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Lifespan RW1000 Review


The Lifespan RW1000 rower is a completely affordable and foldable rowing machine meant for home usage. It gives you plenty of quiet magnetic resistance, in levels which are meant for general exercising purposes and for losing weight. This rower is positioned low to the ground, and has a changeable seat height that measures 14.5 inches to 11 inches.


This foldable machine supports cardiovascular training as well as low-impact strengthening exercise techniques for the entire body. It has been made for shared living spaces, like two-bedroom apartment units. It operates very quietly, and you can fold it up when you’re done with your daily workout.


The rower’s resistance is nothing short of magnetic. It is split into five different levels, and is changeable using a knob. It only works in manual mode: There are no preset workout programs available here. For some added comfort, there are two kinds of padded handlebar grips, and a swiveling foot pad.


So is the RW1000 capable of handling your body? It’s got a highly maximum capacity measuring 300 pounds, while the maximum recommended inseam is over 38 inches. The pedals could use a little more room, though. Those who have bigger shoe sizes have had to stop using the machine for a moment and reattach those pedals in the middle of workout sessions, disrupting it.


Should we recommend the RW1000 as the perfect rowing machine? First off, the rower is priced at over $699, but Lifespan currently sells it at around $499 in their online store. Aside from its lower pricing, it carries a very decent warranty. The parts are all protected for at least two years, while the labor is free for over one year. Here area couple of other positive and negative traits you should consider for the product.


The machine is very easy to assemble: Plenty of owners have reported that fixing the machine takes over 30 minutes without breaks. The RW1000’s seat’s height is very low, but you can adjust it from eleven inches to 14.5 inches.


The consoles are also very easy to use, as well as its accompanying monitor. You can find readouts for time, distance, calories, stroke count, and strokes with every minute. The machine also utilizes a singular battery, while the entire machine works without a power cord.


The RW1000 has a measurement of over 87 inches long, but everything becomes compact for quick and easy storage purposes. There aren’t any required tools here: All you need to do is to pull a pin, fold up the rower, and repin it to lock the machine. Afterwards, you can roll up the machine right into position with the aid of wheels, which pop out from beneath its footpads. Its folded dimensions have a measurement of 34 inches L x 19 inches W x 64 inches.


The rower itself is completely comfortable for those who have inseams that measure 38 inches. It’s a pretty long machine, if you ask us. Even if it’s got a brand new and affordable pricing, the Lifespan rower does have a five-year framing warranty, with two parts of warranty and a yearlong labor warranty. That’s practically above average for a rowing machine that costs $499.

The Lifespan RW1000 is definitely one of those super-effective cardio training machines. However, it doesn’t copy the sensation of outdoor rowing: And what’s worse is that you are unable to build any type of momentum while you do so. Each stroke is pretty much the same. Here are several drawbacks:

There’s only a light amount of resistance involved. The resistance is comparatively light versus other rower machines, only having a maximum of over 16.5 pounds (roughly seven kilograms). It’s probably best for light toning, physical therapy, or burning calories, but not for those who have the best kinds of upper-body strength.

The rower doesn’t have any programs either. It’s pretty handy if a machine contains their very own data monitor. But it doesn’t give you any sort of workout guidance – Just simple feedback. The more expensive rowing machines are only the ones that contain dozens of workouts, so the RW1000 doesn’t have any of that.

The RW1000 does have its own set of plastic parts, and you’ll know which ones after you have seen the product images on the official Lifespan website. Some of the more hidden plastic parts include the wheels that you can glide on. These wear down and get old very quickly, compared to their metal counterparts. But the main point here is that the RW1000 isn’t too built for tons of heavy usage.

Users with large feet have often complained that their feet would slip from the pedals, despite wearing the available Velcro straps. And in other customer reviews, there have also been complaints that thanks to their above-average height, these rowing machines move right across the floor.

Several people who have tried out this machine have reported that the Lifespan RW1000 rower is completely satisfactory, especially regarding its price. It’s the best kind of machine for those who are still familiarizing themselves with rowing, and it’s got a really nice warranty for a discounted rowing exercise machine.

If you happen to have the best kind of upper-body strength and have intentions of rowing pretty much daily, then we suggest picking a pricier rowing machine instead of the RW1000. You’ll be able to achieve plenty more durability, and, in certain cases, have a helpful workout guidance along so you can completely take advantage of every session out there.

The RW1000 rowing machine is Lifespan’s latest addition to their growing amount of produced rowing machines. It has been made to work the muscles in your shoulders, arms, legs, and your back, all the while paying attention to the user’s cardiovascular system, giving it an excellent workout too. This rower is definitely a high-quality rower, with an excellent price point of nearly $500 to $600. It’s a reasonably-priced rower, if you ask us, sitting comfortably in the middle of the market.

This machine has a 16.6-pound flywheel as well as an Eddy Current drive magnetic resistance system, which helps build a surprisingly quiet and smooth performance all the while giving you a very powerful workout. It’s got a very sturdy construction that can support a user who weighs at least 300 pounds. It’s got a digital console that provides you with the most detailed and highly accurate info regarding their rowing tensions. And while you’re not using the machine, you can fold up the rower easily, and keep it post workout at a part of your home, without any necessary tools needed here.

So many customers have reported that the RW1000 is packaged in two big boxes. Fixing up the machine is very simple, and it only takes at least 30 or 20 minutes to do so, without stopping for breaks. You can also find tools and an instruction manual in the box, which is helpful if you’re new.

The rower machine is commonly used in lots of gyms. The RW1000 has specifically obtained the Seal of Excellence for the 2008 Gear Awards. It’s a definite workhorse, if we were to say so. The machine isn’t a brand new product from Lifespan, but it’s still a tried and tested piece of gym equipment. It’s not even the most expensive or the most high-tech rower out there, but surely gets the job finished right away.

The machine is constructed using nothing but the most reliable and solid materials. This includes a very sturdy steel framing, which has been built for comfort. There’s also a well-padded seat. The RW1000 brings in the best kind of workout without exerting too much noise and friction. It lets the user easily pick their preferred resistance level and tension level. And what’s great about this is that the rower’s own movement capacity builds in a really nice workout that brings in leg and arm movements.

You can fold up the machine easily, and lock them into place, which is wonderful when you plan to work out in a room that contains other uses. We ended up using our own RW1000 inside a living room, since it’s very spacious and has a television set. But of course, we didn’t want to leave the whole thing out there after we were done, so we were able to tuck away the machine after exercising.

The RW1000 is strong and powerful enough to support a much bigger weight compared to other rowing machines. It also has its own warranty, which is completely reassuring, and is proof that Lifespan has great trust in the products that they produce.

And lastly, the Eddy Current drive system, which gives you loads of magnetic resistance, is one of the best ways for you to lessen up the tearing and wearing of the machine itself. Magnetic resistance systems don’t contain too many parts, and the ones that do could end up wearing, tearing, and grinding out the machine, much like what happens to air rowers. This is sure to keep the noise level on low, so you can use the machine at night while everybody else is sleeping.

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