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NordicTrack C 700 Treadmill Review


When people decide to buy a treadmill they have to consider not only if they have room in their home for a treadmill but also if they can afford one. Once the choice has been made then of course the next important thing is to choose a treadmill that will do the job it was made to do and one that will be durable.  While there’s the Bowflex Xtreme 2, nordictrack c900 and NordicTrack x11i, we wanted to introduce you to what we would call the best treadmill for a quality price – the NordicTrack C700 and it sure does beat a spin bike!

The NordicTrack C700 treadmill was redesigned in 2016 and many people have come to agree that this is a very capable machine for entry level to moderate users who enjoy having a few extra features to keep the enjoyment. This treadmill features iFit Bluetooth capability and among other new additions also has a new calorie counter. 

The NordicTrack is produced by a company known as Icon and it has become known that this company has machines with the best designs in the business. The company takes the time to put quality into the machines they produce and makes sure they have plenty of features to let people get their full enjoyment and reach their fitness goals when using them. Today this company is the largest fitness equipment producer in the world. 

Most treadmills are equipped with two motors; one for raising and lowering the bed for inclines and the other one for driving the belt. Preferably, go for one with a continuous duty belt motor of not less than 1.5 horsepower. This is the average horsepower. Please note that more horsepower does not essentially translate to a much better performance, especially if the motor in question isn’t continuous duty.




The NordicTrack C700 is a low-priced treadmill meant for walkers. When you don’t have the time to get out and walk you can know get the same benefits by getting on a treadmill. The key points of this treadmill are its 2.75 CHP motor, 55” track and 10 percent power ramp. Among the perks are an iFit-enabled console, iPod compatibility and a secure holder for your tablet computer. This treadmill is meant for people getting their first treadmill and coming in at the entry-level. It is meant for long walks but not recommended for runners. Walkers will appreciate the 10 percent incline and the integrated support for workouts and entertainment. Just be aware that the treadmill has only a one-year parts warranty. 




• Power incline (Maximum 10%)

• Customizable cushioning (On/off)

• Music friendly (iPod-compatible, 2″ speakers)

• 20 built-in workout apps

• iFit-enabled

• Tablet holder

• SpaceSaver design (Foldable)



• Short warranty on parts (One year)

• Lower quality motor

• Lower quality track

• Slow customer service


Looking at the whole picture the Nordic Track C 700 Treadmill is best suited for people who want to take up power walking and short, easy jogging. The deck has the ability to be tilted up to 10 percent to give you an added calorie burning boost and make it better for muscle toning. In the program you’ll find twenty different workouts and data that show up on a multi-window LED. People enjoy the fact that audio entertainment, iFit and the Internet can be easily integrated. 


Twenty Workout Programs


The twenty workout programs are included in one purchase and were created by a pro trainer. These programs address four treadmill training goals – calorie burning, heart rate control, interval training and speed training. Each program can adjust the C 700 track speed and incline. 


Expanded Options


Taking a look at the expanded options the Nordic Track C 700 is iFit enabled so with an iFit membership that is sold separately you can access iFit’s unlimited workout library on your own Bluetooth mobile device. All you have to do is set your tablet computer or smart phone in the secure holder and enjoy iFit’s personalized training. If you like you can download a customized treadmill work out every day, having the choice of hundreds of video workouts or  you can chart any route on Google Maps. The maps feature lets the C 700 Treadmill automatically adjust to simulate the landscape of your selected route and will also show a Google Street View. Data feedback includes speed, time, distance and calories burned. Heart rate monitoring is supported with grips on the handlebars. 


Control Panel

Since you may need to use the control panel even as you exercise, ensure that it is within reach. In addition, it has to be simple to operate-complicated controls are not recommended. You ought to be able to control all the components of the treadmill with just a tap of a button or a twirl of a knob-simple, straight, efficient and this one certainly offers that.

Among the features is a 55’’ x 22’’ track. Flex Select on/off cushioning offers the options of good joint protection or a firmer road-like surface. Workout apps and exercise data show up on an LED monitor and there is a calorie burn meter running across the top of the console. Audio entertainment is supported with an iPod-compatible port and 2’’ integrated speakers. An AutoBreeze workout fan helps keep you comfortable and automatically adjusts according to your workout intensity. The OneTouch handlebar-based controls make it safe and convenient to change the speed and incline as you keep moving. 

When you have finished your workout you can easily fold the treadmill’s deck vertically with SpaceSaver shock-assist technology. Make sure that you place the treadmill where it will not be in the way and not be bothered by anyone. If possible you should find adequate covering for the treadmill so that dust doesn’t gather. 

Warranty & Guarantee


– Frame: Lifetime

– Motor: 25 years

– Parts: 1 year

– Labor: 1 year

NordicTrack also provides a 30-day money back guarantee on all of their treadmills.


Things to Take Into Account

No matter which treadmill you have chosen to purchase always take into account how much space you have. If you have a small apartment take measurements of the space you have and make sure that the Nordic Track will fit comfortably into your space when unfolded and easily stored when folded. Take the time to be sure that your treadmill will not be in a space where it can be damaged by curious children or active pets. 

Next up consider your budget. This is considered a low cost treadmill with great quality so if you have the money keep this in mind. Don’t decide to try to go for something more expensive just because you think it looks better. Remember that this particular treadmill is for beginners and for walkers. So if you are starting a walking program then you don’t need fancier equipment this will serve you just fine. 

Next up consider all the features offered along with the treadmill and make sure that you understand what all the features are for. Remember that you can get customer support online at their site so if you are unsure don’t damage your new equipment make an inquiry and set it up just right. Remember that it will take some time for you to get used to all the features so try them out and learn as you go along. If necessary make a list of all the features, how they work and how to set them up on your treadmill. 


Make sure that you look to purchase your Nordic Treadmill at a reputable sporting goods store where you know that the staff is knowledgeable and supportive, or if you’re looking to save money and rack up on discounts, an online store would be great. Many people prefer to head for a department store but remember that there the main objective is usually the sale. So you might be hard pressured than if you look to purchase at a specialty store. If you have the opportunity you might consider a local store instead of heading for a mall. If you choose to go to a mall you will probably find more than one sporting goods store so take the time to look over all of them and compare value as well as price. At times it might be better to get all the information first and look it over at home before making your final decision. Remember you are purchasing equipment which will have to last you a long time.

A treadmill comes with its own surface/rolling belt on which you can jog on without having to leave the comfort of your house. The ideal belt size should be at least 16 inches wide and 48 inches long for the best experience. Sometimes, being choosy pays.



When you are ready make sure you have your exercise goals well-known and make sure you begin to acquaint yourself with all of the workout programs so that you can work out and progress as you go along. Since you have made this important purchase then also schedule regular times when you will be using your treadmill. Don’t just leave it gathering dust. If you need alone time to use it make sure your family is supportive and give you the time you need. While you are doing your exercise make sure that you are not bothered by children who can get injured by the equipment and make sure that your pets are elsewhere. All in all, this is a great treadmill – if this doesn’t interest you, you may be interested in Weslo treadmill or elliptical machine.

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