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Nordictrack Skier Review


Even though exercising with the help of an elliptical trainer is always good for one’s own body and health, sometimes working out may be a little difficult for some, including those who have joint problems or people who are struggling with their weight. Good thing Nordictrack has created an alternative for those who have those exact kinds of problems: The Nordictrack Skier. This is the best kind of alternative to an elliptical trainer. The machine’s gliding movements do not pose any threats to your joints, while overweight or obese individuals can also use this machine for their workout without facing any problems at all. One of the great things about using an exercise ski machine is that you don’t have to list your legs too much to be able to work out.


If you want to purchase a good quality exercise ski machine, then the Nordictrack Skier might just be the right gym equipment for you. It suits both elders and adults, and gives you your much-needed workout without harming you or your body in any way possible.


You can fold up the Nordictrack Skier and store it away when you’re not in use. This means that you can save plenty of space right inside your home just by folding up the machine and placing it beneath the bed.


The machine’s frame is constructed purely out of steel, and pieces of oak wood. This gives the machine a very sturdy frame, so that you can work out very comfortably without experiencing any jerks coming from the machine itself.


You can also change up the machine’s own resistance levels manually, as much as you require. If you wish to decrease or increase the machine’s own inclination in order to suit your needs, then the Skier also has some options for that. You can actually do that just by changing up or modifying the lock pins which are found at the machine’s legs.


The Skier also has its own pulse sensor, which allows it to get your heart rate reading. There are loads of health benefits with the aid of the Skier. These include the following:

  • A good workout for your lower and upper body. With the help of the Nordictrack Skier, you can move your legs and hands in opposite directions. This occupies twice the amount of calories, and also enhances your leg and arm muscles.
  • Using the machine will give you the best kind of low-impact workout. A low-impact workout is very beneficial to obese or overweight people, or senior citizens. It doesn’t give you any jerks to your joints.

If you do suffer from lots of joint or muscle aches, then you need to avoid doing too much strenuous exercises. You also have the tendency to avoid utilizing other types of workout machines, since they can possibly make your joints ache. Good thing this isn’t exactly the case when you use the Nordictrack Skier. This machine is very gentle on the joints, and is also easy to use for heavy-set individuals. If you talk to your gym instructor or fitness trainer regarding your joint problems, then they will recommend you using the Nordictrack Skier, instead of the standard elliptical machine. If you use it once, then you’ll surely learn plenty of benefits from using it.

Back in the day, Nordictrack started producing lots and lots of fitness equipment that could benefit one’s own fitness. Thanks to a very huge exposure on television, a brand new fitness craze was born. The main reason for this was pretty obvious, since this machine acted similar to the smooth feel of skiing down a snowy slope, and at the same time gave you plenty of calorie-burning benefits that came with a complete body workout. The main secret behind the popularity of the Skier was probably because of its design. The machine, which was based after the look of a Gliding timber ski, gave you a good amount of opposing force, while its flyaway cables provided the natural feeling of real-life skiing. Meanwhile, the correctness of the machine’s adjustments gave plenty of customization that you can make with the machine.


Even though working out with the help of an elliptical trainer is one of the better ways for you to make improvements on your overall body health, even after the fact that it’s so much difficult for elders or overweight people, or those who simply have problems with their joints. The best alternative here is to simply utilize a Nordictrack Skier. Thanks to its gliding movement, this machine can lessen any pain or threat in your joint area, and works very nicely, especially for people who have difficulty sitting on an elliptical machine for many reasons. One of the best things about these ski machines is that you are completely free from having to strengthen those legs, to be able to exercise with pure intensity.


When it comes to fitness, the Skier is a completely old-school and very traditional equipment, but it’s still utilized by so many users thanks to its functionality. The exercises done on this sky are very comfortable and smooth, therefore preventing all kinds of discomforts and injuries. You can quickly adjust the ski’s resistance to your own preference and desired intensity of the overall workout experience.

The Skier is very lightweight for a fitness machine, and easy to carry around as well. It’s got a folding ability that can be performed by practically any person. The equipment can also be folded up and kept aside when you’re not using it. Thanks to this factor, the skier will surely save you plenty of time and money at home by folding it and placing it under your bed. You can even prop it up at your own backyard or just about any other place you want to have an excellent workout experience. Building up the Skier results in a sturdy machine, while its frames are constructed purely from hard steel with bits of oak wood. The steel can be utilized for frames, while the base is constructed using the finest quality oak. Thanks to these constructing materials, this machine has been built to give no jerk and clang while at the same time having a really amazing workout experience.

The Skier’s own resistance is manually adjusted – Contrary to elliptical machines in which you have to press down on several buttons to get it to work. Customizing the stride resistance, arm resistance, and inclination allow you to have plenty of variance on your preferred exercise, in order to achieve your desired body goals. Both your lower and upper body workouts can be covered up easily, thanks to this factor – Which is known to be one of the best aspects to acquire when it comes to overall health. Thanks to the aid of lock pins, which are placed beneath the machine’s legs, you can make your workout experience twice as challenging, by inclining your Skier to your desired height. The LED feedback window allows you to have a proper track on your heart rate and pulse rate, the distance covered, the calories burned, and the time.

The window isn’t really that big as compared to other elliptical trainers found on the market today, but what’s important here is that it still showcases the correct and simple amount of info which is needed during a cardiovascular activity. The feedback window in itself is highly important on skiers, since it provides you with plenty of determination and motivation to change yourself from what you’re currently at today. So it’s very important for you to keep a good eye on your daily workout experience.

The Nordictrack Skier machine also has several pulse sensors, which allow you to keep a close watch on your pulse and heart rate reading while you jog or run. And because of this fact, the flow of blood to your body increases whenever you are running or doing a particularly intense workout session, so to be able to stop any kind of negative impact, the heart rate must be used so you don’t surpass your natural limit. The Skier has been created specifically to give a very low-impact cardio workout, which is excellent for those who are unable to use the standard elliptical machines thanks to fat structure or joint pains. A flywheel has been patented which builds fluid and gives you a more natural motion, with the added benefits of Nordic skiing.

Thanks to its purely durable construction and high-quality equipment, Nordictrack always backs up its gym equipments with a year-long warranty that covers all of the defected and faulty parts, in case you have found some. This allows you to see how Nordictrack stands out among the rest of the competition, since they also provide their clients with the best kind of customer service.

The Nordictrack Skier is a high-quality and top-notch piece of equipment, which, together with its pure affordability, is comprised of effective benefits and features.

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