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Total Gym 1700 Review



After we have paid for a membership to a local health club, we realized that we’re probably not even going to spend enough time in it because of our busy schedules. And it turns out, we were correct: We almost never found enough time to put our membership to good use. So it eventually became clear to us that it would be so much better if we just let our membership lapse over time, and instead make an investment in a decent piece of home gym equipment.


After doing loads and loads of research in both online and in stores, we chose to get the Total Gym 1700 instead. This is an affordable machine, one of the cheapest in the Total Gym range of fitness equipment – Only $330. After buying it, we just prayed that the machine was going to be completely worthwhile and very easy to use, just as what we had suspected after watching their infomercials on TV, and reading reviews online.


Once the machine arrived at our doorstep, we hurriedly moved it in, and learned that we couldn’t actually carry the box, no matter how hard we tried. Obviously, we couldn’t fold up the machine itself and stick it beneath our bed because of its size, or even shove it inside our closet and not use it.


Later that night, we managed to get some help and finally bring the brand new machine in our home, and proceeded to use it.

Our first impression of the 1700? Absolutely amazing. This is an equipment that surpassed our expectations – It’s a well-made piece of fitness equipment. It’s constructed from a type of solid heavy-duty piece of workout equipment. You can be assured that the 1700 isn’t the type of machine that won’t break down after five uses or so. You can already tell just by the machine’s weight that the overall design and feel to it isn’t comprised of those cheap and flimsy artificial metal materials.


The machine came out of the box completely assembled, with the exception of the things that you would usually need to be able to change its intensity or the exercises. So we ended up deciding that it would just be great if we placed the fully-assembled machine on top of the porch, right in a corner where we could just leave it right there on the mat and won’t have to worry too much about having to fold it up and store it away with each usage.


The 1700 is equipped with a lovely chart, which you can refer to in case you want to perform several exercises, or if you need to know the type of equipment pieces you will need to change or add on for more advanced exercise routines. The chart is actually a wonderful idea since it comes in a flip page format for a quick display near the machine’s unit.


You can throw in up to 75 pounds of weight if you want a more intense workout. So far, we’re still using the unit since it has been proven that the machine provides us with an excellent workout in over twenty to thirty minutes, four times a week. The weights aren’t include here, but the machine does come with a set of pins that you can safely connect to the machine, just in case you decide to do workouts that are twice as intense than what you’re used to. The 1700 is actually very easy to use, once you have browsed through the instructional manual and learn how to change out a couple of things for each type of workout exercise.


The machine comes with its own mat which you can place right below it, so your floor won’t get ruined. But in our case, we have placed it outside of our house by the porch, and positioned some indoor outdoor carpeting. But we did end up using the mat anyway just to improve the machine’s own stability. The 1700 comes with its own DVD, which, in our opinion, is filled with details and is definitely worth a watch – Especially when you’re about to use the machine for the very first time, so you can learn how the pieces of equipment work together.


Other features include a simple and easy height adjustment system, which works nicely using a simple pin mechanism. This lets you either lower or raise that gliding board, depending on which type of exercise you plan to do. So for instance – In case you want to do sit-ups, you can simply adjust that gliding board. Doing this using an incline can add a bit of resistance, and force you to lift up more of your needed body weight.


The gym is also equipped with a foam-covered Pilates bar, while the DVD is there to show off a couple of exercises you can do on the machine. We’re really huge fans of Pilates, so this was one of the reasons why we ended up purchasing the machine in the first place. we can just place our workout CDs and work out for around 20 to 30 minutes, all the while doing some stretching and Pilates exercises and toning. And before we know it, the time is up and we’re feeling so motivated, relaxed, and fit afterwards.

We’ve actually been using this piece of equipment for a little over three months now. And we have to say that after our first two weeks, we have already noticed a bit of difference with how our bodies looked. After the initial workout session, we were feeling both uncomfortable and sore. However, it didn’t take our bodies long enough to get used to the overall routines or stretching. Soon enough, the areas in our bodies which had a bit of a jiggle in them started feeling firm – Which means there was some muscle buildup happening.

We suggest using the 1700 for those who want to get in shape or tone their muscles. We don’t recommend using this if you want to fully replace a cardio-vascular workout session. Despite the fact that we use the 1700 on a regular basis, we still go out and jog at least three times a week for one hour. This is added to the amount of time spent using the machine. And if you are working out with someone who is really into weight training and lifting, then this type of machine won’t be of benefit to them. We would say, however, that anybody – No matter if they’re a beginner or an expert – Would find this thing useful if they don’t have enough time to go to a gym, or if they don’t have enough cash to score a membership.

So do Total Gym’s machines really work? The answer is this: It all depends on you. The 1700 is a type of home gym system created for Total Fitness, in which you utilize your very own body weight to complete several strength-building exercises.

The machine itself is completely flexible, and lets you work with all parts of your body. And because you are using your very own body weight to train, the 1700 works very nicely for everyone who uses it – No matter if they’re big, small, old, or young.

You can find different variants of the home gym, which include the Total Gym Fit, the Total Gym XLS, and the Total Gym GTS. You may have seen some of Total Gym’s infomercials on TV, and feel a bit skeptical regarding its authenticity. But so many people have proven that it’s a very cool machine overall.

One of the things we love about the home gym is that it works using its own body weight, allowing you to construct strength without having to risk injury. It also lets every user – No matter what their size or age – To be able to train, burn fat, and build muscles with it. The 1700’s setup makes the machine highly flexible, allowing you to practically train all parts of your body.

We highly recommend using the 1700 for those who want to get into shape, or lose weight, no matter how strong or old they are. It is a good machine for experts, intermediates, and beginners. The 1700 can be bought at a reasonable price, and provides you with loads of exercise possibilities as well.

The main idea behind Total Gym’s line of machines is that your body weight will be the only thing you need to achieve the best kind of exercising routine, as well as increase the conditioning and muscle mass. This is a home gym that uses your own body weight as a type of resistance. It’s got a platform mounted on top of adjustable railings. You have to use the pulley handles later on to move the 1700’s platform, and exercise using your own body weight. If you want to further increase your workout’s intensity, then you can just change the bench’s incline.

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