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ProForm 290 SPX Review



ProForm, a company based in the USA, initially became one of the biggest contenders when it comes to home fitness thanks to its revolutionary creations in the treadmill and elliptical markets. And eventually, much like other fitness brands out there, they have since moved into the world of exercise bikes.


The ProForm 290 SPX, one of their most popular exercise bike models, is a good example of the best kind of fitness trainer that gives you a brand new way of having to work out thanks to the company’s ProForm reputation.


The 290 SPX is a simple exercise bike, yet it’s completely effective nonetheless. It’s got an adjustable resistance feature, a silent chain drive design, a cushioned seat, and non-slip handlebars that give you a good grip. The bike has been given plenty of good ratings by satisfied users. This is a portable upright exercise bike that is perfect for those who want to do only the most basic cardio workouts. The trainer skips some luxuries thanks to its built-in display, pre-programmed workout routines, and a heart-rate monitor. The bike’s chain drive system is complimented even further all thanks to its toe cage pedals, and accompanying adjustable pedal seat.


The exercise bike is upright, with its own Chain Drive system. This is a system found on most ProForm machines. The padded seat is highly comfortable, which you can also adjust. Found below are some toe cage pedals which you can flip around, in case you’re an experienced stationary bike rider. The exercise bike is comfortable, light, and portable as well. The bike also has its own set of non-slip handlebars with adjustable grips. The accessory tray includes a water bottle holder.


The bike does have its cons. First, there’s no way to keep track of one’s heart rate, and it lacks a display system as well. You won’t find any pre-defined workout choices in here. There’s a 90-day guarantee on the machine’s labor and parts.


First off, the 290 SPX is the best way for you to have the best kind of cardiovascular workout. The trainer has its own adjustable resistance with plenty of challenges abound. This brings you a type of workout that is both quiet and smooth. The exercise bike is fully comfortable, and comes with an adjustable seat – Along with some toe-cage pedals.


And what’s more, the 290 SPX is portable and compact with its own set of built-in transport wheels. However, we have to mention here that the bike isn’t exactly one of the most sophisticated or high-tech ones found on the market today.


The 290 SPX is affordable, and this means that a couple of sacrifices have been made when it comes to several aspects of the bike’s production. Perhaps the proof here comes with the bike’s set of pre-defined workout choices. The 290 SPX doesn’t even provide any workout programs. And if you’re subscribed to the iFit Live app, then you might want to pick another bike instead – You won’t get any of the app’s access with the 290 SPX.


You have to browse the internet for a bit if you want to find some workout guides related to the bike – Even though that in itself might be a big deal, since these pre-defined workout programs aren’t really as important for exercise bikes, as compared to ellipticals or treadmills.


The 290 SPX contains plenty of fitness challenges, allowing you to burn all of your unwanted excess calories. It’s got adjustable handlebars that give you a strong and firm grip. There’s also some cage-toe pedals and a cushioned seat, to provide you with a much more comfortable workout experience. You can adjust the seat horizontally or vertically, so you can find that perfect fit.

The bike’s mold has been designed to keep your feet firmly in place. The pedals have been constructed with toe cages, to increase your stability. For additional intensity meant for experienced users, you can also use the pedals when you turn them the opposite side up.

You can store in your water bottle right inside the built-in holder. The 290 SPX has its very own chain drive system that helps bring in a fluid, quiet, smooth, and most important of all – comfortable – ride. The wheels also let you move the bike easily from one spot to another. The wheels fit on the compact trainer that has a weight of 157 pounds.

Unfortunately, apart from the ones we had mentioned earlier, the 290 SPX doesn’t contain any other luxuries so there’s no display available. There’s no built-in speakers, no iPod dock, no wireless heart rate monitor, or anything else.

The bike does have a warranty and guarantee, which includes the following: Five years for the frame, three months for the parts, and three more months for the labor. ProForm is also giving you a free 30-day trial period on all of its products, including the 290 SPX. If you’re still not content with whatever the company has to offer, then you can give them a call on their official hotline or send them an email on their official website.

So if you want something that is truly efficient and compact, then the ProForm 290 SPX will surely get the job finished. The trainer is completely portable when you’re not using it, and does really well when you use it for a very intense exercise session. Of course you can still pay lots of cash to install additional features to a higher-priced exercise bike, but the 290 is already such a good quality exercise bike found in the entry-level market.

If you want to invest in a decent exercise machine that gives you plenty of cardio strength, then you might want to save up and buy your own 290 SPX. Give those legs of yours a workout, and see just how far you can go when you use the correct kind of fitness equipment. And of course, for this to happen, you need to pick a bike that will surely last for a lifetime. So which one should you get?

No matter if you want a bike that has all of the basic necessities, or one that contains some really spiffy and advanced technology, everything is just about making the right kind of purchase.

A good exercise bike must give you a uniquely challenging experience throughout your entire workout session. After all, your main focus is to shed those unwanted pounds, and get that blood pumping right into your veins. And since you lead such a busy life, you might want to get an exercise bike that gives you a calorie-burning workout at the quickest possible time period.

The 290 SPX has its own adjustable handlebars with a non-slippery grip. This gives you a purely stable workout. Some exercise bikes can be uncomfortable to use for a long period of time. You start out just fine, but later realize that you can’t stay on the seat for at least an hour or so. ProForm equipment’s seats are all padded and can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally for comfort.

And when it comes to the noise it makes, the chain drive system is just excellent on the ProForm. This is comfortable and quiet, allowing you to enjoy listening to your music without having to worry too much about those clanging noises made by most exercise bikes. The 290 SPX also comes with built-in transport wheels, allowing you to move that bike around very easily.

The bike might come with a padded seat, but plenty of customers who have purchased this bike have mentioned on several reviews that the seat was slightly uncomfortable. Much like most bikes out there, it does take a few weeks before you could even break in an exercise bike’s seat. This is actually true if you haven’t been on an exercise bike before.

Perhaps the main issue here is that the seat is slightly narrow. An excellent gel cover will surely enhance the cover and add in a bit of weight. If you have attended a spin class, then you will notice that these bikes were made for standing up, instead of the usual sitting down. This relieves the pain on your backside and will give you a very intense workout as well.

And while you try to reach your goal of slimming down and looking fit, ProForm’s bikes have all been created with a weight capacity of 250 pounds. It’s easy to say that the entire thing is reliable and sturdy. And in case you do end up having problems with your bike, you’ll still be able to achieve a five-year manufacturer’s warranty on its frame. There’s also a 90-day warranty for the parts and labor, which isn’t that great, if we were to be honest. But the 290 SPX is still a robust bike, created with only a handful of parts. This shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

No matter if you’re a newbie or if you have been riding these exercise bikes for the longest time, you can be sure that the 290 SPX has been catered to your needs.

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