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Precor EFX 5.17i Review


Precor is often considered to be one of the pioneers of the elliptical trainer machine. Their range of elliptical trainers are frequently cited as some of the best ones on the market today. This isn’t really surprising, since Precor were the ones who actually introduced the concept of elliptical machines back in `1995. And since then, the whole elliptical revolution has found its own spot in the fitness world. No matter which gym you head off to, you will most likely spot a Precor elliptical machine. And when you purchase an elliptical trainer for your home or try one out at the gym, there’s a pretty huge chance that it’s a Precor model.


Apart from that, Precor are also known for incorporating cutting-edge materials and components into their machines, along with a wonderful and innovative state of the art process of building them. This usually results in a problem-free elliptical exercise equipment, one that comes with years and years of maintenance and workouts without any hassle. Precor is built for those who want to take their fitness and workout regimens seriously. Of course, the better the quality, the better the workout, and the better the end results will be.


But at the same time, the more top-notch the machine might be, the more cash you’ll end up paying. Our overall impression of the Precor EFX 5.17i is that it’s definitely design for those who want to take their workouts seriously. The 5.17i is definitely one of the most no-frills elliptical machines coming from Precor. You will be receiving the most advanced parts and construction, and no longer have to worry too much about having to maintain the entire thing. This is the reason why Precor’s elliptical trainers are so different from the rest of the competition. To sum it all up: The 5.17i is a solid elliptical trainer that has been built to last.


The 5.17i has a measurement of over 6.2’, or 75 inches long. It has a width of 2.5’ or 30 inches long, and a height of at least 63 inches tall. It weighs a total of over 197 pounds. When you think about the size of the standard Precor model, the 5.17i is one of the smaller ones in the entire series. That’s because this elliptical was especially designed to occupy as little floor space as possible. It’s actually quite a large elliptical trainer, but it is equipped with castor wheels found at the machine’s rear wheel base. It can fit itself through plenty of standard doors.


The machine runs quietly, which is a great thing if you are planning to exercise in noise-free environment, or a place where you’re required to be quiet. This is another Precor signature: Having ultra-quiet elliptical trainers and fitness equipment in general. The 5.17i is no exception – Since it doesn’t have its own motor, the entire thing is practically silent, allowing you to exercise in a calm and quiet environment.


In replacement of the motor, the machine uses a large drive system. This, in effect, creates a fluid and very solid elliptical stroke that’s both solid and smooth. You can also adjust the machine’s peddles and resistance levels. There’s just enough electromagnetic variable resistance, which is always great.


The 5.17i utilizes only the best electromagnetic variable resistance, allowing it to produce a quiet, smooth, and highly dependable ride. There are over 1 to 20 resistance levels found inside the machine, with one being the easiest, and 20 being the most difficult. The machine actually contains enough resistance levels for both advanced and newbie trainers. Meanwhile, the 51.7i’s elliptical strides have a measurement of over eighteen inches.


Probably one of the best things about the Precor 5.17i has got to be their all-new display console. This is a display console that is so easy to understand and read. This console can also read intuitive key stroke sequencing, which is displayed on the machine’s giant LED screen. There are also accompanying graphics that let you take a closer look at your workouts, or change them to your own liking. There’s also enough room on the machine for you to place a tablet on, or your favorite reading material, a water bottle, or just about anything else in front of the console.


The machine has a set of electronics readouts that tell you just how much calories have you burned from working out, the resistance levels, the heart rate, the strides, the time, the amount of strides per minute, as well as the time and cross ramp incline.


The available programs found in the 5.17i include a singular manual program, one gluteal workout for the lower half of your body, and one workout for weight loss. But that’s not all – There’s a whole heap of workout programs found with the machine. You can assign your preferred program on the elliptical, just in case you want gluteal workouts or the ones for losing weight. The machine has a weight capacity of over 370 pounds. There aren’t any height restrictions included in here either.

The 5.17i has a frame comprised of solid steel. This is what separates the Precor 5.17i from the other elliptical trainers available on the market right now. It’s very durable, not to mention, tough. You’ll be able to acquire years of problem-free workout sessions with the help of the machine. This is a highly-durable and solid elliptical trainer. It can support a weight of up to 370 pounds.

And since the frame is large, there are no height limits here – Both tall and small people are free to use this machine. The 5.17i is suited for all exercisers no matter what height they may be.

No heart rate monitor is included, which means you have to buy a separate chest monitor from your fitness equipment store. There’s also a lack of dual handle bars, so it might seem like the lower body has a bigger chance of getting toned here as compared to the upper body. Getting dual action handle bars all comes down to your own preference. And for those of you who want to really get those legs and calves toned, then you might want to stick to a better elliptical, like the 5.17i. Why is that? Because plenty of emphasis is placed onto the lower body muscles, as opposed to the ones found on the upper body muscles. When you focus too much on the lower body, there’s a tendency for you to start toning those muscles in a more effective way.

But if you’re currently looking for a complete body workout, these dual action handle bars are probably your best bet. Once again – It’s all a matter of preference.

There’s a lifetime warranty on the 5.17i’s frame, as well as three years on the parts and another year for the labor. This lengthy warranty is pretty much expected from Percor, since it’s imposed onto their other gym equipment as well.

The 5.17i is a completely no-frills type of elliptical trainer that’s priced at over $2,499. It is a machine that’s well-made for so many years of intense workouts. If you are currently searching for an elliptical trainer that’s both sturdy, tough, and has years of fully maintenance-free workouts, then the 5.17i is definitely the model for you. Whatever is lost in the features is made up for in quality. It’s a Precor machine, after all.

The Precor 5.17i utilizes a cross ramp that lets you exercise various muscle groups in your body. The cross ramp lets you fix the ramp’s incline. You can adjust that ramp going from a twelve-degree angle going to a 25-degree angle. In its lowest point, you will feel like you’ve gone cross-country skiing with the machine. Meanwhile, with its biggest incline, you will feel like you’re on a stair-climber as compared to an elliptical. All of the stuff in between will feel like a combination of the two.

The ramp settings can be found on the display console, and can be adjusted right away to be able to allow you to work on several muscle groups in your body. At each incline made by the machine, the 5.17i will show you what kind of muscles are currently being worked on.

Honestly, we don’t really have any concerns or issues in regards to the 5.17i. This is definitely the type of elliptical trainer that’ll make you feel like you’re exercising with a gym-quality machine. Simply put, the Precor 5.17i is truly an amazing elliptical trainer machine. You’ll be able to get a commercial-grade elliptical trainer, along with years of free workouts and maintenance. It is a solid trainer overall. Whenever you purchase a Precor, you know what you’re getting – Nothing but the best quality.

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