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ProForm Endurance 520 E Elliptical Trainer Review


When it comes to working out, many of you may not have time to go to the gym and for this reason, you are left without a workout routine. Many of us live a busy lifestyle where we are forced to go to work, come home and take care of our children, cook dinner, clean the house and then go to bed. Where do we find time to get in our car and drive to the gym? Have you ever considered having a home gym? There are many pieces of equipment that you could add to your exercise room and one of them is the Proform 520e. If you’re thinking of buying the Proform 520e, go ahead and read this review in order to determine if it’s something that fits your needs or not …


Quick Summary of the Proform 520e


The Proform 520e is a nice piece of exercise equipment. This machine is backed by a lifetime warranty and is made of commercial grade steel. There are a ton of features that would impress almost any person that is looking for an elliptical trainer. To start out, it has big pedals that can be adjusted up to 20 inches. With pedals this big and due to the fact that they are adjustable, it will be able to accommodate most users, even if they are 6 ‘or taller.

The machine also has some interesting features that will give you the opportunity to customize the intensity that you seek in a workout. We’re talking about features like 18 levels of electronic, magnetic resistance that you can easily change simply by pushing a button. There’s an interesting feature that will give you the option to incline the machine up to 20 degrees.


Despite all of the features, the best one, in our opinion, would be the fact that there are tons of workout options that are available. With this elliptical, you will get a total of 18-pre programmed workouts on the machine. Apart from this, it is also compatible with iFit – if you use iFit, you will have even more workout options.

The ProForm Endurance 520e has been designed in a way that will help beginners stay motivated so that they can reach their fitness goals with the help from pro guidance. The default display on this machine is a 5 inch LCD screen, but the console itself is capable of holdingyour tablet at eye level, so you can use iFit Coach (or whatever app you choose) with this machine. While you’re working out, you can browse the World Wide Web, check your email or play on other apps.






Endurance 520e Workout Programs

The Endurance 520e comes with a total of 18 workout programs that have been designed by a certified personal trainer. By controlling the resistance and duration of each exercise segment, there will be no guesswork needed for planning smart workouts. Each one of the pre-loaded programs are specifically focused on incline training, calorie burn and speed or performance.

For an unlimited training variety, as we previously mentioned, this machine can be combined with iFit Coach. Yes, with iFit Coach, a subscription is needed, but it is well worth it. The iFit Coach offers unlimited workout downloads and many other advantages that you could benefit from.


Three Main Workout Formats

There’s three main workout formats that are available. You have Google Map workouts that are capable of matching the topography of the outdoor routes you choose, personal training working routines that are customized according to your user profile and HD video workouts that feature professional personal trainers.


Our Favorite Features

While there are many features that we really adore, in this section, we’re going to give you a list of our personal favorite features of the preform 520e.


Stride Length

This machine offers a 19 inch stride length. For most trainees, this is a good match and if you look on the market, it’s hard to find an elliptical for under $600 that offers a 19 inch stride length.


Multiple Incline Settings

We really like how this machine offers multiple incline settings. With the various incline setting, you will be able to work on different muscle groups and prepare for those popular outdoor treks.


Built-in Workout Apps

The 18-workout apps are interesting and helpful to say the least. They give the user the opportunity to quickly start training for goals based on speed, calorie burn and intensity.



Tablet Holder

Not only does it have a tablet holder build-in, but that’s also iPod-compatible speakers that will help keep your workout interesting.



The Machine is Built to Last

With the commercial grade steel construction, the machine has been built to last. This means when you buy it, you won’t need any other machine for years to come.


Silent Magnetic Resistance

There’s 18 levels of silent magnetic resistance. This makes for a smooth, frictionless workout and will allow you to adjust your workout resistance in order to increase calorie burn.



The stride is something else that we feel the need to mention. Normally, with this price point, you’ll find elliptical machines with an 18 inch stride. For individuals that are six feet or taller, this could be an issue. With shorter strides you will be making movements that are more compact, which will create an unnatural movement. Not only is this uncomfortable, but it can also affect the intensity you can get out ot of the workout.  Fortunately, with the Proform 520e, you don’t have to worry about any of this, because it has an adjustable stride up to 20”, making it comfortable for most users. Along with these large, oversized pedals, you’ll be able to place your foot in multiple positions, adding comfort.



Computer Programs

As we previously mentioned, there are a total of 18 pre-programmed workouts. The elliptical is iFit compatible, so you will have access to even more workout programs for a small investment. With iFit, your workouts will become practically limitless. For those of you that don’t know, iFit is a smart fitness technology that offers quick and simple access to a large amount of training opportunities like automatic tracking, custom-built workouts, and tracking routes that are powered by Google Maps. With Google Maps under your wing, you’ll be able to train almost anywhere in the world. This program offers beautiful street views from around the world and will automatically adjust the inclined and decline in order to mock the actual terrain. In addition to this, the custom-built workouts come from famous fitness trainers, like Jillian Michaels.


The Price

The price of the 520E is definitely the deal breaker. For under $600, you could have this machine in your home. ProForm has provided everything needed in order to quickly burn calories and tone your muscles for under $600.  This machine is built from high-quality material and is backed by a lifetime frame warranty. It offers 18 levels of resistance and up to a 20 degree automatic incline. It also offers heart rate monitoring and an adjustable stride up to 20 inches – really, you cannot go wrong because you get all of these features for under $600. Yes, you have the Proform 995i, Proform sport 6.0 treadmill nd the Proform Zt6 treadmill, but we honestly believe this is the best treadmill for you.


What We Don’t Like

As we have said before, you can take the best product ever and put it under a microscope – eventually, if you look close enough, you will be able to find something you don’t like, even if you’re not a picky person.  While combing through this machine and looking for problems, we managed to find one thing we don’t like and that involved the fan. Simply put, there is no fan. Yes, we understand, this isn’t that big of a deal, because you can easily set a fan up in front of you, but having a fan built-in would have been cool. Hopefully, in the future with versions of the Endurance 520e elliptical, a built-in fan is something that ProForm will take into consideration.





There are some amazing features that are found on the Proform 520e elliptical and for a price of under $600, it’s almost unbelievable – it’s really something you will need to try out for yourself so that you can see how good it is. When it comes to this machine, you will be challenged to find another that will even compare to this one. Looking at this machine, it has everything you need in an elliptical – it has everything from resistance to stride to workout programs. Unless you really have to have a fan built-in to the machine, you’re not going to be disappointed with this Proform treadmill.

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