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Total Gym 1800 Review



More and more people who want to lose weight or get fit have now decided to stay home and purchase their own machine instead of getting a gym or health club subscription to reach their fitness goals. But since there’s so many types of home exercise equipment out on the market today, people will get slightly confused in regards to picking the right fitness machine for them. So which piece of exercising equipment is going to allow you to acquire the best kind of body workout, and is very affordable as well?


If you’re currently on a tight budget, but you still want to purchase a fantastic and high-quality kind of fitness machine, then you’re in luck – The Total Gym 1800 is a home gym that has been garnering rave reviews from its satisfied users. We will now be taking a closer look at this popular home gym equipment, to see what it really does and what it is capable of.


If your main objective is to simply work out and get fit without feeling the need to leave the house to be able to strengthen and tone all of the muscles in your body, then the 1800 is the best machine for you. Thanks to this machine, you will be able to fully complete this goal. The 1800 contains over sixty types of fat-burning exercises. All of them are designed to let you completely change your body’s composition thanks to the cardio and resistance-based workout capabilities that this machine carries, along with the rest of its exercises.


The workouts you can perform with the 1800 will fully transform your body into a fierce, calorie-burning furnace, and that’s always a good thing. This means that all of the excess fat found in your body will be burnt rather quickly. But of course, you still need to keep in mind that a good, healthy, and balanced low-calorie diet is also very important if you want to stay fit and get thin. Otherwise, all of the time you have spent working out with the 1800 will be rendered useless, and it’ll take you a while before you can get to your overall weight loss and fitness goals.


The 1800 is there to work off all of your body weight. Simply put, you will end up lifting a small percentage of your weight against the pull of gravity, which results in a fully fluid and smooth type of workout. While you make some progress with those workouts, and get stronger and fitter during the process, you can gradually increase the resistance level on the machine by using it on its incline. Not only will the machine work the upper portion of your body, but the lower half as well.


The machine’s features include the following: A Pilates bar, some leg attachments, press-up bars, dip bars, and lastly, an ab-crunch board. The 1800 is the type of machine that’ll provide you with the excellent type of body workout, which will surely give you the results that you’ve always wanted.


The 1800 is also very comfortable to use, all thanks to the large glide-board, which is actually quite bigger when you compare it to other home gym machines from competing brands. The 1800 also has a bigger tower, providing the machine with an increased stability.


Once you finally get around to purchasing this home exercise gym, you will also be given an exercise flip chart from Total Gym, which tells you how to do each of the sixty exercises properly. This could be very handy if you’re using the machine for the very first time. And not only that, you will also be obtaining two types of amazing workouts, both of which you can follow by watching an accompanying DVD. Another freebie that comes with the 1800 is the exercise mat, which helps you protect the floor from further damage when you work out.


The 1800 is a machine that’s very easy to assemble after you have received it. You can also fold it away very quickly for easy storage, whenever you don’t feel like working out. But before you purchase the machine, you’re going to have to keep in mind that the 1800 has a maximum user weight of over 275 pounds. You will also need to consider its size, to ensure that the machine fits perfectly right inside your home or office space. The machine’s dimensions have a measurement of 56 inches x 18 inches x 9 inches.


Does the Total Gym 1800 come with its own warranty? Yes it does – It’s got a year-long limited warranty so you can have an added peace of mind after you have purchased it.

How much does the 1800 cost, and where can you get it for the best discounted price? All in all, the 1800 contains a list price of over 400 bucks. A bit expensive, yes, but the great thing about is that you won’t have to pay that much cash to acquire the machine itself. After scouring around the Internet, we have found the same model on sale for only $299. This includes free shipping, so we practically hit the jackpot here. We ended up saving at least 25 percent off the list’s price.


Amazon is another store that offers the 1800 at a discounted price, with free shipping to boot. As of now, the machine is not only being sold for a very affordable price, but it has also garnered plenty of good reviews from satisfied clients, as we had mentioned earlier. These satisfied customers have praised the machine’s usability and quality, with most of them leaving glowing reviews on websites like Amazon.

The 1800 is an excellent home gym, which a lot of people enjoy using. One of the reasons why this is so is because it does everything that a home gym should be expected to do. They have made a completely outstanding – Not to mention highly positive – Difference on both the users’ bodies and souls.

Some of you might be wondering: Since the 1800 has gotten so much praise, is there even any room for criticism? Are there people out there who have had a negative experience with how the machine works, the shipping, the customer service, etc.? There was actually one customer out there who stated that those who have used the machine will need to keep their lose hair tied up before they can start working out, so it won’t get all tangled or even caught in the machine during operation.

So if you’re currently on the lookout for a fantastic total home gym, all of which will provide you with resistance and excellent cardio workouts, then the 1800 is the best one for you.

If you have read reviews about the Total Gym XLS, then you might be aware that not a lot of people have actually enjoyed utilizing this machine. But is the 1800 any different compared to that? When you compare the two models, the 1800 is actually much more pricier compared to the former. But it’s still pretty much an affordable machine, with an average price of $350. In fact, we feel like the 1800 is a complete bargain compared to the XLS.

Past iterations of the 1800 include the 1700 club, which was much different than its successor because it didn’t include several of the brand new additions normally found in the 1800. Probably one of the 1800’s better inclusions was the all-new extended width of the machine’s gliding board, which is a well-received upgrade in case you’re a heavy-set individual who wants to get fit, or if you’re simply a tall user. We feel like this was a well-received upgrade in general. Other upgrades with the machine include an extra ab board attachment, and an automatic lock height adjustment, among others.

If you want to build up some muscles using the machine, then this means you’ll be completely disappointed – That’s because the way this machine works makes it the best kind of fitness equipment for those who want to improve their overall flexibility and tone their muscles. The 1800 also provides you with little to no resistance at all (only a small percentage of your body weight is involved) so there’s only a limited amount of strength gain.

If you don’t have enough space in here, then these types of home gyms are the best kind of alternative to a bigger heavy-duty multi-station type of home gym. The 1800 does occupy a bit of space, especially when you’re doing all of the various types of exercises involved. But there’s always the option of folding it away, which not a lot of home gym machines offer.

The Total Gym 1800 is a highly-recommended piece of exercise equipment. Even though we might not feel too enthusiastic about Total Gym’s line of products as a whole, the 1800 is still a better alternative to the XLS.

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