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Lifespan TR1200i Review


The Lifespan TR1200i is both affordable and well-constructed. This is a home treadmill with its own incline, and is filled with lots and lots of workout options. You can save up some exercise data as well, just in case you want to track something online easily. It even has its own set of speakers so you can blast your favorite tunes from your MP3. There are plenty of reasons as to why the TR1200i is a treadmill that has garnered so many awards from reviewers and consumer groups everywhere.


The machine contains over seventeen kinds of preset programs, as well as two heart-rate control programs. There’s plenty of space meant for two user-created programs, giving you lots of variety in regards to your workout sessions. Those who own memberships to the Lifespan Fitness Club will be able to download exclusive customized workouts to the machine as well.


There are lots of intensity options for your workout as well. Apart from picking at least fifteen kinds of incline levels for the TR1200i, you can pick from three kinds of intensity levels for these preset programs.


Because the entire thing is two-play and moves with the help of wide rollers, the TR1200i’s belt is completely durable as compared to those from the other standard treadmills from competing brands. This particular model is fully supported by some shock absorbers, as well as a cushioned deck area.


The machine also has an excellent belt length. It’s got a thread belt with a measurement of 20 inches x 56 inches, which is pretty much long enough to handle both long strides, jogs, and walks. Certain people might need a longer track if they feel like running on this machine. There are longer tracks found on other Lifespan treadmills from the same series.


Lifespan has managed to equip this model with an exercise ramp that can exert too much power. This is a very important thing since there are several brands out there that have placed weak motors inside their own gym equipment, so as a result, most of these models don’t even last long. The TR1200i contains over fifteen incline levels. It’s also got a 2.5 CHP motor with its very own lifetime warranty. It’s practically equivalent to other brands’ very own set of 2.25 HP motors. It gives you with enough power to do long jogs and runs, and won’t cause the track to creak and stutter while you go through speed changes.


The TR1200i runs at a top speed of 11 miles per hour. Plenty of treadmills top out in at least 10 miles per hour.


There is also enough storage found in this machine. It’s a unique treadmill feature that has saved enough data regarding workouts – Including your heart rate, calorie burn, etc. inside a flash drive. Trainees will be able to log on to the official Lifespan Fitness website, to take a look at some detailed reports regarding their own set of exercise routines, and create their very own customized workout plans.

The machine has some high-fidelity speakers, an iPod port, and a headphone jack which help you pass the time as you use the machine. There are also convenient buttons found on the machine’s handlebars, which allow you to change the workout intensity, and switch that heart-rate monitor on or off. The machine can carry a weight limit of at least 300 pounds.

When not in use, you can fold the TR1200i up in order to save up some room. When you fold it, the treadmill only requires over 39 inches x 33 inches of floor spacing.

Customers who use the treadmill will be able to receive lifetime protection for its motor and frames, as well as three years for the machine’s parts, and a year for the labor.

But still, the TR1200i has several things that we didn’t like: One of them is the obvious lack of a fan. You will definitely feel the heat two times over if you don’t have a fan, so make sure to connect this one along with the treadmill.

Lifespan’s own tracking device for data is only given to people for at least four months, especially with new Lifespan treadmills. Once four months, have passed, then you have to start paying for a subscription. This can be downright annoying for some, since they have the tendency to get you hooked, then ask you to send them cash afterwards. But we have to admit here that the availability of these user-made workouts all across the Lifespan website throughout the Website is definitely worth the affordable subscription fee. A lifetime membership for the Lifespan Website costs at around $69.

That aside, we really love the Lifespan TR1200i treadmill, along with some of the more expensive treadmills in its family (namely the TR3000i and the TR4000i). The machine’s built-in workout routines are surely above average, while $69 isn’t that much of a high price to pay if you want to experience a full lifetime of customized workout routines with your machine. Another thing we like here is the incline – It makes plenty of difference in regards to quickening the entire calorie burning process, as well as being able to tone various muscle groups.

So unless you weigh 300 pounds or are a statuesque runner, the machine will surely suit you nicely. You can take a look at the more expensive Lifespan treadmills, if you need a higher-capacity treadmill apart from the TR1200i.

The machine is a completely durable and highly adjustable piece of gym equipment – A treadmill, to be specific – And one of the best ones in its affordable price range. Apart from its high-tech features like the IntelliStep and the IntelliGuard, the treadmill contains a highly-strong 2.5 CHP motor that guarantees a consistent workout at any speed that you wish. Aside from that, the TR1200i is also completely adjustable. There are over fifteen levels of incline, and 22 types of programmed workout routines, that can give you a challenge if you want to workout to your very own specifications.

The TR1200i has plenty of comfort features as well, including compatibility with your Apple iPod or dozens of other MP3 players. There’s also a book rack, as well as the ability to be able to use a chest strap monitor. Much like most other treadmills, the TR1200i comes with its very own folding feature that helps you save enough space inside your workout room. One of the best parts about Lifespan’s set of treadmills is that the amount of workout options is highly varied, along with the workout tracking option. In addition to the 33 types of pre-programmed workout modes, the Lifespan comes with its own membership to the official Lifespan club. The programs at the club are meant to expand your workout options, and keep track of your overall performance from one workout to the next.

A main feature of the machine is an exclusive membership to the Lifespan Club. The club helps you store in your fitness and health information through connecting your treadmill’s details to gather up some exercising data.

The previously-mentioned IntelliGuard safety feature immediately pauses your belt after you step off the machine. The IntelliStep feature, meanwhile, immediately counts every time your foot ends up landing on top of the treadmill. This is then shown on the console, and syncs in the acquired info to your official Lifespan Club account.

The EZfold and deck design is made for the purpose of saving up space, as well as easy storage. The treadmill’s running surface is fully supported thanks to six kinds of independent compression shock absorbers, which give you loads of cushioning that’s fully safe for your knees, the joints, and the back area.

The treadmill has its own set of large silicone buttons made for quick and simple usage. Also found is a two-ply belt which gives you a smooth and fully durable surface. The treadmill’s top speed can go from 0.5 to 11 miles per hour, with a CHP monitor of 2.5. There’s also an incline going from 0 to 15 percent. The machine can help you monitor your heart rate with the help of chest straps and pulse grips, which you have to purchase separately from your nearest gym equipment store.

You can purchase the TR1200i from Amazon or a trusted seller on eBay. In order to help out with assembling and delivering, you can choose to buy the machine through Amazon’s Home Services, which is a service in which the treadmill is brought right over to your preferred room, both assembled and unpacked. You no longer have to do all the work.

Lifespan is a company that was first launched in 2001. The company dedicates itself into benefiting the way how people work, exercise, stay fit, and live a very healthy lifestyle. Their company has three main focuses: Club, fitness, and workplace. Under the fitness goal, they contain a nice set of treadmills, rowers, and exercise bikes. They also give you plenty of exercise accessories, as well as activity trackers.

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