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NordicTrack C 950 Pro Treadmill Review



There are many types of exercise equipment, like the elliptical machine, spin bike and rowing machine. However, many people prefer treadmills.If you have focused your mind on exercising and the gym doesn’t appeal to you, then you definitely want to exercise at home, but first, acquire the appropriate exercising equipment, especially a treadmill which is the best for home use. It is not only fairly easy to use and affordable, but it can easily suit most people’s mode of exercising; running. Constant and consistent use of a treadmill will help you develop powerful leg muscles, enhance your respiratory endurance, burn down some calories and keep a steady flow of blood.

In some cases, a treadmill can be better than running outside because of the flexibility. You can exercise even in bad weather-forget about the annoying mud outside, the cold when it snows, nonstop rains, or the scotching sun and heat. Furthermore, it can be used by almost anyone irrespective of age or sex in your household.

If you are looking for a home exercising equipment, a treadmill should be your number one choice. However, there are a myriad of mistakes most individuals commit when shopping for and maintaining this important exercise machine.

 If you have decided that you would like to purchase a treadmill then first of all you should consider how much room you have for one and how much you can afford to spend on one. The good thing is that treadmills like Nordic Track C 950i can be purchased in all popular, major stores like Sears. It is not available directly from Nordic Track.

Quality and effective treadmills don’t come cheap; you must carefully review your budget, evaluate the quality and engage your common sense to get the best value for your money-any smart shopper will definitely do that.

You don’t have to rob a bank to purchase this treadmill though. A decent one goes for about $1,000 which is less than the value of some other home exercise machines in some homes. An extra $300 or $500 can fetch you a better-than-decent treadmill. Of course you can still find some that are cheaper than this, but keep in mind that cheap is expensive.

This treadmill right here retails for under $900 and comes with a convenient folding frame and an impressive platinum design. It has become the top choice for at home use. The C 950i is similar to the C series Nordic Track models which have all been designed with decent motors and performance options.

3.0 HP Motor

The treadmill comes with a 3.0 HP motor and can accommodate users up to 350 pounds. There is a manually adjustable cushioning system and a comfortable 20” x 60” running belt. Speeds range from 0 to 12 MPH and it is well-built and sturdy. These options let you train in various ways including interval and incline training. To stay motivated and keep up with your goals there are more than 20 built-in workout programs.  

Tracking Your Workout

Tracking your workout is important as well as monitoring your progress and setting realistic goals. Remember that it is important not to overdo it every day but to do as much as is possible for you and to rest when you feel that you are tired. Using your heart rate is the perfect way to get personalized results. With your C019i you can monitor your heart rate using the dual-grip sensors which are built into the stationary handlebars or you can choose to use a chest strap for hands-free monitoring. The chest strap is to be purchased separately.

Keep Up with Your Heart Rate

Another way to keep up with your heart rate data is with programs such as iFit which uses your personalized workout information to help you set and keep up with your goals. iFit also helps you stay motivated by letting you choose from lots of professionally designed workout programs tailor made just for your needs. Keep in mind that in order to use iFit you have to have a subscription which is not included in the price of the treadmill.

The Console

The console on this model is basic for a beginner or entry-level treadmill like this one so there is a smaller 6” LED back-lit display screen with an area for program selection, one-touch incline/speed controls, two water bottle holders, an audio system and a cooling fan. Sears offers a residential warranty with this model and Nordic Track cover the life of the motor and frame and you can purchase additional warranties through the retailer.

Here’s a picture of the console for you:




  • Folding Frame Design is convenient and simple to use and folds down on its own for safety. The deck is durable and not shaky. 
  •  Adjustable Cushioning System – if you want to have a firmer running deck or a softer running deck all you have to do is unplug the machine and adjust by turning the rollers that are located under the deck to the left or the right of the running area. This process is simple and fully explained in the user manual.  
  •  Program Variety is a great feature, including more than 20 built-in workout programs along with popular fat and calorie burning programs. 
  •  iFit Enabled – with a yearly subscription you’re all set. You can track, monitor, sync and store all of your workout data and access thousands of professionally designed workouts including realistic routes through Google Maps.  
  •  Lifetime Warranty is guaranteed by NordicTrack both for the frame and the motor.
  • One Touch Controls are very convenient for one-touch resistance and incline control. If you prefer there are also up/down keys. The program selection has one-touch control so you can make changes without having to slow down or stop.
  • High Performance Options – the treadmill has a wide range of speeds up to 12 MPH and you can choose to incline up to a grade of 12%. These options are great for intense training and for adding variety to your workout.


  • Display Screen – there is a small 6-inch screen which sits just below eye level and it can be difficult to lean down and see the screen.
  • Assembly is not an easy job and requires time and help from others. 
  •  Heart rate monitoring is a great feature but having to purchase the chest strap separately isn’t.

With the Nordic Track C 950i you take the first steps toward your fitness goals and this is the treadmill that will help you to achieve these goals. The treadmill has a workable 3.0 horsepower motor and provides powerful and consistent energy for you day after day mile after mile. You can add more to your workout just by raising your incline up to 12 percent or increasing your speed up to 12 MPH.


If you want to imagine your workout to be like a brisk walk outside use iFit to get access to Google Map training routes, professional workouts and automatic stats tracking. Soon you’ll be covering a lot of ground without ever leaving your house. It features SpaceSaver Design with EasyLift Assist and the revolutionary design lets you fold the machine for ultimate floor space maximization and the telescoping EasyLift shock assists with the heavy lifting.


Backlit Display

The backlit display tracks your speed, time, distance and calories burned every time you do your workout. Always keep track of your stats and attempt to beat your personal record. When exercising you can keep cool with the AutoBreeze workout fan that automatically adjusts speed to match your workout intensity. The machine lets you choose just the right workout for you with preloaded workout apps that have been designed by certified personal trainers.

The FlexSelect Cushioning


The FlexSelectCushioning is an absorption system that reduces the impact of every step on the tread deck and you can run comfortably with less stress put on your joints.  While you’re working out you can enjoy your favorite music with a system that connects to any standard headphone jack with high-quality sound projection from dual 2-inch speakers. You can workout at your own speed with a motor that responds to any training preference. This commercial plus motor delivers amazing power for interval speed or endurance training and reduces noise while keeping internal components cool.



All in all, this Nordictrack treadmill right here would be the best treadmill for those on a budget, especially for beginners. Sure, it may not have all of the bells and whistles, but it sure is much better than some of the others on the market. Some other recommendations would be Nordictrack commercial 1750, Weslo Cadence g 5.9 treadmill and the Proform 505 cst treadmill. The one you choose is fully up to you, but whatever you do, you can go ahead and get your home gym started today so that you no longer have to take those drives to the gym. This way, you can exercise whenever you please, even if it’s in the middle of the night when the kids are sleeping.

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