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The Nordic Track c2200 Treadmill Review


Some people may go for the Bowflex Max, Max trainer or even a rowing machine when they’re looking for a good piece of gym equipment to put in their home. However, you have others that like to stick to the more traditional machines, like treadmills and there’s nothing wrong with this. In fact, treadmills, in our opinion, will always win the show for a variety of reasons. We have looked into many different pieces of equipment including the Weslo Cadence g 6.9 treadmill, Bowflex treadclimber, Scwinn 270 recumbent bike and even the Scwinn 230 recumbent bike. However, the one that really stood out from the crowd for us would be the Nordictrack c2200 treadmill. Mind you, this is the type of machine we could always just recommend without telling you about, but we don’t think that is fair. Before you go out and buy something, you should always take time to review it. This way, you will be able to determine whether or not it is something that is suitable for you and your family.

Foldable Treadmills


Nordic Track treadmills are foldable and help you to maximize your living space. Their continuous horsepower ranges from 2.75 on the C 700 to 4.25 on the Commercial 2950. The C 700 is best for those who want to train walking and jogging but not running. All of the other Nordic Track treadmills on sale meet or exceed industry standard for runners’ treadmills. The top C series have power incline ranging from zero to 12 percent and the Commercial Series treadmills have power ramp setting from -3 to -15 degrees. With the exception of the cheapest C series treadmill, the C 700, all of the units are compatible with wireless heart rate transmitters.

All of the traditional Nordic Track treadmills have plenty of workout apps and can work with iFit for unlimited workout program downloads. When it comes to display technology the C 700 has a small display window but the option to use your own tablet computer as an iFit monitor. The top C series treadmill C 1650 has a 10” touch screen with web browser. All Commercial Series treadmills have web-enabled touch screens. The top-of-the-line Commercial 2950 is the only Nordic Track treadmill with an adjustable console height. In each series these treadmills are covered by up to five-year warranties on parts and electronics plus two years of labor.

Nordic Track Incline Treadmills



When you train on an incline your calorie burning rate is high even when moving at low speed. This fact makes Nordic Track Incline Trainers especially useful for weight loss. They can be used just like regular treadmills for walking and jogging. Incline Trainer treadmills can give you the option to train with a maximum 40% incline. Their decks can decline by up to 3 or 6 percent, depending on the model. Continuous horsepower ratings for these kinds of units range from 2.75 to 3.0 and just like the traditional Nordic Track treadmills, all three Incline Trainers have preloaded workouts and can be used with iFit Coach. They are particularly popular to use with interactive iFit Google Maps workouts, that can adjust to mapped topography and can include high-def Google Street Views of your route.  The entry level model X7i has a standard 7” screen, showing workouts but can be used with your own mobile device to show iFit.  All of them have integrated HD touch screens. Each 2017 Incline Trainer comes with a packaged chest strap for wireless heart rate monitoring. There machines have generous warrantees.

Deck Treadmills

The Nordic Track Desk Treadmill Series combines large sturdy work surfaces with belts that are cushioned and can run for hours a time. Each machine has a small stats monitor that has been built into the desktop and can be connected with iFit through your tablet computer, maximizing your training experience with automatic stats tracking, a new personal training workout every day, workouts built with Google Maps and much more. Each desktop has a USB charging port. The Platinum model has a longer track and a higher top speed so it can be used for hogging and only the Platinum model has an incline.

The treadmill motor is the definitely its most significant component. Actually, most individuals define a good treadmill based on its motor power, which is not always true. With this treadmill right here, you’re going to be happy with the motor – it offers at least 3.0 continuous horsepower, which should be more than enough to keep up with you.



  • Nordic Track treadmills have more powerful motors and most of the models have commercial-grade motors with at least 3.0 continuous horsepower. The entry-level model in the Commercial Series has 3.6.
  • Nordic Track offers extras to help keep you motivated. The treadmill consoles include luxuries like Android browsers, high definition touch screens up to 10” wide, iPod-compatible sound systems and iFit compatible. The consoles have self-adjusting fans and water bottle holders.
  • Many prefer incline training for great exercise which boosts metabolism, tones leg muscles, helps your heart and other benefits. Nordic Track is the leader in the industry with innovative Incline Trainers, with automated ramps on treadmills in each series.
  • Commercial Series Nordic Track treadmills have extra-wide tracks. These and C series treadmills have on/off cushioning to simulate outdoor training or exercise with superior joint protection. The Commercial Series tracks are designed with high-quality material to promote quiet operation and minimize maintenance needs.
  • The brand’s premier treadmill warranty includes a lifetime guarantee on the motor and frame. Customers can get up to six years of parts protection and up to three years of labor.


  • Assembly isn’t easy and if you have to have professionals set up it will cost extra.

Running Surface Length

Just like the thickness, the length of the running surface is also very important which should be determined by the height of the user. You will definitely require more running surface if you are taller than an average person to make comfortable strides on the treadmill. If you are however ready to challenge yourself with short, invigorating strides, then find a treadmill with a shorter running surface. This treadmill right here is long enough to run on, so if you’re looking for the type of treadmill you can take a job on, without having to worry, then this one right here would be the best option for you.

 The Nordic Track c2200 Treadmill 



This particular treadmill has many features such as flex step deck shock reduction, iFit compatibility, one step speed control, one step power incline, ten workouts and a mid-sized deck. It comes with a 1.75 HP motor.

Large Display

The Nordic Track C 2200 treadmill offers readouts on its large 7” x 10” matrix display with speed, incline, pace, time, segment time, distance, carbs burned, calories burned and pulse. There are hand grip heart monitors.

Great Features


The Nordic Track C 2200 home treadmill has great features and is solid overall design. It comes at a reasonable price with workout programs including hill climbing, intervals and calorie burning. The speed and incline buttons on each side of the display let you punch in your preferred walking speed or incline rate without having to hold the button down to scroll it. It also has one touch speed and incline control, a carb counter and the Odometer with My Miles Tracker.

If you are just starting out and want to get a great workout walking or jogging then this is the treadmill for you. The price is right and there are all those great features. You are sure to get a great workout and reach your goals in fitness.

How Many People Are in your House?

How many people in your household are likely to use the treadmill? If the treadmill is intended for use by the whole family or at least more than one member, it is important to consider their preferences when shopping. If you have more than one person in your house that would like to use a treadmill, then you’re in luck, because the Nordictrack c2200 is capable of keeping up with more than one person.



For those of you that are looking for a good treadmill to add to your home gym collection, we highly recommend the Nordictrack c2200 for all of the above reasons. We personally believe this treadmill is fun to use – it’s comfortable, easy to ready and overall, one of the best treadmills currently on the market. Sure, there are other treadmills that you can try out, but with the price tag on this one, it is just something you can’t really beat. In the end, whether you choose to buy this one or not is fully up to you, but it is highly recommended by not only us, but many other reviewers on the net.

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