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ProForm 320 SPX Indoor Cycle Review


The ProForm 320 SPX’s aerobar-shaped – Or pitchfork-shaped, if you want a more simple term – Handlebars provide you with a dozen more riding options, giving you a much more comfortable, productive and realistic ride. This also gives you the choice to do even more training, or let you work out harder and longer, without experiencing too much fatigue, as compared with those non-aerobar shaped handlebars.


The 320 SPX just so happens to be ProForm’s brand new lost cost training bike, with its own set of chain drives and aerobar-shaped handlebars. The indoor cycle is pretty much the same as the extremely popular 290 SPX in plenty of other ways, except that this machine contains advanced aerobar-shaped handlebars.


The 320 SPX is a completely adjustable and very sturdy machine. It is an indoor cycle that has a 44-pound flywheel. It has a weight capacity of over 250 pounds. There’s also a chain drive system, a commercial grade steel framing, an excellent and long warranty, and a pair of transport wheels.


The bike just so happens to be a fully rugged indoor cycle, which can deal with practically any amount of workout or training that you give it. You can adjust the resistance into any level you wish, thanks to a quick turn of the resistance knob just situated above the wheel. The bike’s pedals are continuously turning around while the flywheel is on the move – Much like the ones found in those traditional indoor cycles. This gives you a much better workout. You can also press down that braking level to fully engage the bike’s quick-stop braking system.


Keep in mind that the ProForm 320 SPX is being sold in markets for at least $412 from Amazon, with free shipping options.

During the time of this review, the 320 SPX just so happened to be one of the best Indoor Cycles provided by ProForm. It could be very hard for you to stay right on top, since ProForm does have the tendency to release brand new products and exercise machines as often as possible, and they always have had an excellent selection of exercise bikes.


The latest model of ProForm indoor cycle releases are always announced and revealed on the official ProForm website first, then later on Amazon. At present, the ProForm 320 SPX falls right in the middle of the low-costing ProForm 290 SPX, and the pricier ProForm 590 SPX. As we have mentioned earlier, the 320 SPX is practically the same as the 290 SPX in dozens of ways, except for the fact that the former contains more advanced aerobar-shaped handlebars.


The ProForm 490 SPX and the ProForm 590 SPX are some of the brand’s most advanced and pricier exercise bike models, since both of them are equipped with an electronic-based console and high-tech heart rate monitors. The 590 SPX also has the same aerobar-shaped handlebars as the 320 SPX. The 490 SPX, meanwhile, does not. So when it comes to indoor bicycles, you can be sure that ProForm has given you a good selection.


ProForm’s range of indoor cycles, including the 320 SPX, have all been created by Icon Fitness, the company behind other fitness equipment brands such as Nordictrack. They can provide so much more for just a small amount of cash. ProForm is known for producing some really top-notch mid-range indoor cycles, which have been backed up by some wonderful warranties.


Indoor cycles, which includes the 320 SPX Indoor Cycle, are practically the same as the standard road bike or mountain bike. This gives you a much more intense yet low-impact kind of aerobic exercise, and is practically more compact and affordable as compared to other types of home fitness equipment brands.


The 320 SPX is a really good and affordable indoor cycle which is purely meant for serious outdoor training, as well as workouts. When we ended up comparing this bike to the ProForm 290 SPX, one of the features that made the difference between the two bikes was that the 320 SPX had an aerobar-styled handlebars, which were shaped like pitchforks.

The bike comes with all of the most important features needed for the standard indoor exercise bike, which includes pedals that have straps and toe cages. There’s also a chain drive system, commercial grade-steel frames, a pair of transport wheels, and lastly, a 44-pound flywheel. The machine has a weight capacity of over 250 pounds, and comes with excellent warranty.

We would recommend this bike for those who are currently searching for an affordable yet top-quality indoor cycle that is completely adjustable. It’s got a chain drive and comes with the aforementioned aerobar handlebars.

The bike’s features are: aerobar-shaped and non-slip handlebars which you can adjust vertically, a chain drive system, a water bottle holder, pedals with straps and toe cages, a pair of transport wheels, saddle with its own padding (which you can adjust horizontally and vertically). More features include a weight capacity of 250 pounds, levelling feet, a felt-resistance system, and a commercial-grade steel frame. There’s also a 44-pound flywheel.

The 320 SPX’s warranty is five years for the frame, and 90 days each for the labor and the parts.

The ProForm 320 SPX indoor cycle guarantees a quiet and smooth operation all thanks to the bike’s highly-impressive 20-kilogram (roughly 44-pound) flywheel, and provides manual multi-resistance. This allows you to fully adjust their workout’s intensity, in order to burn plenty of calories and improve the strength of their muscles. The cycle contains a quick-stop braking system, and even has a durable commercial-grade frame crafted from steel. It comes with a plush seat which you can adjust vertically and horizontally with the aid of padding. The bike’s pedals also have toe cages and adjustable straps in them, along with adjustable non-slip handlebars with firm grips. The bike also has a very handy water bottle holder, while the bottom half comes with wheels for quick transportation.

The 320 SPX is an indoor cycle that comes from a well-respected fitness equipment brand. One pretty much expects the 320 SPX indoor cycle to have a lasting and positive effect on your own training regimen. It does deliver your goals in so many ways, and can truly improve the overall results achieved here with the aid of the bike. But it’s also got its own set of shortcomings, which are proven through dozens of customer feedback on several sources found all over the internet.

When it comes to design, this could be a huge investment for both rookies and intermediate users. While the more experienced cyclists might opt to go for something’s a bit more technologically advanced in the next set of prices for exercise bikes.

The 320 SPX works on a chain drive system, which, in many different ways gives you a much more realistic ride for riders with a smooth and consistent motion in its pedals. Thanks to this, riding the 320 SPX feels like you hopped on a mountain bike or a sturdy road bike, passing through inclement weather and rough terrain right in the comfort of your own home or office. Let’s discuss more about what this bike can do for you.

Much like any other piece of equipment, structure and comfort are the two main priorities in your decision-making process for picking a brand new exercise bike. You have to make sure that the thing is fully built to last, and can take on a specified amount of weight. Some of the other things you need to look out for is how comfortable everything is in regards of the parts’ position, and so on.

One of the many problems that several of these exercise bike buyers face, especially the rookies, is being able to understand their needs and finding out exactly what kind of exercise bike fits them the best, and suits their current fitness level. And while you’re reading this, you’re most likely leaning towards getting a spin bike. If this is the case, then you might want to browse through reviews about popular spin bike models: Including the Diamondback Fitness 510lc, the Bladez Fitness PTS68, and the Exerpeutic LX7.

As for the 320 SPX, there’s a decent amount of adjustable parts here, which includes handlebars and a padded seat, as well as a cushioned saddle that increases the amount of comfort while you ride it. Apart from this, the machine gives you a sturdy frame that can deal with user weights of up to 250 pounds.

The bike is equipped with a durable flywheel that weights over 44 pounds. This ensures that you are given a consistent and smooth ride every single time. As we have mentioned in past exercise bike reviews, the 320 SPX has all of the right settings needed to provide you with a sense of realism, much like what an actual road bike does.

The 320 SPX is a very affordable home gym bike that definitely has its drawbacks. But when you consider the price tags found in most shops, this just proves that it isn’t something you will need to save up for.

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