine. Some of the machine’s pieces feel very cheap, and are even comprised of plastic. Once you have built the treadmill and began running, it’ll start producing loads of noise, which is surprising since the 5.2t runs on a very small motor. This makes us think that the machine works twice as hard in order to finish the job. This could actually worry some users because if you may remember – The 5.2t only has a warranty of 90 days for the labor and parts. The fact that Weslo themselves don’t even have confidence in their own products does not put us in ease at all.

As you go further down the general price bracket for the treadmill of your dreams, the ability to keep track of your heart rate is going to disappear. With a lower price point, you technically still will be able to do so, but Weslo has chosen to provide the option by installing a thumb sensor on the 5.2t. Even with a lower price range, this is actually a very cheap way to do so. So many other treadmill brands out there offer grip sensors on their handlebars to keep a close watch on your heart rate. Despite the fact that most of these grip sensors are inaccurate, thumb sensors aren’t that accurate as well. And what makes it worse is that it’s so much harder for you to keep your thumb on the sensor as you run or walk.

If your top two requirements for getting a treadmill are a highly unique design to give you a complete body workout, as well as to save cash, then the 5.2t is most likely the best treadmill for you. One of the things we like the most are its resistance arms which allow you to keep that upper body closely engaged, no matter if you decide to run or walk. However, we’re not exactly fans of the treadmill’s cheap construction. In fact, we’re worried about the fact that Weslo themselves are fully aware of the same issue by giving the 5.2t one of the worst warranties for a treadmill.

The 5.2t is a mid-range and completely budget-friendly treadmill sold by Weslo. Weslo is a subsidiary of Icon Fitness. The machine has been designed with the CrossWalk feature, upper-body resistance and a two-position incline. The 5.2t, along with Weslo’s other treadmills, are typically sold at Walmart and Sears.

The machine is both compact and lightweight. It contains a folding frame that is purely equipped with a type of patented SpaceSaving technology. Its drive system, meanwhile, comes with a 2.5 HP Impulse Motor. It can carry a weight capacity of over 250 pounds. This just proves that the 5.2t is completely lightweight, with a total weight of over 168 pounds.

In order to give your feet and joints some much-needed comfort and protection while you work out, the model comes with a Comfort Cell Cushioning feature. The belt has a measurement of over 16 inches wide and 47 inches long. You can go up to a speed of 10 miles per hour.

The machine’s console area gives you loads of simple convenience features, including two water bottle holders, and a one-touch quick key. There are also a bunch of other performance features included, such as four types of built-in workout programs and a heart-rate sensor. The 5.2t has its own black and silver LCD display screen, which only has six buttons on it: Speed control, up, down, stop, start, the priority display, and the workout select. If you want to keep track of the heart rate, the machine has an EasyPulse feature, a type of thumb pulse heart-rate monitoring system found on the machine’s console. The model’s warranty includes 90 days for both the labor and parts.

A folding frame always results in nothing but convenience. The 5.2t comes with its own folding frame, which has a patented space-saver design. This makes it very quick and easy for you to fold the machine up, and store it under your bed or in a closet.

The machine is fully lightweight and inexpensive. This is the reason why it’s a highly decent choice as a beginner treadmill, especially when you have plans to use it at home.

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