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Precor EFX 576i Elliptical Review



There is absolutely little to no doubt at all that a good elliptical trainer can give you the best kind of workout there is. But the issue frequently lies in you having to find a really good elliptical that can fit inside the space you have available, and in a decent budget as well.


When you want to purchase an elliptical trainer, you have to look at more than just beyond the pricing. You also have to take a closer look at the machine’s available features, as well as the machine’s footprints, to make sure that whatever brand or model you end up purchasing really does suit your preferences and you’re happy with your own choice. Another thing you might want to invest in is an elliptical machine that comes from a highly-reliable manufacturer, because this guarantees that you will be obtaining a piece of equipment that was completely built to last, and can perform really well.


Precor is known as one of the most trusted gym equipment brands on the market today, and the Precor EFX 576i is one of their finest elliptical machine models.


This is a machine from Precor that has all of the trainees, no matter what fitness level you might be in. It gives you a great workout every single time. You can pick from a whole dozen challenging and different pre-assigned workout routines, and choose from over twenty levels of resistance. If you only use the 576i as the only piece of fitness equipment for your cardio workouts, then you no longer have to worry too much about feeling bored with your daily fitness routines, and you won’t end up outgrowing it anytime soon.


The 576i contains some really nice features, and it’s also great when it comes to monitoring. You will be able to gain access to an accurate heart monitor that’s very simple and easy to use. The heart rate monitor feature in treadmills and ellipticals make sure that you’re within your target range. The monitor’s screen makes it very easy to navigate and see how your heart rate is doing. With just the touch of a few buttons, you will be able to get access to plenty of pertinent details regarding each of your daily workouts – This includes the speed, the amount of calories burned, the elapsed time, and so much more. This lets you take advantage of your workout and make it as productive as you possibly can.


Perhaps the only two cons that this machine currently has is the stride length and the pricing. The machine has a stride length with a measurement of over 18 inches, and even though this is already good enough for most users, some very tall individuals might not be okay with this, and would prefer a machine that contains a bigger stride length (at least 20 inches or even more).


When it comes to the 576i’s pricing, the average elliptical trainer often carries a price tag that might seem a little bit bigger than certain types of gym equipment. The 576i is a pretty excellent machine that will surely bring you a lifetime of effective yet intense workout sessions. However, you won’t be buying that machine for the $2,000 price tag, which you can find in plenty of other elliptical trainers. If you have enough budget to construct a gym for your own home, then picking up an elliptical of this caliber shouldn’t be a problem. But if you’re running on a tight budget, then you might have to consider buying other Precor elliptical trainers instead, such as the older yet similar Precor 546.


Precor has always had a reputation for its durability, and as a producer of the best kind of elliptical machines. Since the 80s, they have always launched and created some high-tech, durable, and completely innovative gym equipment that’s very easy to use at home or in the gym, allowing people to achieve their overall fitness and health goals. If you have enough space in your office or home, and enough funds to purchase at least one 576i elliptical, then you can be assured that you will never feel any disappointment in its performance, appearance, or its functionality.


The Precor 576i has been built to fit your body’s own natural requirements to muscle reflexes and its resistance. It builds up an innovative setup for control purposes, and maximum adjustability – All rolled into one solid machine. It gives you an easy-touch key configuration button found on the machine’s console, in which you can adjust your comfort requirements and whatever it is your body needs.


The machine has got to be one of the best and most powerful cross trainers ever built by the company so far. It has the ability to accommodate at least 350 pounds of weight. The machine has been constructed with a steady steel frame and moveable arms for support. This is a machine that provides you with so many features that all work together to give you the best body workout you can ever have.


The Precor 576i is truly an innovative machine. Precor has included their CrossRamp technology inside the model, where you can adjust the ramp angle from fifteen degrees to over forty degrees, in case you want to focus on enhancing specific muscle areas in your body. The inclination length of your strides can be adjusted from 21.2 to 24.7, ensuring protection of your joints, knees, and giving you plenty of comfort at the same time. This machine is definitely recommended for those who have special requirements on certain muscles in their body, or if they suffer from arthritis or painful knee joints.


The reason why the 576i is a configurative machine is because it is able to balance both muscle movement and coordination by focusing on most of your body’s areas, in a single session. All you need to do is to tap those six buttons to preset the aforementioned fourteen kinds of workout programs, or just click on the machine’s one-for-all exercise routine feature, if you want to begin the configuration. Besides, the machine contains a pair of polyurethane wheels paired with a giant axle and bearings that can fully enhance the machine’s gliding movement, letting it adjust to your body. If you’re using the machine for the first time, or just inexperienced with ellipticals, then you can simply click on the QuickStart button to solve your problems.

The 576i is a durable machine because the edge directly lies towards its durable power, which can handle weights of at least 338 pounds. The durable six-phase generator system with over twenty resistance levels. These levels can go for 18 watts to 720 watts. This helps you achieve the best kind of workout possible.

This is a machine that is completely safe, reliable, and healthy. It’s got a smart rate screen and bio feedback that can keep track of your calories, watch your heart rate, and help you lose weight. The machine comes with an optional chest strap for full heart rate telemetry.

The 576i has moveable arms, accessory holders for magazines, books, or water bottles, a numeric key pad, a slot for your iPod or MP3 player, etc. all placed inside one machine. You can move it around the house or office thanks to the transferrable wheels attached to the front of the machine. The 576i is encased in a rust-proof undercoat, which, in turn, has been covered with some cosmetic protection on the steel frame. The last feature that the machine has is a cardio theater that allows personal and entertainment requirements while you’re currently on the go.

For those of you who want to find an elliptical machine with a bit of a commercial feel to it, then the 576i is probably a good shout, all thanks to its amazing range of high-standard specifications, which all guarantee that users will be able to get a complete body workout, which is intense yet fulfilling at the same time. And not only that, it absorbs the impact on your joints effectively, reducing the pain.

Even though the number one downside of going for a fully high-tier product deals with having to spend plenty of cash, you can still expect the best quality of workouts thanks to some innovative design features that fully concentrate on giving a much more enjoyable and comfortable experience.

So where exactly does the elliptical machine stand, especially when the fitness industry keeps changing its trends? We feel like the Precor 576i fares pretty well against plenty of other competing brands. It definitely doesn’t lack features, thanks to a broad assortment of how the user works out. And don’t forget about the heavy duty frame, along with the other inclusions that are made to ensure that the user is fully at ease and comfortable. And what’s more, the consumer ratings and reports we have come across in regards to the machine tend to show off a more positive nature instead of a negative one, and that’s always a good thing.

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