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ProForm Performance 400 Review


The ProForm Performance 400 is a discontinued entry-level treadmill, found inside a series that contains the same treadmill models: The Performance 900, the Performance 600, and the Performance 1450. Even though the Performance 400 contains a total of 15 built-in workouts as well as an iFit Live compatibility feature, the much more expensive models contain even better workout options and higher-quality components. The unit has a weight capacity of at least 300 pounds.


One of the things that we love about this particular machine is its SpaceSaver design: All of the treadmills found in the ProForm Performance series can be folded up easily, saving tons of space. The machine’s track, which has a measurement of 55 inches x 20 inches is definitely cushioned for pure shock absorption, as well as comfort. With the single touch of a button, you can incline it by up to ten percent.


There are over fifteen pre-installed workouts right inside the machine, which are meant to include five types of calorie-burning workouts, five timed, and five distance routines. Aside from that, the machine has all been wired for both the iFit Live and fitness apps. With the aid of a stable and strong Wi-Fi connection, treadmill users will be able to run along trails that have been created by Google Maps. They can also do some virtual training together with professionals such as Bob Barker and Jillian Michaels (from ‘The Biggest Loser’) and otherwise further enhance the enjoyment and effectiveness of the standard treadmill exercise practice.


Pulse sensors have been included in the machine’s handlebars. The Performance 400 also accepts an iPod or just about any other MP3 player out there, and plays your favorite tunes using an Intermix Acoustics speaker set. Customers will also be able to obtain a lifetime framing warranty, a motor warranty (lasting 25 years), and one year each for the labor and parts.


The 2.25 CHP motor wasn’t that impressive either. It’s got an axial fan that’s meant for extending the overall running time, but the machine unfortunately doesn’t support serious running, or works very quietly. The treadmill has a top speed of over 10 miles per hour. For the sake of comparing the two, another Proform treadmill – The Proform 1450 – Has a CHP motor of 3.5, which also comes with its very own lifetime warranty.


Thanks to its iFit Live app compatibility, fifteen types of built-in workouts, and a sound system incorporated right into the machine, the Performance 400 is fully recommended for joggers and walkers who are of medium or short height. Taller individuals looking for a similar kind of treadmill should consider purchasing other advanced models, such as the Performance 1450, which has a sixty-degree track and a touchscreen console, or even a treadmill from Sole.


The warranty found on the Proform Performance 400 is pretty bad. The labor and parts have all been covered up for over a year, and the motor is covered for a total of 25 years. Meanwhile, the machine’s frame is covered for life. This is the type of coverage that shouldn’t bring in any confidence in regards to purchasing the treadmill.


The Proform Performance 400 treadmill is known to be one of Proform’s best-selling treadmills for over three years and counting. It’s not really surprising to see why this is such: The machine has a decent motor, an iFit Coach app, a running area, as well as an incline for below $600.


They have also included a handy tablet or magazine/book-holding bracket found below its console. This allows you to watch all of your favorite videos, TV shows, movies, or read a book to keep you entertained while you exercise.

So is the Proform 400 treadmill the best kind of treadmill for you? Here are the basics that you must know about the machine before you purchase it. The treadmill has an average pricing of over $599, along with free shipping. The motor runs on 2.5 HP, and the machine itself has an incline that goes from 0 up to 10%. Meanwhile, it has a speed of over 10 miles per hour. The belt has a measurement of 20 x 55 inches. There are eighteen types of pre-programmed workouts in total.

The warranty includes a lifetime warranty for the frame, a 25-year motor warranty, and one year each for both the labor and the parts. For your standard treadmill, the basics are simple and great with the machine. You will be receiving a 2.5 HP motor which is highly respectable and should work out just fine for occasional running or walking purposes. You can also construct some high-calorie burning intervals thanks to the 10% incline, with a measurement of over ten miles per hour.

There’s also an average-sized belt with a measurement of fifty-five inches, and this probably works out fine for people who have a height of 6 feet and above – Even though there are certain topics out there that might find it slightly short.

The tablet holder bracket (which can also be used for holding magazines and books is positioned on top of the console around the machine’s eye level. This allows you to read your favorite books, magazines, or use your tablet and watch your favorite movies and shows while you exercise.

The same tablet or smartphone is also used to connect to the official iFit online app, in case you have a subscription to the iFit program. This lets you watch real-life trails pass you by on your tablet screen. The iFit Coach app is another add-on that comes with the treadmill. This app allows you to connect your treadmill to the Internet, and going from there, you can begin to write graphs and keep a close watch on your activities, workouts, sleep patterns, and even your food. This lets you complete your best run or running session ever.

The tablet can also be used to connect it to the official iFit app. You can pick from a large number of world-famous trails that you can virtually run across – Ranging from the beaches of Hawaii and Australia, to the lovely streets of Paris or Rome. Then you can watch as you pass by real-life landmarks on your tablet screen. The treadmill even automatically declines or inclines to fit the trail’s actual terrain. We think it’s probably the next best thing to actually being in the trail itself, and you can make your workouts much more enjoyable and fun.

For a short period, if you purchase the machine through Proform’s official store, you can receive a free iFit Wearable along with an iFit membership. You can either plug in and play your favorite tunes using the iPod clock. The console comes with two types of built-in speakers, so you can avoid using your earphones if you like.

You can easily fold up the machine in case you want to save plenty of spacing in your home or office. The Performance 400 has a shock-assisted fold mechanism, which you can use to prevent your neck from straining too much. There are also rollers found on the bottom half of the machine, making it twice as easy to move it out of the way.

What if you’re not an iFit subscriber or have never heard of the app? You can still use the machine’s eighteen pre-programmed workouts, all built right inside it. And what’s better is that all of these workouts have been created by a certified professional trainer, and focuses on various things such as calorie burning, speed, time, and incline settings.

The Performance 400 is not without its set of cons. The treadmill’s console is far too small for our liking, not to mention it’s got a basic look and feel to it. Nor is it backlit – A backlit treadmill console makes it easy for you to read through your total workout stats. The same console doesn’t give you plenty of information either. But at this type of price point, it’s pretty much standard.

Even though the belt size might be average, there are taller users out there that might find the belt to be on the shorter side. The belt has a measurement of 55 inches long. Sometimes it feels like you’re running up against the treadmill belt’s edge.

The main point of purchasing the Performance 400 is that if you want to find a no-frills and motorized treadmill meant for walking – And comes from a trustworthy brand – You will definitely appreciate the Proform Performance 400 treadmill. You’ll get all of the basics that come with the standard treadmill, such as a decent motor, the average belt, the heart rate monitor, and an incline without having to pay for so many frills that you’re not really fond of.

Admittedly, the Performance 400 isn’t exactly the best treadmill meant for running. But the occasional walkers and joggers might seem to enjoy this one instead. You can save up over $400 on the Performance 400 if you purchase straight from the official Proform website. You can also avail the free shipping which saves you over $150.

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