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Precor EFX 546 Review


Do you want to find a good and sturdy elliptical machine that can bring you the best kind of fitness results without bringing in nasty impacts to your muscles and joints? Then you need to consider purchasing the Precor EFX 546. This is a machine that allows you to burn as many calories as possible with the aid of this fantastic workout equipment. The machine works similarly to a treadmill – Even though compared to other treadmills found in the market today, it’ll end up reducing your calorie levels without putting a strain on your joints.


For those who suffer from bone problems such as osteoarthritis, or if they have painful knee joints or ankles, then the EFX 546 is also the best elliptical machine for you. All thanks to its smooth and natural movements, this machine makes sure that your joints and knees aren’t hurting too much whenever you exercise. Usually, this kind of gym equipment has been specifically manufactured to move in a very smooth and fluid motion, providing you with a very intense workout on your glutes and quadriceps, as well as giving importance to your cardiovascular system. And what’s more, you will discover that the 546 is quick and easy to operate. Even those who are new to using elliptical machines will find that the machine is easy to build and operate. This just proves that the EFX 546 is fully convenient, all thanks to its attractive looks and high-tech console.


There’s another thing that sets the EFX 546 with all of the other ellipticals and treadmills found on the market today – Precor provides lots more variety in regards to the amount of workout exercises as compared to the standard treadmill. These all include backward and forward movements, among others. A good aspect of the EFX 546 is that it allows for huge stride length adjustment, and is therefore the best for several muscle groups found inside a person’s own body. This machine is perfect for giving you plenty of outstanding workout sessions which you have been craving.


The machine contains over 20 types of resistance levels. This is an excellent workout machine with a total of at least ten reprogrammed courses, as well as an adjustable fifteen to forty degrees of the cross ramp. Thanks to the adjustable cross ramp, you can pick the angle that you choose, and isolate those calves, quads, hamstrings, and glutes.


The ten types of pre-programmed workouts in the machine allow you to shift to a brand new session during your workout. With these programs, there’s only one that has been created solely to test out your fitness levels. It contains at least two kinds of power options – 110 volts and 220 volts respectively. The EFX 546 is crafted using an elegant frame powder coated steel, and has a measurement of over 80 inches in length, 30 inches in width, and 62 inches in height in total. When it comes to weight, the EFX 546 weighs over 230 pounds, and can hold a weight capacity of 400 pounds.


The EFX 546 has plenty of stride lengths which could go from 21.2 inches to 24.7 inches. Since it’s got such a variable stride length, the machine can give you a workout that’s similar to a stair climber. It is also equipped with a six-phase generator that reduces the amount of friction whenever possible. This guarantees a fully comfortable workout for every exercise available.


The pure convenience of having to use a machine similar to the EFX 546 is fully enhanced when you utilize an accessory holder. This is where you can put in your favorite water bottle, newspaper pen, a magazine, a book, and so much more. There are other features found in the machine which include a numeric keypad, a heart rate monitor, and the choice of having to install your own personal viewing screen right into the machine. The EFX 546 also has its own biofeedback center. This is a type of computerized system which has been created to give you with the right amount of calorie feedback, and observes your heart rate throughout the entire workout. And because of this feedback system, you are now capable of being able to read your own heart rating, and compare it against your targeted heart rate. This factor is important in case you want to lose some weight or do cardiovascular training.


Even though several people have familiarized themselves with Precor’s line of gym equipment and fitness products, there are only a handful of individuals out there who are familiar with Precor’s story. The company was first founded in the early 80s as a producer of this popular gadget called the Amerec rowing machine. Later on, Precor started producing other fitness equipment such as rowers, treadmills, and stationary bikes. Their products gave them the reputation of producing the best kinds of gym equipment all throughout the decade. Precor was able to revolutionize the entire fitness industry by releasing what could be described as the very first elliptical fitness machine – The EFX 544. The same company also introduced their innovative Cross Ramp technology, which allowed you to control the entire workout incline on their elliptical.


Since then, Precor’s adherence and innovation to maintaining a strict level of production quality managed to fully cement their place in the industry as one of the best in producing fitness products. In 1995, Precor continued to invent and produce several iterations of the original Precor 544 from 1980. This includes the Precor 5.19, the Precor 556, the Precor 576, and finally, the Precor 546. Those who have worked out on an elliptical machine at a gym might have tried out a Precor elliptical, even without them knowing.


The EFX 546 elliptical machine comes with a fully adjustable Cross Ramp that carries a range of at least 10 degrees, going up to 40 degrees. This feature lets you add in an extra level of difficulty to your workout, giving it a bit of a challenge. The ramp does take a while to get used to, since those higher-degree angles can put your pedals and pads in a bit of an awkward pose – Kind of like skiing uphill. We feel like the pedals should have stayed a bit more parallel to the floor, but it’s only a minor issue anyway.


The Precor EFX 546 comes with some of the best kind of construction frames in the entire industry. Precor has rated the EFX 546 with a maximum user capacity of over 400 pounds. However, there have been reports of heavier individuals still being able to work out on them without any problems at all, or experience any sort of issue in the machine’s performance. This means that the machine is truly a solid one.


Other features found on the machine include: Over 20 types of resistance, a comfortable 18-inch stride, and eight varied workout programs. A final winning feature here is just how rugged these 546 ellipticals are, while still being completely low maintenance. Even these remanufactured units will be able to live for at least ten more years with only the tiniest amount of care. Perhaps the only problems present in older models is that they can be repaired for only at a lower price – Either by worn bearings, or through a burned-out control board. You can fix each of those problems without having to pay any additional costs.

If you’re still a tad bit confused by the main differences between which Precor elliptical machine is which, then here is a quick cheat sheet: The Precor 519 is the home version, while the 544 is the oldest version, having been around since the 80s. Nowadays, the 546 is considered to be the standard Precor elliptical machine, since it has an adjustable ramp – A trait found in most modern-day ellipticals. Meanwhile, the 556 doesn’t have its own adjustable ramp, but it does have a pair of crosstraining arms. The Precor 576 has its own cross-training arms and the adjustable ramp, so this one has the best of both worlds. What a relief!

And to make things even a little bit more confusing, here are the many styles that you can get the Precor EFX 546 in: 1.) The original/standard version, 2.) The EFX 546 with an accompanying soft touch monitor, 3.) The Precor EFX 546 with a soft touch monitor and the heart-rate monitoring feature 4.) The cordless Precor EFX 546 elliptical machine.

There might be a couple more in store, but those are the ones that stand out the most. The first edition of Precor EFX 546 units come at a much cheaper price nowadays, compared to when they were first released to the market. So if you’re currently on a tight budget but still want the benefits that come with a Precor elliptical machine, then go pick up one of those remanufactured old-style EFX 546 elliptical machines instead. These Precor sets are definitely worth your money. Depending on your choice, you can purchase the machine for a whopping $5000.

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