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Marcy MWM-990 Home Gym Review



If you’re currently on the lookout for a good and well-budgeted home gym system with a decent build, then the Marcy MWM-990 is one of the models that you need to take a good look at. It’s got its very own entry level to medium fitness range. This is a home gym system that looks very similar to the Weider 2980 X or the Gold’s Gym XR 55 machines. It also comes with heavier weight stacks, but contrary to its Gold’s Gym counterpart, the backrest and seats cannot be adjusted. This is the best kind of gym machine that provides you with plenty of possibilities to perform several nice exercises.


The machine’s dimensions have a measurement of: 69 inches L x 36 inches W x 92 inches W x 201H cm. It has a weight of around 271 pounds, while it has a maximum user capacity of at least 300 pounds (roughly, 136 kilograms). There’s a combined stack weight of over 150 pounds, and a maximum weight resistance of 200 pounds for the frontal press. You can choose between 36 types of possible exercise combinations.


We really don’t have anything to say much regarding the MWM-990, because it’s a very simple weight stack machine. Its frame is constructed from nothing but steel tubing, 14GA to be specific. There’s also a grey and black powder coating that’s resistant to scratches and corrosion. This machine isn’t exactly a huge unit, despite its total weight. It only occupies at least 36 inches W x 69 inches L of flooring space, and it can fit comfortably inside a room with a seven-inch ceiling. Its fully-assembled height is over 79 pounds, or 201 centimeters. But thanks to this fact, users who are taller than six feet might find the machine a bit tight, since they might not be able to adjust to a fully correct form for particular exercises.


The fully-assembled machine, with its attached weight stacks, is a pretty hefty piece of gym equipment. It has a combined weight of over 270 pounds. So once it has been assembled, it’s supposed to remain on the spot where you assemble it – So make sure to carefully choose the room where you want to build the whole thing. The frame doesn’t have its own set of wheels, or anything that can help you transport it from one spot to the other. Meanwhile, the weight will surely play a very vital part in the machine’s own stability. With the MWM-990, you can definitely be certain that the whole thing won’t move or wobble whenever you use it for exercising. So you no longer have to attach it to the floor too.


The backrest and the seat are made using two-inch padding from a type of foam. Their respective positions cannot be changed at all, as you can connect them right away to the machine’s own frame bars. They’re practically done with durable upholstery, and are constructed with heavy-duty vinyl in shades of grey, red, and black.


The MWM-990’s preacher pad has its very own upholstery and padding. You can also change it to whatever position you like, and lock it into place with the simple turn of a knob. Your set of preacher curls can be accomplished when you use the machine’s low pulley as well as its lat bars. You no longer have to use or install an extra curl bar.


The machine also has sixteen pulleys, all comprised of heavy nylon material. It incorporates sealed ball bearings, all made for extended usage. The machine’s set of cables are all comprised of steel, and covered by a thin layer of PVC material. All of them are rated for a bigger tension as compared to the maximum amount of 200 pounds that the machine can give you. You also have the freedom to adjust the machine’s cable tension, when you move it upwards or downwards the lower pulley, right in the double pulley bracket found at the back of the machine’s main vertical tubing.


The leg developer feature, along with the fly bars, have incorporated four-inch thick foam rollers, giving you pure comfort in case you want to exercise in a relaxing position.


And finally, the MWM-990 comes with a whole bunch of accessories found with the machine. Among them, we have spotted the following: A short bar, an ankle strap, a lat bar, and a chain extension. The preacher curl pad has been included here as well. But in case you’re still wondering, the machine doesn’t have its own leg press, and there’s no space in it for you to attach that part.

The MWM-990 is unique since it is able to incorporate six types of distinct workout stations, namely:

1.) The chest press station for your shoulders, pecs, and triceps

2.) Pec fly station for building up your deltoid muscles and your pecs

3.) A high-pulley station (which includes a lat bar) for lat pulldown exercises, as well as toning your back, shoulders, and triceps

4.) A low-pulley station, where the pulley is connected to the lower portion of the machine, allowing you to handle a whole array of different exercises. This includes tricep kickbacks, stand-up curls, and squats, among others.

5.) Curl-pad attachment, which, as mentioned previously, lets you adjust the curl pad to various positions. This is the type of workout station that gives you a couple of exercises strictly focusing on the arm muscles.

6.) The leg developer – This is an accessory that is mainly designed for leg extension. The machine’s seat isn’t even that long to support leg curls while you face down. But that aside, you can still do one-leg standup curls when you use those ankle straps.

To start off, the MWM-990 has its own weight stack that includes fourteen weight plates, each of them weighing at least ten pounds. So the total weight of the stack is over 150 pounds, or 68 kilograms.

The machine’s weight plates are all composed of concrete material, all wrapped up in a thin sheet of synthetic material. This is one of the reasons why the MWM-990 is a tad bit cheaper as compared to its other Marcy’s counterparts with the steel or iron plating. But that aside, the plates that come with this particular machine are strong enough to last for several years.

Its weight stack has also been chosen beforehand: The weight adjustments can be changed easily, without having to steal enough time from your own workout.

The machine’s weight ratios will all depend on the pulley. The biggest amount of weight resistance can go up to 200 pounds, or 90.7 kilograms. This is mostly applied to the press station. But just in case you’re curious about the machine’s other weight ratios, you can still find them in a table.

And in case you’re wondering, the machine stack cannot be upgrade. There are no additional plates found here, apart from the ones that you can already add. Meanwhile, the plate bars cannot add in any more plates. But if you still want bigger loads, you can always do a bit of improvisation by throwing in one or two dumbbell plates to the machine’s stack, and fitting them nicely using a chain. The cables and the pulleys will be able to support at least 100 pounds of additional load.

The MWM-900 comes with an entire sheet of exercises connected to the weight stack enclosure. One of the main exercises that you can do on the machine are stand-up bicep curls, preacher curls, seated bicep curls, concentration curls, lat pulldowns, etc.

The machine comes packaged in three boxes, with two of them for the weight plates, and the last one is for the frame. They’re quite heavy, so you should have a companion with you if you’re receiving the package. The assembly and unboxing must also be done by two or more people. Building the machine, despite the fact that it’s a completely straightforward process, might take more than two hours. The building instructions given by the manual itself aren’t that great, admittedly. But it does have its own exploded diagram, which allows you to take a closer look at how each part has been positioned. The tools made for building up the machine aren’t included here either. You need two adjustable wrenches, as well as an extra Phillips screwdriver for assembling.

In regards to maintenance, the only thing you need to do is to fix the pulleys once in a while and give them some lubrication.

The main advantages of the MWM-990 include: A very sturdy and elegant frame design, as well as highly-durable and thick vinyl upholstery, with twice the amount of padding for pure comfort. There’s also foam roller padding found on the chest press bars, and a leg developer attachment. There’s a tiny amount of footprint, which is impressive considering it’s a home gym system. You can also use the machine’s six workout stations: Which include chest press, pec fly, high and low pulleys, and leg attachments and curl pads.

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