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NordicTrack C800 Review


The NordicTrack C800 treadmill is a fully-affordable treadmill model created by popular gym equipment brand, NordicTrack. You can find this particular model on retail stores like Sears, and buy it for $780.


The treadmill contains its very own folding frame design. Attached is a patented SpaceSaver design with an accompanying EasyLift Assist. The machine runs on a 2.75 CHP motor, while being able to withstand up to 325 pounds of weight.


The C800’s deck provides you with lots of personalized cushioning and support with their FlexSelect Cushioning system, which you can switch off or on depending on your own preferences and requirements. The machine’s running area has a measurement of at least twenty inches wide, and sixty inches long. There’s also an accompanying incline of 0 to 12%, and speed capabilities that can also go from 0 to 12 miles per hour.


You can choose from over 24 kinds of pre-built workout sessions. Another great thing about the machine is that the console is compatible with the iFit. The six-inch LED backlit display gives you lots of basic workout readouts, as well as one-touch controls on the console for incline and speed changes. There are also built-in speakers and a music port compatible with your MP3 players, along with water bottle holders and a cooling fan. Much like the other NordicTrack consoles, there’s a decent amount of storage spacing in there. To check out the heart rate, users can take their pick from the dual grip sensors built right inside the machine, or utilize the wireless system with an accompanying chest strap receiver.


The machine also has its own lifetime warranty for the motor and the frame – Namely, two years on its parts, and one year for the labor.


One of the things we enjoy about the machine is its FlexSelect Cushioning: This is a shock-absorption system that lets users completely personalize their full workout experience, thanks to the ability to switch that cushioning on or off. When it’s switched off, the deck is twice as rigid, and simulated walking or running in the great outdoors. And when you switch it on, the deck feels more cushioned, and has supports for your joints.


The C800 utilizes the patented EasyLift Assist and SpaceSaver design so you can fold up the treadmill easily with just a single step. The deck reclines on its own, so you no longer have to bend or do some heavy lifting.


NordicTrack’s own machines are pretty famous for their excellent variety of workout programs – No matter what the price point of that machine may be. The C800 is definitely no exception to the rule. Apart from the previously-mentioned iFit compatibility (which comes with a separate subscription) you can also find 24 kinds of built-in workout programs, which include cardio, fat burning, heart rate programs, and endurance.

And for just $800, the C800’s pricing is definitely hard to beat. It’s a well-known brand that’s famous for their machines’ durability, so the pricing is so much better compared to the others.

Apart from that, NordicTrack is also known for their excellent warranties on their goods. The C800 has enough lifetime coverage on the motor and its frame, which definitely says a lot about the machine’s quality.

The downsides of the machine are as follows:

The drive system (running at 2.75 CHP) is very powerful, especially when you take a look at its pricing. But since it’s on the weaker side, it could end up producing plenty of noise while in operation, going on a steep incline, or during high speeds.

There’s also a lack of rear rollers. If this important feature isn’t present, then the C800 could face several issues when you incline its running deck. The more you go upwards, the less sturdy the deck will be, and the more noisy it’ll be.

In order to assemble the machine, you might need to have someone nearby, or lend an extra hour to your building schedule. The assembly process could consume plenty of time, not to mention feel a bit cumbersome.

The NordicTrack C800 is a very nice treadmill, especially when you consider its program variety and its pricing. It isn’t a high-performance treadmill but it’s still a fully-reliable model through and through, produced by a completely reliable brand. If you like to run, then you might realize that other NordicTrack treadmills might seem like a better fit for you. But in regards to light jogging and walking, the C800 isn’t that bad. If you want to take a closer look at other NordicTrack models, which might be a more comfier fit for running, then you can check out other treadmills constructed by the same company.

The C800 is able to cushion your workout completely, since it’s got plenty of adjustable cushioning, allowing you to pick and soften the impact on your joints, or select a firmer surface that feels similar to an outdoor concrete path. You can change up the speeds and the incline of the machine with the help of a OneTouch button control. The C800 is fully compatible with iFit technology. This lets it bring out running routines made by Google maps, which copy the terrain of most trails. The treadmill also has a six-inch backlit LCD monitor which shows off your own working stats, including the speed and distance you’ve covered, the amount of calories burned, the heart rate, and the time. It’s also compatible with the BLE and works with plenty of wireless chest straps (which you have to purchase separately) to carefully observe your heart rate.

The C800 has a SpaceSaver design with an accompanying EasyLift Assist. This is a design that lets you fold up that machine if you need some extra floor space in your home. There’s a telescoping EasyLift shock feature that helps you with lifting up the machine.

The C800 allows you to fully customize your own workout strategies with the simple touch of a button. There’s FlexSelect cushioning that you can assign from low impact, to soft, to firm. One of the accessories with the machine is a large 20-inch x 60-inch running belt which gives you plenty of room to use. The machine’s speed range can go from 0 up to 12 miles per hour. You can also set up both the incline and the decline to over 12 degrees. The six-inch LCD display screen will show you the speed and distance you have covered, as well as the amount of calories you have burned, how long have you been working out, and your current heart rate.

The machine has its own dual-grip heart rate sensors and is fully compatible with plenty of wireless chest straps. You can fully customize your workout with iFit technology. Pick from 24 preset workouts so you can change your daily workout routine. The machine also runs very smoothly and silently on a 2.75 CHP motor. Its maximum weight capacity is over 325 pounds. The dimensions are; 35.75 inches x 78.3 inches x 56.4 inches. Accompanying accessories include an owner’s manual and product warranty.

Unfortunately, there were serious corners cut from the machine in order to fit its main pricing of over $900. That aside, the C800 does have plenty of notable components, and a few notable shortcomings as well. if you have considered purchasing this model, then the extra $100 for its sibling machine, the C900, will definitely be a long-term investment. The C800 is an upgrade from 2014’s C700. The C800 has been given updates for the 2017 iteration, but as we had mentioned, it does have its own host of disappointments.

Even though they have placed a huge frame motor inside its machine, you will still end up feeling a tad bit sore from all of the pounding you take on the machine’s quality, as compared to the remainder of its parts. We have to admit – In order to get that machine down to the point where you can purchase it for at least 900 bucks, you have to make several compromises to it that would make even the most avid gym goers blush.

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