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True 500 HRC Classic Treadmill Review



If you want to purchase an authentic True treadmill, then the 500 HRC Classic treadmill is right up your alley. We think this is the best treadmill in regards to giving value in the True lineup.

Why is the True 500 HRC Classic Treadmill considered as one of the best? If, for whatever reason, you don’t want any other treadmill on the market right now with the exception of True, then this is the unit that we suggest you buy. When you consider the machine’s price, this has got to be one of the most jam-packed True treadmills out on the market today. And what’s more, the machine also comes with a good deck and belt combination in the market right now, providing you with a whisper-quiet and smooth treadmill experience.


The 500 HRC Classic is a model that carries a 3.0 HP continuous duty motor, which can go up to speeds of at least 10 miles per hour. It’s also got an incline that goes up to fifteen percent. So it doesn’t really matter if you’re an advance runner or a simple beginner – The 500 HRC Classic is a treadmill that will surely give you the intense workout that you need.


The treadmill’s 52-inch x 20-inch is a running space that is so much larger than what another True model, the True 450 HRC Classic treadmill, has in store. The 500 HRC Classic has a pretty wide running area that is sure to give you lots of room, so you can be comfortable and move around a lot while you work out. And what’s more, since it’s got a wonderful deck and belt combo, the machine can pretty much give you the best kind of treadmill experience you’ve ever had.


The machine also has its own heart-rate controlled workout (hence the initials HRC). There’s also two custom time-based heart-rate files, which allows you to save and create various types of workout for an easier next time you work out. Accompanying heart rate features include a Cruise Control program, a feature which lets you jump from one preset to another, or manual workouts that can turn into an HRC workout. There’s also an Express Command Key feature in case you want to gain simple access to plenty of customized workout programs with the machine.


And lastly, just like other True treadmills, the 500 HRC Classic contains a lifetime warranty for the frames, a five-year warranty for the drive motor, and one year for the labor and the rest of the machine’s parts.

Unfortunately, there have been several complaints regarding the 500 HRC Classic’s heart-rate measuring features. Firstly, the machine’s console doesn’t even show a lot of information while you work out. And secondly, as you do that heart-rate workout, the treadmill can only be adjusted to your own intensity. If you make any attempts to adjust it manually, then the machine will shut down and your exercise will be cut short.


If you really want to purchase your own True treadmill because of their quiet and smooth operation, we suggest that you get the 500 HRC Classic treadmill instead. As we have mentioned, it’s the best treadmill in True’s range of treadmills. But before purchasing, you might want to do a comparison first to other treadmills, so you can make the best kind of purchasing decision possible.


The machine runs at a motor of 3.0 HP. The speed can also go up to ten miles per hour. The machine has a weight capacity of over 400 pounds. The incline can go from zero to fifteen percent. Features include four types of preset programs, each of them carrying over nine levels of intensity. There are also three customizable programs included, alongside two types of heart-rate controlled workouts. Other features include two express command keys, and the Cruise Control feature. The 500 HRC Classic has a polar wireless chest strap included, and a LED Dot Matrix Console that measures 7 x 20.


The machine has a lifetime warranty on the frames, a five-year warranty for the motor and the rest of its parts, and only one year for the labor. The belt size measures over 52 inches L x 20 inches W. Unfortunately, you can’t fold up the machine, although it does contain a host of heart-rate focused workouts.


Aside from the orthopedic belt and having to pay $300 to acquire the machine, the True 500 HRC Classic treadmill is the same as any other True treadmill. But unlike other treadmills with an accompanying ortho belt, True’s own version doesn’t cause wearing or tearing which could be very harmful to your machine.

If you want to find a treadmill with great cushioning, then the 500 HRC Classic is the best treadmill for you. It’s one of the cheapest treadmills from True, and comes with its very own ortho belt. And contrary to True’s other treadmills that have their own ortho belt, which actually cause more harm than good, the 500 HRC Classic is the best fit for using an ortho belt – Probably it’s because of their excellent deck.

The model carries a 3.0 HP continuous duty motor that runs with speeds up to 10 miles per hour. There’s also an incline that goes up to fifteen percent. So in the end, it doesn’t really matter if you’re an experienced treadmill runner or just a mere beginner. The 500 HRC Classic can give you the intensity that you want the most from the machine.

One of the brand new features that come with True’s newer treadmill models is the True Touch technology and the message center. The message center is a sixteen-character alpha numeric message center that gives you enough motivation to help you feel more satisfied with every workout. Meanwhile, the True Touch technology feature lets you activate those command keys with only a small amount of pressure.

There’s yet another weakness found inside the 500 HRC Classic – Its reliability. Since True has placed so much emphasis on the machine’s deck and belt areas, they have tried to cut back on the machine’s other features and components. And as an end result, you will be getting a fully overpriced treadmill with a mediocre quality, which both feels and looks like a very high-tech unit, but this feeling only lasts for a few years.

The 500 is a solid feeling unit with a wonderful deck measuring 58 inches. There’s also some really excellent programming choices found in a footprint that’s smaller than the usual treadmill. We’re not really huge fans of the downgraded orthopedic belt system. The 500 HRC Classic just so happens to be a non-folding unit.

We prefer that this machine gets sold in the 2K pricing range. But we would definitely place it on the must-run list for this particular price range.

True released this unit in 2013 in order to get back some of the market share in the 2K pricing range. Precor, another popular fitness brand, was slowly taking over the market thanks to its lower pricing on two of their own treadmills: The 9.27 and the 9.23. They do provide a same kind of unit with a much better deck, and a tinier footprint which feels amazing underfoot. It even had the very first orthopedic system provided by True themselves.

The machine’s orthopedic belt isn’t the same as the one found in the True PS 300. We’re not exactly huge fans of the 500 HRC Classic’s console, as the one found on the PS 300. But this doesn’t really take away from the machine’s overall feel, along with its quality.

We do, however, want to point out to everyone who has purchased a True treadmill over the years that the headquarters relocated from their original home in O’Fallon, Montana. In fact, all of the manufacturing has been completed overseas. We’re only pointing this fact out so that shoppers who want to replace their machine will know that the old True story has changed ever since their last treadmill purchase. However, for the most part, the care and quality of these machines are still included.

Even though the buttons found on the treadmill’s console are nicer, its screen display does resemble the ones found in Sole or Spirit’s range of fitness machines. The 500 HRC Classic’s shock absorption system and overall build does set the unit apart from the rest of the competition. The machine’s orthopedic system, and its accompanying aluminum side rails, are surely worth the upgrade from the M30 – The only thing you have to remember here is that extra maintenance is needed with any type of orthopedic system.

The 500 HRC Classic is a completely solid unit that provides you with a full range of programs, along with a nice shock absorption system around its $2K price point. Just keep in mind that the machine’s orthopedic system doesn’t always provide more shock absorptions than the other systems. However, it still warrants extra amounts of maintenance thanks to its thicker belt that holds in twice the amount of heat compared to the average belt.

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