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Proform 475 E Elliptical Cross Trainer Review



The Proform 475 E Elliptical cross trainer comes with a 42-centimeter (roughly 16.5 inches) stride length, and a flywheel that measures over 7 kilograms (15.5 pounds). These are both positioned at the front side of the build, which basically means that the pedals are stuck closer together. This produces a much more complete and natural stride and fluid form of workout. The machine comes with over 14 types of pre-programmed workouts, and at least 14 levels of digital resistance. This helps you work out a good sweat. The machine will then be able to see how you’re doing judging from the feedback found on the LCD display. Get the 475 E to measure your heart rate with the aid of its dual EKG grips found on the machine itself, which also has its own MP3 port. This allows you to listen closely to your music through those built-in speakers. The amazing stride length and its accompanying oversized pedals will make those workout sessions twice as comfortable. The machine also comes with a bottle holder and two transport wheels, letting you carry the machine around your office or house.


Dozens of elliptical trainer sales are included in the Sears Black Friday advertisements for the past two years. But are these machines supposed to be really good elliptical deals in general? The answer is both yes and no. In certain cases, retail giant Sears have been using the Thanksgiving and Black Friday holidays to unload a not-so-desirable stock of fitness equipment. But there are still other cases in which you can actually acquire plenty of better deals on the best elliptical machines (along with treadmill, rowers, and other forms of exercise machines) before the Black Friday holiday comes. There’s also a fantastic doorbuster deal here as well.


Probably the cheapest elliptical machines that you can get at Sears are a Proform elliptical trainer (which costs at an average of $279) and a hybrid elliptical and bike from Body Flex, which is $299. As we will explain soon, these two purchases could be risky. There are Nordictrack ellipticals on sale during the same period, which come at a price of $599 to $1499.


The Proform 475 E has got to be one of the most affordable elliptical machines you can purchase during the Black Friday holidays. Its main highlights include over fourteen different kinds of resistance levels, 14 varied types of pre-programmed workouts, as well as a sound system that works nicely with an iPod. Probably one of the main drawbacks with this machine is the fixed stride, which has a measurement of seventeen inches. A seventeen-inch stride is only comfortable for people who are at least 5’3” and below. Some of the more advanced elliptical trainers have the tendency to contain adjustable strides with a maximum of 20 inches.


There’s another downside that comes with the same model: The labor and parts warranty is only in effect for 90 days. The reviews for the 475 E have been varied, thus far. There are customers out there who are more than pleased with the final price of the machine. That’s because they know for a fact that the 475 E isn’t a top-notch machine, so they think the pricing is good enough. Meanwhile, there are other users out there who complain that the machine comes with loads of shoddy parts, or have received poor or slow customer service from Proform themselves.


Overall, the 475 E is probably worth a gamble for some, especially if they want to find a good elliptical machine to use at home or in the office. With this pricing, you won’t find a much better combination of warranty and stride length. The best substitute for this kind of machine, which also costs below $500, has got to be the Gold’s Gym Stride Trainer 410 – Although once again, there are people out there who have mentioned that this machine isn’t that better either. However, the machine has a longer stride and has the same 90-day warranty as the 475 E. Purchasing the 475 E at Sears is still highly recommended compared to purchasing from the official Proform store. Sears will provide you with a better customer service, and you can even get an inexpensive extended warranty.


With the Proform 475 E elliptical machine, you will be able to enjoy a workout that’s low-impact, and burns plenty of those unwanted calories in your body. All of the tools you need to be able to lose weight and tone those muscles live in the machine. It’s got a lengthy stride, a smooth and fluid movement, and soft upper body grips. This is the elliptical that makes even the most intense workouts feel twice as relaxing without placing an impact in your joints or muscles. There are fourteen workouts pre-built inside the machine, all of which have gained the approval of a certified personal trainer. This allows you to take the guesswork right out of your fitness program. You can also pick from seven variants of weight loss programs, and seven performance programs that bring you the best results.


Do you need some motivation to help you work out and exercise daily? The 475 E comes with an MP3 and iPod player holder which lets you connect your device right on the machine’s console. Listen to your favorite tunes while you work out. The machine’s giant-sized yet stable pedals give it a really good fit to everyone, and the water bottle holder is there to keep you refreshed all the time. The machine also has a built-in monitor that keeps you in the target zone, for the best fitness results.

The machine has over 14 kinds of built-in programs, and 14 resistance levels that can help you further enhance your performance to the maximum. The machine contains a stride-length of over seventeen inches. You can lose weight and build muscles in a much faster way. You can also check out how your workout and fitness progress is going with the 475 E’s LCD display, found on the console.

The machine’s music port is compatible with your iPod or any other MP3 player, letting you enjoy your favorite music while you exercise. There’s also a dual-grip EKG monitor that’s meant for better accuracy of capturing your heart rate, providing you with faster and better results. The giant pedals that come with the machine all promise comfort during an intense workout session. The 475 E’s flywheel has been enhanced with inertia, giving you with an effective and enhanced performance overall.

You can connect your upper-body workout arms to burn twice the amount of calories. The machine can also be moved around thanks to the in-built wheels attached to it. There’s also a water-bottle holder to keep yourself completely refreshed and hydrated during those intense workout sessions. The 475 E can handle a weight of up to 250 pounds. The warranty includes five years for the frames, and 90 days each for the labor and its parts.

Proform is known for being one of America’s best selling fitness brands. It’s got over 50 kinds of US patents, and a history that spans more than 20 years now. Proform Fitness is definitely pushing those designs and the functionality to its limits. The 475 E lets you enjoy a fully low-impact yet high-calorie burning routines. All of the tools that you need to lose weight and enhance the tone muscle live on the machine. It’s got a very long stride, smooth and fluid movements, and soft upper-body grips. This is an elliptical that makes even the most intense workouts feel twice as relaxing without placing a harsh impact on both your joints and muscles. There are fourteen pre-assigned programs in the machine. All of them have met the approval of certified professional trainers, which takes the guesswork completely out of your fitness program. You can take your pick from the machine’s array of seven weight-loss programs, and seven kinds of performance programs that guarantee the best results for your health and fitness.

The backlit LCD display shows off valuable workout feedback, which includes the calories, the distance, and the heart rate. The machine has a music port that’s compatible with your MP3 players and iPods. Rock out to your favorite tunes while you work out – All you need to do is to plug that iPod into the machine’s Intermix Acoustics. There’s also a water bottle holder included in the machine. Other features include a dual-grip EKG Heart Rate Monitor, as well as a 2.0 sound system, letting you listen to crystal-clear sound through the elliptical’s two speakers. This keeps you motivated to get fit and to use the machine every day.

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