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Precor AMT 885 Review



The Precor AMT 885 treadmill, with its famous Open Stride technology feature, is a member of a line of commercial-grade treadmills produced by Precor USA. AMT stands for ‘Adaptive Movement Trainer’. The 885 contains Open Stride technology, and is considered to be one of their most innovate treadmills produced so far. It’s got a one-of-a-kind suspension design that will make you feel like you’re running, jogging, or walking in mid-air. The 885 is a completely versatile machine, which users can try out for running, walking, climbing, or biking whenever they like.


The 885 is an amazing and elite model found in Precor’s range of AMT trainers. This includes the AMT 813, AMT 833, AMT 835, and AMT 885. These AMT treadmills, meanwhile, are all a part of a much bigger series – The Experience Series. Each treadmill costs at least $11,995.


The 885 does have some completely adjustable features, such as a stride height which you can modify from 6.5 to 10 inches, and a stride length that goes from zero to 36. With the aid of the Stride Dial feature, users can easily monitor and keep track of which muscles they want to work on, based on their chosen stride length and height – Since as mentioned, everything is fully adjustable. No matter if you need a low-impact workout daily or a high-endurance run that gets you fit, the 885 can handle all of your needs without it breaking down after several uses. You can also find three kinds of handlebars attached to the machine, to pair up with several workouts, and add in to the machine’s overall security and versatility. For this particular model, you can choose over 20 kinds of resistance.


The same range of treadmills also has a brand new console designed by Precor – The P80. This is different from other past Precor consoles since it’s filled with features such as Motion Controls and an Ethernet connection. For this certain model, the P80 console has been created with a fifteen-inch LCD touchscreen display, which is also compatible with the iPad and iPod. It’s also got a range of brand new Motion Controls, which let users create quick adjustments to the machine, without having to change or compromise their daily workout patterns. The same console also includes over 20 types of electronic workout readouts, and 12 additional workout programs which have all been built right into the machine.


Precor is giving a lifetime warranty on the machine’s frame, as well as 10 years on the parts and one year for the labor.

Some of the best features included with the machine include an all-in-one design with over three kinds of handlebars. The 885 is completely C-Safe enabled, and compatible with a FitLinxx feature. The machine comes with a heart rate strap alongside several built-in handlebar sensors. It’s completely low-impact with a broader range of motion. You can change the machine’s stride length, going from zero to over 36 inches. The stride height is changeable as well, from 6.5 inches to at least 10 inches. Another feature that we love here is the Stride Dial, with its accompanying twelve kinds of built-in workout programs.


The 885 is self-powered, and has a very long warranty. There are also Motion Controls on its featured console, which is always a great advantage.


The cons for the 885 include its pricing – As we have mentioned, each treadmill in the Experience Series costs over $11,000. You’re going to have to save plenty of cash if you want to get one for your home or office. You won’t find too much info in the machine’s drive system either. There’s also a noticeable lack of a cooling fan, and the motor runs too loudly, which can be potentially disturbing for some. The maximum weight capacity of the machine is over 350 pounds.


The 885’s console is definitely the reason why this treadmill is considered to be one of the best in the market nowadays. So if you want to save a couple of bucks, then you can just go for a better option and buy the AMT 835 – Which also has the same kind of Open Stride technology found in the 885. The 835 has a P30 console. There’s no touch screen available, it’s definitely cheaper, and isn’t that flashy compared to the 885’s own console. Simply put, the 835 model and the 885 are the same thing, even though the former is a bit more compact compared to the latter. There’s a different console included here, and you can save over $2,000 worth of cash.


The 885 is still considered to be one of the best in regards to free stride motion machines and treadmills found on the market. It’s got a highly innovative design that will surely build up a pattern, all thanks to your own body’s exertion and motion. This feature lets you easily move between a stride length of only zero inches, while going all the way up to 36 inches. The AMT 885 also allows you to adjust your stride’s height from 6.8 inches. to 10 inches.


Basically, the 885 is considered to be a premier treadmill that comes from a renowned gym equipment manufacturer. Too bad the final pricing for this particular model, along with its contemporaries, will show a leap in regards to quality. To be able to bring this machine right into your home, you will have to pay at least $12,000. For so many health buffs out there, this kind if pricing is just way too much, not to mention too restrictive. But we want to suggest that you also take a look at Nordictrack’s line of Freestride Trainer machines, since this is a range that contains the same kind of adaptive motion design and doesn’t even cost too much cash.


Precor is known to be a brand that pays too much attention to the very little details in their gym equipment. They are also famous for creating lots of innovative designs, and are a tad bit obsessed with perfecting quality control. So many of its clients have always been very satisfied with the company’s customer service and products, and are also highly impressed with their range of equipment.


The 885 is one of those treadmills that come with a fully adaptive motion technology. Basically this means that the machine can adjust this pattern to accommodate your body’s fitness goals. You can adjust the stride length and height without exerting too much effort, so it suits your overall workout motion. This feature lets you work and enhance all of the muscles in both your lower and upper body. If you’re fascinated with the overall design of an AMT machine or any of the gym equipment produced by Precor, then you also might want to take a look at the AMT 883 and the AMT 835 – Both of them carry the same features as the 885, but at a lower price. Nordictrack’s own range of Freestride Trainers also provide the same kind of design, even though in our opinion it’s not as top notch as Precor’s line of Elite treadmills. And what’s more is that Precor’s line of treadmills come at a much affordable price than Nordictrack’s.

When you’re discussing about treadmill quality – It doesn’t get much better than the 885. The machine is very solid and stable, and will surely last for decades. The built is crafted from well-designed components, and what’s great about this is that it is backed by a 10-year warranty.

It’s also very easy to work out on the machine. It’s truly a unique experience overall, according to those who have purchased it or tried it out at a gym. You will love the machine’s stride length, and height, as well as the way that it easily adapts to your body’s own movements. You will be able to easily make a swift transition from long ground-covering strides, to quick and short up-and-down movements. This will allow you to take full advantage of your overall workout, and focus on toning your entire lower body muscles.

The 885’s motion controls are fully intuitive as well. It sports a dual action design that can let you work on your upper body too. The 885 is equipped with a fifteen-inch high-definition touchscreen console that can guide you throughout your entire workout. This console is completely customizable, and comes in over nine different languages. It is also equipped with plenty of exercise programs including fat burning, weight loss, manual rolling hills, intervals, peak climbing, 5K, and so much more.

We really don’t have any complaints regarding the machine. In fact, we think it’s one of the more spectacular machines out there. You only have to decide if you’re willing to spend so much cash on a piece of exercise equipment. If you are comfortable with the idea of an adaptive motion machine, but cannot afford 12,000, then you need to take a look at the lower-priced options coming from Nordictrack. Their own set of Freestride Trainers work under the same kind of design with an interactive fitness tracking technology mixed in.

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