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NordicTrack FreeStride Trainer FS7i iFit enabled review


If you’re currently looking for a machine to add to your home gym, there are many different ones that you can choose from.  Yes, you have a treadmill, but sometimes, even the best treadmill isn’t going to be as good as an elliptical machine. You see, elliptical machines may have some advantages over treadmills. For example, an elliptical machine can be less stressful on your hips, knees and back than running/jogging on a treadmill.  With an elliptical, you can increase aerobic capacity, get a total body workout, burn more calories and get your lower-body exercise. If you’re using the elliptical trainer correctly, you shouldn’t experience any form of knee pain.

If you have decided to go with an elliptical machine, then you made a great choice. This machine caught our attention when we learned that it was three fitness machines in one and the name “FreeStride” hinted at this possibility. The NordicTrack FreeStrider FS7i is not only an elliptical trainer, but it is also a low-impact treadmill and a stairclimber.


With this machine, you will be able to take strides up to 38 inches long, which is really good. By taking smaller steps, you will be able to focus on different muscle groups. Besides all of this, the NordicTrack Freestride Fs7i has a variety of perks that will be sure to keep you motivated.


Here’s a picture of the box that contains the NordicTrack Fs7i – as you see, it is fairly large in size.


With the 35 built-in programs, the FreeStride Trainer FS7i is capable of guiding trainees regardless of their fitness level. These built-in programs can be found on the web-enabled touchscreen (the touchscreen has full color).

If you would like even more workout routines than the ones that are built-into this machine, the unit works with iFit Coach. As long as you’re a member of iFit, you’ll have access to an unlimited amount of workout routines, videos and much more. You’ll also be able to create custom routes using Google Maps.  By using Google Maps, you can get an interactive street view, which will help keep you busy.

This machine may be expensive, but if you look at it on the other hand, you’ll see that it’s a good value considering the fact that it’s a three-in-one fitness machine. It is capable of delivering the effects of a stairclimber, treadmill and a standard elliptical.  Without putting stress on your joints, you will be able to take long running strides, quick stair-steps, or whatever you choose.

If you’re interested in cross training, this can be a great treadmill or elliptical alternative for both walkers and runners.  The FS7i is capable of pushing intermediate trainees to a higher level of fitness.  There’s a 20-pound drive, 10 degree incline and 24 resistance levels. This smooth elliptical is great for anyone who is looking to squeeze in some cardio training.


What We Like about the NordicTrack Fs7i


There are many cool features that we really like about the NordicTrack Fs7i and in this section of the review, we will be going over those features.

Workout Programs – This machine is preloaded with a total of 35 workout apps and we really like this option. Even better, these aren’t your traditional workout apps – each one of the apps has been designed by a certified personal trainer.  The three main workout categories are intensity, calorie burn and performance.

iFit Enabled – If you would like access to an unlimited workout variety, the FS7i machine is iFit-enabled. As an iFit member, not only will you have access to a large array of workout programs and videos, you’ll also be able to download a new custom workout each day.  You can even set up Google Maps workouts, which will give you interactive street views as the trainer adjusts to its incline in order to mock the terrain of the chosen street.


Warranty – The warranty is pretty good. First of all, NordicTrack naturally offers a 30-day money back guarantee on all of their exercise equipment. This way, if you feel you made a mistake when you purchased the machine, you can easily get your money back within 30 days. There’s a lifetime warranty on the frame, 2 year warranty on the labor and 5 year warranty on the parts.

Three-in-One – Since this machine is a three-in-one, it truly is unique. We really like how this machine is capable of doing the workout of three fitness machines, but it takes up less space. You can easily change workout types in one session simply by changing your stride.

Low Impact -  This machine has pedals that move over belts, as opposed to belts that move over rails. NordicTrack has claimed that with these machines, they have created a sensation that feels as if they are “walking on air.” It definitely puts less stress on the body and is a great way to prevent injury.

Handle Controls – We definitely like how the controls are on the handlebars. This way, you will be able to adjust speed and incline. There’s also controls on the console, so you have the option to use either the handlebars or the console in order to adjust the controls.



Web Console – It has a seven inch web-enabled touchscreen. With it having a buit-in web-enabled touchscreen, you will be able to browse social media, check email and stream your tunes.


Water Bottle Holder – Thanks to the built-in water bottle holder, staying hydrated is easy. With the water bottle right in front of you, you won’t have to stop working out in order to drink water.

Wireless Receiver – With the wireless receiver, you can make sure you’re staying in the right heart rate zone.  It doesn’t come with a chest strap, that is sold separately. However, the contact grips are provided.

The Control Center –  You cannot forget about the control center. Simply put, it looks good with the 7” touchscreen with full color. This can show iFit’s high definition video and it even has a useful Android web browser.

Compatible with iPod – This machine is also compatible with iPod. It even has Intermix Acoustics 2.0 speakers built-in.


What We Don’t Like about the NordicTrack Fs7i


Regardless of the product, whether you choose the best treadmill, a NordicTrack Commercial 1750, Schwinn 430 elliptical, or any Nordictrack Elliptical, if you look deep enough, you will be able to find some stuff you don’t exactly like about the product, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid it. In this section of the review, we’re going to tell you what many people do not like about this machine …

The Price – We find many people complaining about the price and we can understand this complaint. However, if you think about it, this is the price you would expect to pay for a three-in-one fitness machine. Go ahead and add up the price you would pay for a treadclimber, stairstepper and an elliptical.

Many also complain how iFit requires a subscription, but this has nothing to do with the machine. The subscription, however, is cheap as it’s only $9.99 a month or $99 a year. Personally, we believe the membership is well worth the price. You can use one iFit subscription for up to four trainees.



If you do decide to get the NordicTrack Fs7i, don’t forget to maintain good posture in order to ensure the most effective workout. While you’re exercising, keep your head up, your shoulders back and your abdominal muscles tight. Don’t look down at your feet, look forward and don’t lean into the handles, let the lower body support your weight.

We honestly believe that the NordicTrack FreeStride Trainer FS7i is well worth every penny. Yes, it may be an expensive trainer, but if you look at the features, consider the fact that it’s a three-in-one machine and compare it to the other machines in the same category on the market, you’ll see that you really are getting a good deal with this machine. This truly is a unique trainer that makes it easy to workout multiple muscle groups. It doesn’t require a whole lot of maintenance and the parts are under a five year warranty.

Regardless of who you are, if you’re trying to burn calories, shed some pounds and get fit, then the NordicTrack Fs7i would be a viable option for you and your family. 

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