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Proform 440 R Rower Review



This is a Proform elliptical machine that was created and manufactured in order to give you an amazing cardio workout, alongside some full-body strength training. This is a rowing machine that contains a very smooth action, which is quite surprising for an entry-level machine such as this one. However, one of the things that makes the Proform 440 R Rower very special than the rest is that it combines together the features of the traditional rowing machine alongside a lower pulley station, meant for a very intense upper and lower body workout. While you stand in an upright position over the end of the rower, you’ll end up holding the soft-touch ergonomic handlebar, letting you work out those biceps, triceps, deltoids, shoulders and quads.


Once your workout session is done, folding up and eventually storing your ProForm rowing machine is very simple and easy. In fact, you can do it in less than five steps. When it comes to these budget-end rowing machines, the 440 R comes with a decent build, and is equipped with solid parts, a good frame, and labor warranty.


The machine comes with a height of 20.5 inches. It has a width measuring 38.3 inches, a length of 76.6 inches, and a weight of 68 pounds. The 440 R Rower is also equipped with a pivoting pedal and a changeable foot strap, meant to keep your feet locked firmly into place. The transport wheels are attached to the machine, providing easy and fast transportation.


There’s also an intertia-enhanced flywheel specially designed for a steady and smooth bike pedal stroke. The machine’s SpaceSaver design lets you fold it in in just one quick and easy step. The giant seat rail crafted from aluminum is very durable, not to mention, lightweight. It has a weight capacity of over 250 pounds. The machine comes with a changeable molded seat for ensured comfort during intense workout sessions.


The 440 R Rower carries a huge LCD screen that’s very easy to read. The scan mode shows off each data set for a period of around six seconds, before moving on to the next set. Its overall workout data includes the following: The number of strokes per minute, the number of strokes, the total amount of strokes after every workout, the total amount of calories burned after every workout, the distance, as well as the time.


The 440 R Rower’s frame contains a warranty of at least five years against potential breakage. An additional 90-day warranty is imposed on the parts and its labor. For the newbies out there, ProForm always includes an instruction and builder’s manual with full-color pictures to show off the entire assembly process of the machine. However, the rower doesn’t come pre-assembled and you might want to find some very useful tools to finish building it.


Here are the machine’s packing dimensions: A height measurement of 20.1 inches, a width of 11.2 inches, and a length of 50.4 inches. It also has a weight of over 71 pounds. The 440 R Rower is created by ProForm, one of the top companies when it comes to health and fitness equipment production. They are known to carry a reputation for bringing in some highly professional and budget-friendly exercise equipment. Apart from rowers, they have manufactured other pieces of fitness equipment, such as hybrid trainers, elliptical machines, and treadmills.

One of the things that we love about the Proform 440 R Rower is its versatility. It’s got an excellent budget rower that was specifically made for performing complete strength training and cardio workouts. It’s got a fully versatile design that allows this rowing machine to be utilized in two vastly different forms of workouts. It is frequently utilized as the standard rower machine, however, you can also use this as the stand-up strength trainer. And as you exercise, you’ll be very impressed with the machine’s swift rowing motion. This rowing machine contains a very realistic and smooth rowing action, which isn’t always present in the standard rowing machine, or a rowing machine that comes in an affordable price. Once the workout is done, the 440 R Rower gets stored away rather quickly and compactly.

Another great feature that we love about the 440 R Rower is that it’s got a fully magnetic resistance that gives you a smooth and silent form of workout. As a general rule, people who are experts on gym equipment know that the bigger the flywheel, the smoother and quieter the rowing action might be. The 440 R Rower defines its logic overall. Despite having a tiny flywheel, this is a rowing machine that gives you a rather realistic rowing feel to it.

One of the better features that comes with the 440 R Rower is that the machine is easily stored. You can fold it up in a single step, and move it around any part of your home or office by using its front wheels. And since the machine is very lightweight (it only weighs over 68 pounds) moving this rowing machine around is simple and easy. When you live inside a confined space or a tinier home, then this is a design that will truly work for you.

Practically every reviewer out there who has tried out the 440 R Rower has listed its building process as a general drawback. Plenty of reviewers have claimed that even with the illustrated assembly manual, building up the rowing machine itself is very hard to put together. Certain issues that came with building the machine included the fix that needed to be done to its parts, and an equipment alignment, since this machine comes with two different forms of exercise movements. None of the accompanying parts were pre-assembled. All of the reviewers have estimated that their assembly times are a tad bit longer than usual for the machine. And for those who are only using the machine for the first time, building the 440 R Rower might be a bit difficult.

Since it’s got a weight capacity of at least 250 pounds, the 440 R Rower isn’t capable of accommodating any body shape or height. And even if you’re getting close to the maximum weight that the machine can handle, using the machine might seem a bit uncomfortable. And even if so many reviewers have mentioned that the seat was also on the smaller side, the largest comfort complaint that the 440 R Rower had was its handle. Some of them have also complained that the handle was small, not to mention very thin. They even had lots of difficulty trying to grip the handle as they exercised.

The 440 R Rower is practically a budget monitor. It’s got a huge and readable display screen as well as a function that can scan through all of the settings – But that’s it. The computer itself doesn’t contain any of those advanced functions. You can probably find all of the other rowers in a similar pricing range, which gives you loads of advanced rowing functions together with a heart rate monitoring. The 440 R Rower doesn’t have its own heart rate monitoring option.

The machine is priced at around $400. It’s a tad bit on the pricier side, especially for what you’re getting – A simple rower machine with limited features. That aside, the versatility of the rowing machine is surely what sets it apart from the other rower machines out on the market today. And as for the money, you’ll also be receiving a rowing machine that comes with a quiet and smooth action. This is something that’s practically unheard of on the end of this market.

The ProForm 440 R Rower is a fully dynamic fitness machine that serves as a rower as well as a standard pulley station. It only requires a tiny amount of spacing here, so it’s perfect for tiny homes. The machine can support all forms of cardiovascular training and low impact strengthening exercises for the entire body. It operates quietly, and you can fold it up and store it away after your workouts. And because it’s so affordable, it has managed to make its way into so many people’s top ten best rowing machines.

The pulley station, along with the rower, both use a light flywheel for pure resistance. The tension is controlled with the aid of a knob, and contains eight levels overall. This allows you to start lightly and take a look at your process over the next few weeks or months. The machine comes with an LCD screen that showcases huge readouts made for elapsed time, amount of strokes per minute, as well as the total amount of calories burned.

The machine’s monitor is completely battery-operated, so you can place the rower anywhere you like since it doesn’t require an electrical socket for it to operate. Once you’re done with your exercise routines, you can fold it up vertically, to reclaim its floor space. The machine also has wheels meant for quick and easy transportation.

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