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Marcy MWM 988 Review


The Marcy MWM 988, also known as the Marcy 150-pound Stack Gym is a machine that is priced at over $400. It’s really incredible how you can find a machine that gives you a nice and complete gym workout in regards of its price range. For the price of the average gym membership, and in certain cases even less than that, you will be able to get all of the advantages of five machines in one. This means you no longer have to deal with sweaty, smelly, and crowded gyms, waiting for someone to finish using an equipment, or get stares from other people.


You can receive the best kind of good quality gym training right inside your own home or office, thanks to the versatility and compact design of the Marcy MWM 988.

This machine is the best kind of home gym for newbies, or even the ones who have had just a tiny bit of experience when it comes to using exercise equipment.  The MWM 988 is affordable, but still provides you with a decent kind of full-bodied workout station, providing you with the best range of exercises meant for toning those muscles.


Since you no longer have to shift from one cable to another during your exercise routines, you can also perform a couple of basic workouts in order to improve your cardiovascular system and your cardiovascular conditioning.


It’s also important to keep in mind that the 150-pound maximum resistance is practically a deterrent for those who want to enhance their health and muscle condition. You also won’t be able to include in your very own weight plates to the machine itself, much like you would on those standard home gyms that cost a pretty penny. The MWM 988’s stacked and shrouded design just doesn’t allow for that to happen.


The entire system is completely build from a heavy-duty 14-gauge steel. It provides you with a whole heap of functions for a complete workout. The features include a 150-pound weight stack covered in vinyl, a lat bar, a dual-function press arm, a comfortable roller pad, and a preacher curling pad. It also gives you a fully adjustable butterfly attachment feature, as well as a leg developer in case you’re searching for an easy way to switch your overall fitness routine from one method to another.


The machine is fully compact and versatile, that allows its users to swiftly be able to perform specific workouts that focus on strengthening certain muscle groups, as well as conditioning for your core muscles and toning up your entire body.


The MWM 988 is one of the best examples of a multi-station, all incorporated into one workout machine. This is the perfect centerpiece for building up your home gym, if you have plans on building one.


Now, you can have the best kind of quality exercises, right in the comfort of your own home. The MWM 988 does give you a complete and fulfilling body workout with at least 150 pounds of weight resistance. The machine has a multi-functional press arm, and no-cable changing. This means that you won’t have to waste too much precious time with your workout session, thanks to continuously having to reconfigure your machine each time you shift exercises. All of the exercises with the MWM 988 are fully accessible and ready whenever you are.


The basic measurements and dimensions of the machine are 68 inches L, 35 inches width, and 78 inches height. Placing the completed machine against your wall is a good idea after building it up, since the pillar that supports the weights has a measurement of 14 inches wide.

So there’s not a lot of room required here, and there are even some additional great benefits when you place it in a room or your garage.

The MWM 988 has the following features: A vinyl-coated weight stack, a dual-functioning press arm that can do several chest presses and peck fly exercises, It has also got high and low pulley stations as well. The gym is completely heavy duty, with its own adjustable preacher curl bicep pad for those who want to do isolated bicep exercises.

The machine has a total weight of 150 pounds. Its product type is a total body gym, and has been made purely from steel. The gym comes in two colors: Silver and black, and the same two colors are found in its upholstery. The MWM 988’s seats are all made from upholstery material. It can carry a weight of over 300 pounds.

The MWM 988 is a fully-effective lower and upper body application. Some senior citizens do not require or want a high-end gym equipment to help them stay fit. This machine is excellent since they only want to do modest body-building exercises or tone their muscles for a bit.

There are people out there who have spent most of their work days just sitting in front of a monitor, so they will end up using the machine to strengthen their muscles and fight any lack of exercise. The machine is made entirely from sturdy metal, while its pulleys are composed of heavy-duty plastic and steel cables. The system sits solidly, and won’t shimmy when you use them.

This machine is also very easy to assemble. It’s important that you pay close attention to detail in regards to reading the instructions, and following through the entire assembly diagrams. There was a parent who asked his two sons to help him construct the MWM 988, and it took them over 5.5 hours to do so without stopping for breaks. They also managed the entire instruction manual while doing so, and kept a close watch on the right usage of bolts, cables, nuts, and tools. No user has had any problem with the machine’s holes lining up, or its parts getting fitted together.

The weights are purely self-contained, and gets rid of dropping the weights and harming the floors or the walls. It fits really nicely right inside a 24-square foot area, and has a height of over seven inches total. Perhaps one of the main advantages of owning a home gym is that you no longer have to drive to your nearest gym or pay so much cash for a year-long gym subscription. And you won’t have to wait for a while before someone finishes using the gym equipment that you want to use.

The MWM 988 is a bit on the heavy side, and has a maximum weight amount of at least 150 pounds. This is very important for your own needs, since you’re not looking forward to building up mass in your body. It’s unfortunate that the machine won’t meet the needs of hardcore body builders or gym buffs either.

All of the weights equipped with the gym are comprised of plastic-encased cement blocks, which could potentially break if you slam them all the time.

Another downside to the machine is that the exercise instructions in the manual aren’t clear, concise, and straight to the point. The pictures that demonstrate the MWM 988’s moves don’t show off a vivid picture on how the exercise must be properly executed.

The D-rings equipped with the set were slightly too cumbersome to open up or close down, which can be a bother if you want to attach an ankle bracelet or a curling bar to your machine. We ended up purchasing two spring links from the nearest home improvement store (both weighing 170 pounds) to make connecting these two items easier and faster.

The entirety of the MWM 988 is comprised of nothing but heavy-duty 14-gauge steel tubing frames, all of which have been coated in vinyl for additional durability. It’s got a total weight of at least 150 pounds. You can change your fitness settings when you place in the weight pin inside your desired lift and weight.

The dual function press arm feature comes with two settings: A chest press, and a vertical butterfly. Whenever you set it to the vertical butterfly mode, each press gives off an individual swing, helping you enhance your muscle condition. Meanwhile, switching to a chest press is very simple and easy since all you have to do is to insert the pin into the machine, and give it a lift.

This Marcy home gym machine contains more than 30 types of strength-building exercises for your own body. Not only does it burn enough calories, it also concentrates on increasing your muscle mass. A lot of users did like how the MWM 988 was easy to assemble, has a solid-steel body, as well as smart-looking pants which just go well together. This is a machine that is much more affordable compared to home gyms from other brands, and is also fully compact for both indoor and outdoor usage, since it doesn’t occupy too much space in your home or office.

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