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Precor EFX 546i Review



The Precor EFX 546i Experience rear drive elliptical trainer has got to be the best cross-trainer available on the market right now, all thanks to its user-friendly ergonomic system. The entire machine’s bio-mechanics in general is incredibly awesome, so that the natural running, jogging, or walking of its users is completely replicated here. The machine currently has an adjustable ramp that goes from 13 degrees to over 40 degrees. This is a machine with a very quick start. It’s also very easy for you to utilize those handgrip sensors in case you want to take a closer look at your heart rate. And to further make those cross-training sessions of yours seem much more natural and smooth, the rear drive momentum of the EFX 546i rear elliptical drive trainer is currently driven by a rightly-placed and very durable flywheel. The machine also has a weight capacity of over 400 pounds.


The Precor gym equipment contains a completely heavy gauge steel frame, which can remove all forms of intense workout sessions, while remaining stable at the same time.

The main objective of the EFX 546i is to closely simulate a person’s natural movement, so you’re feeling much more comfortable starting from the moment that you exercise. The machine’s highly unique elliptical movements can lessen the impact that’s sent to your lower back and joints, all the while exercising your lower body’s muscles – Which is actually the main key to a very effective form of aerobic exercising.


The machine is equipped with over ten types of preset programs, which are all meant to check your own level of fitness.  The quick start button provides you with an instant start of the machine. Meanwhile, the elliptical trainer is there to handle all of your fitness needs, going from the rookies to the ones with plenty of experience. The machine contains over twenty resistance levels, with an accompanying feedback console that shows all of the calories you have burned down while working out, as well as your heart rate. The EFX 546i’s adjustable cross ramp allows you to select a ramp that could go between 15 to 14 degrees.


The machine’s easily-operated sensors can keep a close watch on your heart rate. The stride length also differs alongside the overall length of the CrossRamp incline that goes between 21.2 inches to 24.7 inches. The machine is quite small, but it is able to achieve plenty of amazing results in only a short span of time.


The EFX 546i is a pretty good item and is definitely worth your money, especially if you just so happen to be a fitness enthusiast. The price is also worth it – In fact, we think it’s one of the best treadmills out there if you run on limited funds. But overall, the machine’s price is just wonderful for all exercisers. The EFX 546i’s overall construction does take you to the pinnacle of fitness with each and every step. You’ll feel that your endeavor isn’t that big of a waste – Instead, it’s an excellent investment through and through.


You can further enhance the convenience of having to use this machine when you utilize its accompanying accessory, holder, in which you can place in your reading materials (like books or magazines), a water bottle, a newspaper pen, or anything else. Other features with the build include a numeric keypad, a heart rate monitor, as well as the option of being able to install your own personal viewing screen right into the machine. Another feature that comes with the EFX 546i is the biofeedback center – A type of computerized system that has been built to give you accurate heart rating, and feedback with your calorie intake or loss.


Thanks to this feedback system, you will now be capable of being able to read through your heart’s rating, and do a comparison against your own targeted heart rate. This is important for cardiovascular training and overall effective weight loss and maintenance.


Out of all of the currently available Precor elliptical machines on the market right now, the EFX 546i is one of the best options for those who are really conscious about the environment. What makes this model stand out from the other remaining fitness machines out there is that it’s fully self-powered and doesn’t require any electricity for it to operate. This makes it very easy for you to set it up wherever you want. You aren’t just limited to finding a huge space located near an electrical outlet. So this whole thing gives you flexibility in this regard as well.


The EFX 546i’s console also happens to be one of the best features found inside the machine itself. It’s very touch sensitive and provides you with an excellent variety of feedback. The machine’s equipment and user interface was built without having any membrane switches, so it won’t cost you too much cash in case you ever need to replace your keypads. A light touch will communicate your commands to the electronic device, overall.

Probably one of the most amazing things about the Precor range of elliptical machines overall is that they’re fully low-maintenance, and don’t necessarily require tons of work as far as upkeep is concerned. Even though plenty of other elliptical machines out there require lots and lots of lubrication or having to have their parts tightened again at a certain point – The EFX 546i will hold up very relentlessly. This is one of the reasons why Precor brand is trusted by so many fitness and health enthusiasts.

The elliptical runs quite smoothly, and won’t produce any squeaky noises even after you use it for a very long period of time. So you no longer need to worry too much about having to work the machine to its death. You’ll soon realize this very quickly after you use it for yourself a couple of times, and feel the very sturdy construction of the machine itself. Perhaps the only things that could go wrong with the Precor elliptical trainers are the worn-out bearings or a malfunctioning control board. These are things that can normally happen to practically any kind of exercise machinery, and elliptical machines in general are normally easy and very inexpensive to fix. This is the reason why Precor’s range of elliptical machines, including the EFX 546i, is always a wise option and a perfectly good investment if you have intentions of using it for the long haul – Much like the machine is.

This is irrefutably a really fantastic piece of fitness equipment which have been used for dozens of years, and is highly recommended by most professional trainers and gym enthusiasts.

The warranty is as follows: Seven years for the frame, five years for the display face assembly, two years for the parts, and one year for the labor.

The machine produces a smooth and fluid motion that copies your body’s natural movement. The Precor EFX 546i elliptical fitness cross trainer gives you with an overall outstanding workout experience with its natural and very smooth movement. The machine is built for complete ease of use with its accompanying intuitive display that could help you get on the move. The machine also has an adjustable Cross Ramp feature which lets you change the incline and focus on certain muscle groups in both the lower and upper body.

The EFX 546i contains a wide assortment of pre-programmed workouts that come in various resistance levels. It has been made to occupy the least amount of floor space as possible, yet still give you an excellent stability even while you’re performing a vigorous workout session. The main features of the machine include a biofeedback center with a SmartRate feature attached to it, a display that showcases Tap Control, a standard CSAFE interface, a touch heart rate monitor, an accessory holder, ergonomically correct handrails, a QuickStart feature, CrossRamp technology, self-power techniques, and the best kind of workout for quads, calves, hamstrings, and glutes. Working out with the aid of this machine can actually create bigger muscle activity for your glutes and quads, as compared to using a treadmill, a cycle, and a stairclimber.

You can experience ramp height along with high resistance with the simple touch of a button. There’s no power cord available that could help you start up the machine. It transforms itself into a power generator that could feed off a battery’s energy. What’s really great here is that it can save so much energy, provide you with the best kind of fitness performance, and makes you feel like you’re getting your money’s worth while you work out. We had our own EFX 546i refurbished, and it came out looking as good as new – Working just as new, and can still withstand so much wearing and tearing. And not only that, the machine still runs like new, and we’ve had it for practically a year now.

We know that certain users were able to keep the cardio up for their own families and they’re so glad to have bought a machine that will last for so many years.

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