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Schwinn 170 Upright Bike Review


Exercise bikes have earned their popularity over the years; they're easy to use and provide a good work out. They tend to not take up too much room, and are very forgiving when it comes to form and posture – especially compared to other exercises that rely on a strict pose to avoid doing damage.

The Schwinn 170 is no different to this. The bike itself is packed with features to keep people motivated and working towards their goals, and comes from a well-known exercise line. Schwinn are also responsible for the Schwinn Elliptical (such as the Schwinn 430 elliptical), Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike, and then the upgraded model of Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike. They know what they're doing, and it makes it so that a Schwinn exercise bike it definitely one you can trust.


The Box


As you see, this is a pretty big box. You may need help bringing it in the house when it arrives.

Once you have it all assembled, it’s going to look like this:


We’re going to add a little bit of humor here – when you’re on this machine, this is what you’re going to feel like:


There are even times where you feel as if you’re racing against two carnivorous …


Then, here’s a picture for when you feel on top of it all:


Okay, enough of the humour – it’s time to get down to the big picture, starting with the specs.


The Specs

The Schwinn 170 comes with two dual screen views, so that you can accurately keep track off all the information you'll need – the time, calories burnt, distance, and your resistant level. They're spaced out nicely so that you can just glance at them as you're working out. In total, there are thirteen different feedback displays. While the screen is very basic, it adequately displays this information and keeps it nice and tidy.


For comfort, especially if you intend to use this machine for long periods of time, the seat that comes with it is a large, padded seat which you can adjust. It's also a standard bike seat, and can be changed out for whatever is more comfortable depending on the user. There are seat pads available for purchase to add to the comfort levels, or the entire seat can be swapped much like on a normal bicycle.

The product size, once assembled, calls in at 41.3 x 21.4 x 55.6 inches, making it nice and compact and suitable for smaller homes. It doesn't take up too much room, and allows for consistent exercise over time, without having to worry about putting it away to save space after use and finding the motivation to get it back out.

Speaking in motivation …


The maximum size that the Schwinn exercise bike can withhold is 300lb, or there is risk to the structural integrity of the machine and could result in breaks and snaps, which may not be covered under any of the warranties.




While exercise is the main aspect of the Schwinn exercise bike, there are plenty of features to keep it interesting and make sure it's worth the money spent on it. With it calling in at around $500, it definitely gives you more for your money.

There are 25 different levels of resistance, that are alligned with a weighted fly wheel – this makes the machine run smoothly and quietly as you're riding. Resistance is important for a higher impact work out – as anyone who has used a spin bike can attest to.



Quick keys to up the resistance as you're riding so that you can adjust the difficulty with a quick press of a button. There are ten keys, and they work instantly upon touch.

The machine is capable of remembering up to four users and their goals meaning it's perfect for multiple people to use without having to reprogramme it after each one. It's also fully adjustable, meaning that different heights, and weights, will have no problem finding a comfy position to ride in during their time on this exercise bike.

There is a USB charging port, meaning you don't need to to worry about your music player dying midway through a workout. The exercise bike also has acoustic chamber speakers to really surround you in the sound and let you get lost in the music. There's also cooling fans to ensure the user stays comfortable while working, although sweating is inevitable if you're working hard enough. These can be adjusted to different heights to suit whichever user is on the bike at the time.

The exercise bike comes with 29 different programmes already on the system so you can instantly get started, even if you're not sure where to begin. There are multiple beginner and advanced ones ti pick from, as well as the capability to make your own and save it as a custom work out if you know exactly what you should be doing.



The warranty offered with the machine is very fair, and as long as you use the machine as intended,they will honor their equipment and repair faults. The frame is guaranteed for 10 years, meaning if any natural occurring damage happens, they will be able to replace this up to ten years after your original purchase date. The mechanical parts are guaranteed for up to two years, and the electronics is for 90 days, giving you more than enough time to ensure the product is working properly and that there are no faults upon set up.



Overall Opinion


For the price, this is definitely a worthwhile machine to purchase if you're looking for a standard home exercise bike. It comes with enough features that it's deserving of the price tag, and ensures that users will be able to comfortably use it, and keep track of their fitness goals with ease thanks to the exportable data capability.

The only things to be aware of is, due to the small compact size of the exercise bike, people who are over a certain height may struggle to fit their knees under the bars when standing to cycle. This will mainly apply to people over 6'6” - most people will have no issues with fitting.

The overwhelming opinion on this bike, both from the data we've found and through reading other people's reviews of it is that the bike is definitely worthwhile to buy. It's quiet, runs smoothly and is reliable, which is all you can ask of a piece of exercise equipment. All the other features that it comes with are definitely bonuses, and make the machine that much more user-friendly and stable. 

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