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Total Gym 2000 Review



If you’re a huge health and fitness buff, then you may have heard of the Total Gym strength-building machine. The 2000 was one of our top picks for the best fitness machine and home gym for 2017. Just recently, the people behind Total Gym’s line of fitness machines created the Total Gym 2000, a type of fitness machine that’s pretty much perfect for those who want to get the best and most optimal type of physical results, without having to pay too much cash.


The machine uses a combination of the user’s own body weight as a type of resistance (like most other Total Gym machines), and as an adjustable incline to further build strength and increase the endurance, all the while burning calories. As of now, its current price on Amazon is $434.98 with additional shipping. For the same cost as a seven-month gym subscription, the 2000 can give you an amazing workout along with the easiness and convenience of getting to own a quality fitness machine in your home.


The machine is very affordable as well. The Average Total Gym 2000 comes at a price of over $500, so this is basically a highly economical way for you to get fit and stay in shape. It’s easy to store as well – You can fold the unit flat, allowing it to be stored underneath your bed or in a closet, or tucked it away from your sight.


The 2000 fits plenty of fitness levels too. The Total Gym 2000 works nicely together with a system cables and pulleys, making the machine fully adaptable for a whole assortment of people. It’s all set to provide you with a good body workout, along with a type of effective strength training for all of the muscle groups in your body.

One of the best features that the machine currently has is that it provides you with the most excellent and effective full-body workout, all for the fraction of the cost of a higher-level machine, or an additional gym membership fee.


When exercise becomes an easy task for you, it’s also very easy for you to further increase the 2000’s resistance by adjusting the machine’s incline. You no longer have to buy a different machine, in this case – The 2000 will be able to meet all of your fitness needs in one go.


Together with the machine’s affordability, the machine is all set to provide you with a unique kind of workout experience, using the character’s own body weight to be able to create lean muscle mass. Whenever a body’s own percentage of lean muscle mass goes up, it becomes much more easier for you to burn down body fat and the accompanying calories, leading up to a more slender figure.


One of the better conveniences of owning a machine that can provide you with a complete body workout at home definitely goes without question. But there’s yet another advantage that the 2000 has that other machines don’t – The machine is completely easy to store. When you fold it up, it has a measurement of over 19 inches wide x 7 inches tall x 51 inches long. The machine’s small size is one of the reasons why it’s so easy for you to take it out in case you want to do a quick workout, then put it in a closet for the remainder of the day.


The 2000 is unique because it can be used by so many people of different fitness levels. Those who are brand new to exercising and the ones who work out on a regular basis will be given a bit of a challenge, and see the results for a shorter period of time.


The machine has two main drawbacks: But one of them can be remedied pretty quickly. The first one has to do with the workout machine being able to support a person only up to 250 pounds. Those who have surpassed this weight limit will be pressured to go find a different machine, which can support them nicely.

The second drawback with the 2000 is that the machine is way too simple sometimes – The accessories and other add-on parts – With some of them required to make the machine work – Need to be purchased separately. Even though this might be seen as a complaint by certain Total Gym 2000 owners, it could actually be more of a benefit to the others. That’s because the people who want to purchase the 2000 is normally the one who wants to find a machine that’s simple and easy to use, not to mention fully straightforward. The Total Gym 2000 doesn’t need any extra pieces or parts – It gives you an extra workout just as exactly as it comes.

Overall, the 2000 is a fully smart investment which gives you a completely effective type of body workout. These results can be seen just as quickly, especially when you decide to engage in a resistance on a fully-based workout routine, including the one that this machine gives. You no longer have to buy all these different types of fitness equipment or free weights to create your own gym at home or in the office, since the 2000 can do everything.

The Total Gym brand is very popular and is highly recommended by plenty of fitness experts. The 2000 doesn’t disappoint. Although there are several drawbacks that you can find here and there, these are hugely overshadowed by the huge amount of benefits. The 2000 is a simple machine that perfectly suits any home or office, is easy on your wallet, and can provide you with a very effective type of workout.

Those who are very much into exercising and fitness might be familiar with the Total Gym line of fitness and strength-building machines. Just recently, the company released the Total Gym 2000 – A highly superb workout machine that was especially made for those who want to do intense workouts without having to spend too much cash. This machine uses a good combination of the user’s body weight as a resistance, and a type of modifiable incline in case you want to further build your body’s strength, burn those unwanted calories, and increase your endurance. If you want to purchase this machine, not only will you be able to own a top-notch home gym, but you’ll also get the chance to exercise while staying in the comfort of your own home – Which is always a good thing. The 2000 is a pretty good investment, and you can be assured of the machine’s excellent quality.

According to most users, one of the best parts about this machine is that it provides you with a complete body workout all in all. Not only will you be paying for just a small fraction of the overall costs of a seven-month membership at a fitness club or a local gym, you’ll also get to use a top-level piece of fitness equipment for your home. And throughout the period when you first feel like your exercise sessions have become much more comfortable than before, or if you’re getting bored of having to do the same workout sessions over and over again, the only thing you have to do now is to increase the machine’s resistance levels by changing its own incline. This is a machine that can fit all of your health and fitness requirements – You no longer have to purchase any other machine here. We think the Total Gym 2000 is just perfect for those who want to exercise certain body parts conveniently while at home or in the office. It’s just a fantastic workout machine all in all.

There’s absolutely no doubt that the Total Gym 2000 is a nice fitness machine, and in case you want to purchase a good home gym, then this machine is the best option for you. One more advantage here is the ease of storage that comes with the machine. Nearly everyone wants a machine that is very compact, and you can move around the house without any hassle whatsoever. The 2000 can be folded up, and once you’re done doing so, it doesn’t measure more than nineteen inches in width, or seventeen inches in height, and 51 inches in length. This means that 2000 truly is a compact machine, allowing you to bring it out everywhere you want without any trouble. You’re all set to do some exercising or complete a fitness routine in your home. Quick workouts won’t be too much of a hassle with the 2000, and you can completely move it out of your sight once you’re through with the exercise regimen.

In the end, it can be easily said that the Total Gym 2000 is a pretty good investment, in case you want to exercise at home and stay in good shape. You will be getting a good workout for the entirety of your body, without facing any problems. You can also fully immerse yourself in a workout routine that is fully resistance-based. There’s no requirement of having to purchase free weights or two more fitness machines if you have the 2000.

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