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Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike Review



Schwinn seem to have a good handle on what people want when they're looking for exercise equipment and have incoperated all that into their models. The Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike is no different. Purchasing a Schwinn exercise bike definitely isn't a mistake, especially their recumbent exercise bike.

While there are many other products out there that offer a similar work out, such as ProForm ellipitcal machines, or a rowing machine, the Schwinn recumbent bike boasts many features and a sleek design to make it a good choice.

As far as the assembly goes, if you’re not the type that likes to put things together, then you may have some problems. However, there is an easy to read assembly guide (picture below) that will guide you through the process …





What is a Recumbent Bike

A recumbent bike is not much different to a normal exercise bike except for the positioning. For example, the Schwinn 170 upright bike is exactly as it sounds – you sit upright on it while you work out. Or with a NordicTrack c900, you stand. With a recumbent bike, you'll find yourself more horizontal which helps work and activate the quads a little more than on an upright bike, which in turn helps out your glutes.




The Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike has a console with two different LCD displays, allowing you to monitor up to 13 different outputs – this includes your speed, duration, heart rate (although you have to buy the chest strap separately), and calorie burn plus more. They're spaced out nicely to ensure easy reading.



A wheel to ensure easy moving if the bike needs to be rehomed, meaning less strain to lift. The bike itself only weighs around 90lb.

The maximum weight for a user that the bike can handle is 300lb, if this is exceeded, there may be damage to the machine that isn't covered under the warranty.



The machine comes with 22 programs that users can pick through to help them achieve their goals, and using the interface is very simple. There is also goal tracking available on the machine so you can see physical progress and know you're making your own strides there. It's also able to be exported to Schwinn's website, and the popular fitness app MyFitnessPal to help people keep a close eye on everything they do and see improvements.

There are 20 levels of resistance to ensure that all users get a good challenge out of the bike, and the heavy flywheel makes the change the resistance a smooth and quiet affair.

There are chamber speakers for your music player, so you don't have to bother with earphones and the risk of pulling them out as you exercise, as well as USB charger to keep your music player topped up and happy. There's also a media rack, so if you're not interested in music, you can definitely catch up with a film or TV show while you're exercising.

There's also a cooling fan with three different speeds to keep you nice and cool as you work out.

On purchase you can arrange for expert assembly, meaning that you don't have to go through the hardship of putting the bike together by yourself, or risking getting something wrong and breaking it. This ups the price tag a little more, by around $80.

The bike is also capable of storing data for two users, meaning it's good for homes with more than one person getting a work out. Other people can use it, on top of the two users, but it won't store their results in the memory.

The size of the bike comes in at around 5ft long, 2 ½ ft wide, and 4ft tall, meaning it's a big enough bike for all types of users, but might require a little bit extra room if you don't intend to put it away after every use.

Look at the padded seat in the picture below – doesn’t it look comfortable with all of that padding?




While we’re here, here’s a close-up of the pedal …






There have been a few problems brought to light, too, with the bike that it's well worth being aware of. Many people find the back support to be too hard, especially if your back doesn't fit into the contours perfectly. Many users have rectified this by placing towels down to soften the plastic against their spine.

The media rack which is good for books or tablets covers the display output, which might be a problem if you want to actively keep track of your goals and what you've currently achieved. If you don't mind not seeing them, then it's not really a problem and can easily be overlooked.



Like all good products, Schwinn express a confidence in their bikes and give three different warranties. There's a warranty on the frame that lasts for 10 years, meaning that any natural or manufactuer damage that occurs in this time will be covered. There is a one year electrical warranty, and a 90 days labor warranty if you opt for the machine to be put together for you.





Overall, the bike is good for the purpose it's designed for – to jump on and pedal away until you can't see through the sweat and your heart feels like it's about to beat out of your chest. It comes with everything you need in the box to get started and ensure that once it's assembled you can begin your work out journey with ease.

The few disadvantages are ones that are easily overlooked or rectified, especially for the price. It comes in at around $300 – there are definitely more expensive models out there that have their own host of problems. If you're not too bothered about repurposing a towel, or replacing the seat for a comfier one, then there's absolutely no reason to hesitate on purchasing.

The bike itself is sturdy, well-designed and adequate. With all the added features, such as exporting data, music control, and multiple levels of resistance, an hour long session on this bike shouldn't be too much work, and you'll be able to see the results to show for it afterwards. It's got everything you need, without being overpriced and having redundant features that aren't necessary. There's a cup holder for your water, a fan to keep you cool, and pedals to work at to take you closer and close to your goal.



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