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NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill Review


What is the Nordictrack commercial 1750?


Simply put, the Nordictrack commercial 1750 is a treadmill that is more engaging than ever before. For the year 2017, I ranked as one of the best treadmills currently on the marketplace. What’s unique about this treadmill would be the high-definitely touchscreen that it offers. Through the touchscreen, you will be able to access an Android browser where you will find a menu that is packed full of dozens of training apps built-into the machine. You will also have the option to exercise with landscape views of iFit Google Maps workouts.


Great for Walkers and Runners

The Nordictrack commercial 1750 is a high quality treadmill that is great for walkers and runners alike. With the 3.8 CHP motor, you will be faced with some performance specs that will be sure to impress you. There’s also a large and low maintenance track with decline/incline and we cannot leave out the fact that it has advanced cushioning. With the advanced cushioning, it makes it really comfortable to walk on and it’s good for you joints. Go ahead and turn the cushioning feature on to protect your joints, or if you are looking for some good old outdoor training, you can easily turn the cushioning feature off.



If you choose to buy the Nordictrack 1750, as with the Nordictrac c900, the NordicTrack x11i and the Nordictrac x9i, you can rest with the satisfaction of knowing that the machine is backed by a nice warranty. That’s right, there’s a five-year electronics/parts warranty, along with two years of free service.

We have tried many different home treadmills and we must say, the 1750 appears to be one of the best home treadmills to use and with the NordicTrack, you really cannot go wrong.


What We Like

There’s a lot of things that we like about the Nordictrack commercial 1750 and with all of the amazing features, it could easily be compared to the Bowflex treadclimber. In fact, we’d choose a Nordictrack treadmill any day over the other machines currently on the market. Take a look at what we like about the treadmill and you will understand where we are coming from …


Tablet Option

The tablet option makes the machine quite enjoyable. With the tablet option, you will be able to use your own fitness apps with the treadmill or if you’re not into apps, while you exercise, you could stream some shows at eye level. There’s a bracket that can hold your tablet right above the console. Many people seem to like this option, because they like having something to do while they’re walking on a treadmill – watching television can help you while you’re exercising as you might forget you’re even walking.


Touchscreen Control Panel

In this day and age, what doesn’t have a touchscreen control panel? Now, even treadmills, like this one right here has a touchscreen built into it. This touchscreen is 7 inches and it is an all-in-one control center. On the screen, you’ll be able to view your workout progress and as an added benefit, it even lets you read the news, stay connected with your friends via social media and it even lets you check your email while you’re exercising.





Built-in Workout Apps

The build-in workout apps offer just the right amount of guidance you need in order to efficiently reach those goals. The 1750 contains a total of 38 programs – all 38 programs have been designed by a certified personal trainer. You can choose from a variety options that are specifically designed for interval training, speed training, heart rate control and calorie burn.




The motor in the 1750 treadmill is definitely something we shouldn’t leave out of this review. It is powerful, but there’s no need to worry, because it’s also quiet, so you could easily workout while a roommate was sleeping in the next room, without disturbing them. It’s a 3.8 CHP drive motor.


Incline and Decline

The incline and decline feature is quite interesting. It can incline by up to fifteen percent and can decline by up to three percent. This is an electronic feature that can really sculpt lean muscles, boost your metabolic rate and prevent you from getting bored. Also, as an added benefit, when you exercise on a slight slant, it can help those that have joint trouble – it shifts your body weight and helps to relieve the pressure on the knees. The incline/decline option, in our opinion, is fun when you use it with the interactive iFit Google Maps program, which replicates landscapes. This is just something you have to try in order to know exactly what we’re talking about.


iFit Coach Ready

iFit Coach is a unique fitness app that is capable of working with this treadmill. Mind you, unfortunately, a subscription is required, but even though a subscription is required, the fact that it is iFit Coach ready really captured out attention. You can access iFits customized workout designs right from the 7-inch touchscreen that is on the treadmill or you can access it through your own computer or tablet. iFit Coach adapts to your fitness activity and offers advice about your diet, exercise, sleep schedule and much more.



For those of you that are looking for a treadmill that can fold up when you’re done using it, you’ll be happy to hear that this one right here is foldable. You can easily store it when you fold it upright. It has EasyLift telescoping, making it easy to fold, despite its weight. When the machine is unfolded, it measures 72.25”L X 34”W X 61” H.



High Speed

The top speed of this treadmill is 12 mph, which is really good. In fact, looking at the statistics and comparing it with other treadmills currently on the market, the Nordictrac commercial 1750 just so happens to be one of the fastest treadmills available. For this reason, it is great for those of you that like to run, but don’t worry, because it’s also a good machine for walkers.


Tread Belt

We must say, the tread belt is definitely roomy. To give you an idea, it measures 60” X 22”.  This track is actually 2 inches wider than most of the treadmills and the length of it makes it comfortable to run on – you won’t feel as if you’re going to run off the back of it. We must also add in the fact that the belt is made out of high quality material and is designed for longevity and of course, as we previously mentioned, quite operation.



User Weight

This is a sturdy machine that has a 300 pound maximum user weight.




The On/Off Track Cushioning Feature

The on/off track cushioning feature is something that we personally found intriguing. It is helpful for runners that are looking to simulate outdoor conditions. When you have the cushioning activated, the physical shock will be reduced by around 30 percent. If you would like to feel as if you are running on asphalt, you can easily toggle the cushioning setting to “Off.”


Consists of Three Fans

With the help of AutoBreeze fans, you will be able to keep cool while you exercise. You can adjust the fans to match your workout pace or have them manually set. Two of the fans have been built into the console, which is helpful for cooling your face. The other one is built into the accessory tray, and it is responsible for helping to cool your body down.


Hear Rate Monitoring

The Bluetooth heart monitoring system is also interesting. It contains a chest pule strap that sends continuous readings to the display. With the heart rate monitoring system, you will be able to stay within your optimal training zone, which will offer faster results. Simply by squeezing the sensors that are built into the handlebars on the treadmill, you will also be able to get a heart rate reading.



What We Don’t Like About the Treadmill

Mind you, even when we put this treadmill under a microscope, there isn’t a whole lot that we don’t like about it. In fact, there was only one thing and that was the assembly. With most of the exercise equipment, you are required to assemble it yourself. With this one, you may need a couple of people to help you put it together. If you really don’t want to put it together yourself, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to pay extra to have a professional assemble it for you in your home.



Looking at all of the nice features on the Nordictrack commercial 1750, surely you can see why it has been labeled one of the best treadmills of 2017. This is a model that has gained a large amount of popularity amongst professionals and many people love the fact that it comes equipped with a high-definition touchscreen and a more streamlined frame. In the Commercial Series, the 1750 is usually the cheapest model, but we can’t really label it “entry level.” This is a nice cardio trainer and it is a viable option whether you plan on running on a treadmill or walking.


Here’s some additional pictures:





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