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ProForm 650 Crosstrainer Treadmill Review



We don’t know about you, but taking those trips to the gym can get old – then once you finally found a babysitter (if you have children), you go to the gym only to find yourself standing in line to use the piece of gym equipment you really want to use. This sounds like the same scenario, especially if you live in a large town where people just love to go to the gym at the same time as you. For this reason, we recommend starting your own home gym. Many people turn away from starting their own home gym, because they think the best treadmill, best elliptical machine, spin bike and recumbent bike can only be found in the gym. However, truth be told, you can easily purchase this type of equipment and set it up in the comfort of your own home. We know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking that this is going to break your bank account.

However, you’re in luck, because if you carefully take time to do your research, you can find something that is just right for you – there are many people that start their own home gym for less than a couple thousand dollars – it all depends on your preferences. While we have done many different reviews on other equipment like the Bowflex M7 (that’s a pretty good piece of equipment), the Bowflex CTL and the Weslo cadence r 5.2 treadmill, today, we will be introducing you to the ProForm 650c, because we feel it is something that is the most suitable for those looking to start their own home gym.

Before Purchasing Your treadmill

If you choose to purchase fitness equipment, especially the kind that will allow you to do some walking indoors they you should be well-prepared with plenty of tips and a treadmill buying guide. There are lots of things to consider before purchasing a treadmill exerciser because you are not just making a purchase you are making an investment in health and fitness. You want to get the best for the kind of money that you can spend. Price is always the most important consideration. Remember that even if the price seems right the treadmill might not be quite what you are looking for or might not be worth the price. So once you have decided on the treadmill you want then take a look at all of the reviews before making the final decision. You just might discover that you have to add some bucks to make the purchase worth your time.

Once you have chosen your price range you can even consider buying second-hand equipment to satisfy your personal treadmill requirements. Even this kind of equipment has great value and saves money because you can still choose the manufacturer you would like. Of course if price is no issue then your best choice for purchase is a fitness superstore where they can answer all of your questions and offer you the best deals. You can be sure that at such a store you will get a qualitative treadmill well worth your money.

Good Price

ProForm tends to specialize in cheap, low end machines that always appeal to buyers with a budget. The Cross Trainer 650 is a very basic machine. First of all it retails for $399 which is great for those on a budget. It offers a silent magnetic resistance or SMR, it has four workout programs and an EKG hand grip heart monitor along with a large LCD display. Unfortunately you also get a lot of plastic and thin steel tubing that amounts to a lightweight machine with less stability. There is limited stride length which makes motion none too smooth.

Nice Console


On the 650c the deck is nice and wide 51cm and is 140cm in length. It is big enough to be used by the tallest users. It features ProResponse technology so the running deck has a nice feel and provides a good level of impact absorption so it is easy on the joints and the feet. The controls are easy to use with clear buttons. In addition to the start, stop, incline and speed adjustment keys there are also five quick incline and five quick speed buttons that you can set instantly. There is a clear to see 15.4 cm backlit LCD at the center of the console. There’s a 400 cm track at the center of the display when the treadmill is being used in a manual mode. This feature lets you visually gauge the distance being run in a session where the built-in programs are taking the controls.



When it comes to programs there is a selection of 16 preset ones organized into 4 groups of 4 covering calorie burning, time based workouts, distance based workouts and performance based. These programs control both speed and incline. The heart rate measurement are the standard pulse grip sensors with all grip sensors found on most treadmills but aren’t very accurate and not very convenient to use when you are running on the machine. A surprising thing with the ProForm 650 is that it has a Polar compatible wireless heart rate receiver built into the console so even if they don’t include a chest strap, one of these can be purchased for a low price.

Running Deck


When you aren’t using the machine the running deck can be folded vertically which saves floor room. When folded, the deck locks into place for safety and there’s a soft-drop feature for when putting the deck down for use. The transport wheels let you move the treadmill about. However moving the machine means tilting it toward yourself to put weight on the two wheels and it is a rather big and heavy machine. It is recommended that the machine be set up in a place where it does not require any more movement. When it comes to warranty there is a lifetime frame warranty, five year motor warranty and two years for parts and labor. You’ll need to register your machine within four weeks of purchase to get yourself the second year.

The Proform treadmill brand is produced by ICON Health and Fitness, based in Utah and is a world leader in gym equipment manufacturing. When comparing one Proform treadmill with another you can see big difference in price, performance and durability. However any new ProForm is rich with features when compared with most alternatives in its class. ProForm treadmills for 2017 have HD touchscreens with web browsers, iPod compatible speakers, iFit Coach ready and other amenities to help you keep motivated and training regularly.

Proform treadmill Series:

  • Boston series is focused on marathon training for all skill levels.
  • Pro series and Power series are priced and equipped to meet the typical shopper’s needs.
  • Performance series are discount treadmills with shorter warranties.

ProForm also sells desk treadmills known as the ProForm Thinline and the ProForm Thinline Pro. They can support intense exercise. They offer spacious tracks, automated incline/decline, many workout apps and the option to integrate iFit Coach.

The ProForm Pro Series features the brand’s top technologies. The three treadmills in this lineup for 2017 are suitable for both walkers and runners. Motor capacity ranges from 3.5 CHP on the Pro 2000 to 4.25 CHP on the 9000. Each Pro Series unit has a 60” x 22” track and a power incline/decline from -3 to 15%. The console screen choices are a 7” LCD (Pro 2000), a 7” HD Touchscreen (Pro 5000) and a 10” HD Touchscreen (Pro 9000).



  • ProForm treadmills have factory-direct sale prices that range from around $599 to $2,999. The consumer can choose from an entry-level treadmill with a simply display to a more powerful model with an HD screen and other upgrades.
  • Lots of workout programs are includes with every treadmill and even the low-budget 400i has 18 preset workouts. Each treadmill can be upgraded with iFitCoach for simulated outdoor training with Google Maps, daily workout programs custom-made and HD video workouts created by popular personal trainers.
  • Motors vary but at each price there is a motor suitable for the treadmill.
  • Treadmills feature automated incline/decline combinations.
  • The newest treadmills are well cushioned to deflect shock, with ProForm reporting up to 28% lower impact. Some treadmills have on/off cushioning to help simulate outdoor training too.
  • Most ProForm treadmills can be folded to save space.
  • Each console has an iPod-compatible audio port and Intermix Acoustics speakers for playing MP3s. The newer models have 3” speakers and older models 2” speakers.


  • Some ProForm warranties are better than others. The highest quality treadmills have five and six year parts protection but the cheaper models have part warranties for only a year.
  • It appears that customer service is slow to respond.



The wide range of ProForm prices include something for every budget. Most important they have great performance and durability. These treadmills are a great choice for people who are looking for exercise equipment that will keep them motivated with lots of workout programs and support for digital media.

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