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Life Fitness X1 Elliptical Cross Trainer Review



The Life Fitness X1 elliptical cross trainer is an entry-level machine that belongs in the Life Fitness X Series – Namely, X1, X3, and X5. This is an entire line of elliptical cross trainers produced by the renowned gym equipment manufacturing company.


The machine was constructed with an Eddy Current resistance system, and WhisperStride Technology, with the help of several self-aligning ball bearing systems that build an incredibly smooth and silent machine. The X1’s steel frame is able to withstand over 350 pounds, and contains some oversized non-slip pedals and a step-on height that measures over 6.5 inches. Apart from that, the trainer has been constructed with the aid of a patented Link6 elliptical drive system, giving a very ergonomically-sound pathway for the machine’s movement and its motion. Placing the machine’s accessories (like cup holders) and ErgoGrip handle bars, along with the accompanying reading rack and accessories tray, definitely makes this machine one of the more convenient ones out there on the market. It also makes for easy usage for weights and heights. Going beyond the heart rate heart sensors, you can also check out your very own heart rate with the help of a Polar telemetry wireless heart rate monitoring system.


The X1, like most Life Fitness machines, have two consoles for you to choose from: The Track+ Console, which costs over $2,599, and the Go Console, which is priced at $2,199. The Track+ Console includes a blue LCD monitor that is compatible with both Apple and Android products, in case you want to do some actual tracking with the help of your favorite fitness and health apps. There’s also a USB port as well as a Life Fitness LF Connect accessibility. The console contains at least seventeen labels of pure resistance, fourteen types of workout programs, twelve customizable programs, and four user profiles. The Go Console, meanwhile, contains a blue LCD screen which provides over twelve kinds of built-in workout programs, two sorts of customizable programs, and two user profiles. Much like the Track+, the Go Console has over 16 resistance levels – However, it’s not Bluetooth enabled and lacks device compatibility.


Life Fitness provides loads of life coverage on its framing, with three years on its parts and one year for labor. Both consoles are highly affordable for an elliptical machine, going in price for $2199 to $2599. Its WhisperStride technology definitely makes for a quiet and smooth workout experience. There are also loads of advanced and interactive fitness training choices, especially with the Track+ console.


Both consoles do carry a very huge and attractive LCD display screen, with customizable options such as being able to create user profiles and a customizable workout program built right inside the console itself. There’s also a Heart Rate Monitoring System with its own wireless option. Also included is a lifetime warranty on the machine’s frame, and ergonomically-sound design of the entire console area with its stride length.


The X1’s rear drive design relieves the pressure on your back, and this is one of the reasons why it is mostly preferred by plenty over those frontal-drive designed elliptical trainers from other brands. Life Fitness also offers to ship directly from the manufacturers.


Life Fitness is a very popular gym equipment brand, and all of their machines have been tried and tested in the USA under extremely high standards. Meanwhile, their equipment made solely for home use is subject to the similar kinds of standards as their own set of commercial equipment. This basically means that you will get whatever it is that you have paid for with the strength and quality of the standard health-level club machine. The Life Fitness X1 elliptical cross trainer is similar to delivering a gym-quality fitness trainer right inside your own home, at a very affordable price. This machine is pretty much perfect for anyone who wants to complete workout goals, and keep track of their fitness levels. Meanwhile, the design of the trainer makes it very easy for users in all sizes and shapes available.


In general, the X1 is fully reliable, sturdy, smooth and quiet, and provides a more natural stride that is completely easy on a person’s joints and highly comfortable to use at home or at work. And since you’re currently running on a tight budget, you could actually end up saving over $400 thanks to the Go Elliptical Console option, instead of the X1 with its two types of consoles.


As we had mentioned, the X1 is silent and smooth, and costs over $2000. This is a rear drive cross-trainer that has a 20-inch stride, a crossbar, and moveable arm bars that you can hold during those workouts that focus on the lower half of your body.


Much like most other Life Fitness elliptical brands, it comes with two types of consoles, and you can even connect it to your favorite wireless fitness app for tracking down data and training guidance.


Life Fitness’ set of elliptical machines, the X1 included, are pretty much known for their highly-fluid biomechanics. This Cross Trainer is a complete body trainer in itself, and as we had mentioned, can be used for focusing on toning your lower body. You can use those arm bars during various workouts, or leave them in a stationary position. And while you do those lower-body workout sessions, you can hold on tightly to those ErgoBar handles for pure stability. In case you want smooth strides, the X1 has a rear-drive design and a 20-inch elliptical path with high scores for pure comfort. If you’re a beginner and you want a bit of guidance for your training, then you can have a choice between two consoles. There’s the classic Go console, which contains over twelve kinds of diverse preset workout methods. Meanwhile, the Track+ console has a couple of extra workouts as well as several wireless capabilities. It is also compatible with your iPod or any Apple device. These consoles can store up to two user profiles, while the Track+ console can keep at least four user profiles.

The Life Fitness X1 is the best kind of option for households or trainees of average height. If you want to find a good elliptical machine that fits taller or smaller people, then the X1, with its adjustable 24-inch by 18-inch stride, is a great match for you. However, there are pros and cons with the machine that you have to consider:

First off, we love the fact that you can choose between two consoles. The machine also runs very smoothly, and doesn’t produce any bothersome noise. There’s also wireless heart monitoring and a 20-inch stride. You can also place your hands on the machine’s oversized non-slip pedals for a sturdy grip. Both consoles contain at least 20 resistance levels, and 12 variants of preset workouts. You can store up to two or four user profiles, depending on your choice. The X1 comes with its accessory tray, and a cup holder.

The downsides to the X1 include the lack of a cooling fan, no incline training, and the stride can only go up to 20 inches. It also leaves very large footprints, measuring 30 inches wide and 81 inches long.

Other models that come from the same Life Fitness elliptical machine series are the X3 and the X5. X3 adds lots of coaching technology to their machines, so it can help you work on a targeted muscle group in your body. Meanwhile, the X5 has its own changeable stride, while its settings go from 24 inches to 18 inches.

The X1 itself is a cross-trainer which is meant to be used as a home elliptical. It is made from high-quality materials. It also sports a pair of moveable arm bars. This is a trainer that costs over $1,999 (its full price being $2,199) and is completely designed for low-impact and quiet movements. It gives you a choice between picking two consoles, one for exercise enhancements (including mobile and music app integration) and one purely for training. The fitness machine has been built to fit in the majority of users, even though people who are seemingly tall might not become fans of its proportions. The X5, meanwhile, is a fully-adjustable machine. In general, the X1 is a perfect fit for plenty of shoppers who want to find and experience good quality workouts while they’re at home.

Life Fitness has always create two consoles which you can use interchangeably thanks to its dozens of cardio trainers. These include stationary bikes, treadmills, and elliptical machines like the X1. These consoles have all been named as Track+ and Go.

The Track+ console can handle up to four profiles at a time. The console contains over fourteen types of pre-programmed workouts, and allows every user to save up to twelve customized routines into the machine. Apart from that, the Track+ console includes lots of unique features that can help you stay engaged and motivated to do exercise. It is also compatible with Apple and Android devices, so you can use the X1 with mobile apps for real time, entertainment, and training.

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