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Precor AMT 100i Elliptical Crosstrainer Review


Precor has managed to raise up the fitness bar by a notch thanks to the brand new Precor AMT Elliptical Crosstrainer. This is a machine that will definitely bring elliptical training to new heights. The machine uses your natural body motion to change the stride length and its motion without you having to make certain adjustments to how the machine works.


Thanks to its dual-action arms, the AMT 100i brings you complete control of both your lower and upper body’s resistance, giving you a fully-customized type of workout session. And for the first time ever, the AMT 100i is there to provide you with the variety, immediacy, and an all-natural feeling of being able to run outdoors. It also lets you customize your own stride length and resistance at whatever time you like during your workout.


The reason why Precor’s elliptical machines, which includes the AMT 100i, is so popular is because it has the ability for you to change your preferred workout in only a couple of steps. This means that no two workouts are ever the same. This method also keeps your mind fully occupied and your body eventually having to decide whether they want to try out brand new workout movements, or needing a minute to slow down and catch your breath.


The machine has a highly-unique commercial-quality cardio technique, as well as a muscle-toning trainer, which lets you change your workout in one swift movement. There’s also a contra-lateral arm movement for an all-natural motion, which will surely reflect the way you move. The average stride length has a measurement of over zero to 27 inches. There are also four programs found on the machine: Including a heart rate control, a fat burner, intervals, and a manual workout. There’s also a handheld heart rate monitoring feature that works really well in case you want to use a wireless motor. The machine has a weight capacity of at least 350 pounds.


We ended up taking the plunge and purchased the AMT 100i for our home gym. We have tried several elliptical machines and a whole host of other gym equipment, and later learned that plenty of ellipticals out there contain only a handful of drawbacks. These machines are usually great for lessening impact on your joints, especially when you compare it to other fitness machines like treadmills. But the difference here is that an elliptical constrains movement to a fixed motion. Apart from being able to vary the overall stride length by just several inches on other elliptical brands, they all seem to produce the same kind of motion repeatedly. So naturally, it was difficult for us to find that one machine that matched our gait, and at the same time be suited for people who are less than 5’10”. ‘Impossible’ might seem like a better description.


This is the reason why the AMT 100i is very unique. In fact, we feel like this machine should belong into a class of its own, one that has truly variable elliptical training. The machine’s own strides can be anything that you make it to be, going from stepping to a complete running gait, right down to a pedaling stride. This machine even allows you to perform a backwards pedal stride, in case you are willing to mix up your regular fitness routine. Instead of having the machine control your gait, you’ll be the one who does it. And what’s even better is that you can change it at any time you like without having to touch any other electronic device or pressing random buttons on a console. You have to try the AMT 100i to see how it really works. It is a highly-recommended machine.


Precor’s own host of trainers, which include the AMT 100i, is a whole part of the Experience Series. This combines together top performance design with plenty of versatility and pure comfort options.


The AMT 100i is purely commercial-grade. It sells for over $7295 in retail stores, and is also known to be the entry-level in Precor’s own Adaptive Movement Trainer line. This line has been built to provide its users with a highly unique and completely personalized type of workout experience, by giving it an adjustable stride and a much innovative open-frame design with over three kinds of handlebars. The machine produces a much more natural stride which provides you with a very wide range of motions, as compared to the other elliptical machines found on the market nowadays.


This elliptical has also been created with a changeable stride, which can go from 0 to at least 36 inches. You can pick from over twenty kinds of resistance. Its three handlebars are known as the rodeo handlebars, which accompanyies heart-rate sensors with the moving handlebars. Users will be able to tone their upper body and the lower body at the same time. This is also an extra kind of safety feature. When you change the stride length, the machine’s StrideDial feature lets you notice whatever muscle group you plan to target during the entire session, and learn how to make adjustments that change within your own individual workout goals.

The machine comes with the basic P10 console, which contains an LED screen display, over six types of built-in workout programs, 12 electronic readouts, the aforementioned QuickStart button, a console with ten keys and tactile dome keys. The AMT 100i also gives you at least twenty different resistance levels, and a fixed stride height that goes over 7.6 inches.

Even though there’s not much information found in its drive system, the maximum user weight capacity of the machine is at least 350 pounds. This means that the machine carries a pretty strong drive system and motor. And thanks to this, Precor is offering a warranty of over seven years for the frame, with one year on labor and two years for the parts.

Our favorite features for the machine are its highly-versatile design with over three kinds of handlebars, and the fact that it’s a low-impact machine with a huge range of motions. There’s a changeable stride that can go from 0 to 36 inches. There’s also the StrideDial feature which we have discussed earlier. We also love how long the warranty lasts for the machine’s overall structure.

Unfortunately the AMT 100i also has its own set of cons. There’s the lack of a drive system information, as well as no fan, no reading rack, and no speakers. There’s not much going on with the console, which is a disappointment. The machine also has a limit of six workout programs. The motor runs very loudly, and there’s no network connectivity.

If you don’t plan on purchasing any of the models in the Precor Experience Series, especially the ones that contain the OpenStride feature like the AMT 100i or even the AMT 885, then the AMT 835 should probably be the best elliptical machine for you. For a rather pricey $7,500, this fully commercial-grade and all-in-one trainer is a wonderful piece of equipment that looks good in your home or in the gym. It’s very unique, attractive, and easy-to-use – Not to mention that it contains features that will offer something for everyone.

Several weeks ago, we tried out the Precor EFX-576i, a type of elliptical jogger that our gym had purchased recently. We were highly impressed at what it can actually do. So now, we got the opportunity to try out a brand new machine that the gym had also acquired recently: The Precor AMT 100i.

The AMT 100i is different from the other machines in the series since it allows the runner to change their strides at will, allowing it to go for either a jogging motion, a stair-stepping motion, or a running motion. There are no buttons found on the machine. The lack of buttons took a bit of time to get used to, if we were to be honest, since we were so much more used to dealing with the standard elliptical joggers. In fact, the very first reaction that we have had with the machine wasn’t too favorable, even though we did end up enjoying our workout in the end. Eventually, we ended up falling in love with the machine.

The AMT 100i was perhaps the mother of all of the cardio workouts we have tried. After 60 minutes at a very strong resistance: We were both covered in sweat from head to toe, taking down two types of cardio workouts in over an hour.

The AMT 100i is a very grueling machine, which is actually a great thing. So it’s quite easy for you to exert too much effort when it comes to working out. The machine has a SmartRate feature which lets you keep that workout within your own range, as well as your targeted fitness parameters.

We love this machine. In fact, we feel like we have to use it on a regular basis so we can cut out our own cardio workouts from 90 minutes to 60 minutes.

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