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Life Fitness T3 Go Treadmill Review



The Life Fitness T3 Review is pretty much ‘entry level’ especially when you consider its brand, but it’s still highly superior to the rest of the other basic models in the group. This is a popular treadmill first launched in 2014. It looks the same as the much more expensive Life Fitness T5 treadmill. It has a weight capacity of over 300 pounds, a 60-inch track on a 3.0 horsepower motor and an incline of 15%. So many trainees are actually pretty content without having to upgrade to the T5’s extras, which all have a pretty huge weight capacity and an extra-wide track.


Much like plenty of Life Fitness’ other treadmills, the model comes with two consoles – ‘Track’ and ‘Go’. The Go console contains some pretty good essentials, while the Track version adds variety. The Track console can also be connected with the LFConnect app in case you want to keep a track on your fitness. And what’s important here is that it works with plenty of third-party apps made for both Android and Apple mobile devices.


The entire Life Fitness Go console is filled with at least 13 types of workouts, which includes three kinds of classic workout programs. This includes the Hill, three goal-oriented and two advanced programs, as well as five programs that support HeartSync. HeartSync is a feature that lets two users save a joint customized profile as well. There’s a very convenient Quick Start feature that utilizes a trainee’s own preferred paces for jogging, walking, and running.


There are extra built-in apps and customization options provided with the official Life Fitness Track console. You can connect these to your Apple and Android gadgets, to allow users to gain access to their very own set of personalized workouts and third-party fitness apps in real time, without having to track them down.


The T3 is excellent with great cushioning. The treadmill track itself comes with some highly popular dimensions, measuring 20 inches x 60 inches. There’s a patented FlexDesk cushioning system that lessens the impact of joints going by up to 30% in comparison with other treadmills.


The T3 treadmill can also be inclined by over 15% in .5% increments. Incline training allows new users to help reap the rewards of working out and exercising on top of rough terrains, and running up a hill while staying in the comfort of their very own home. Exercising in just a grade of 5% can also increase your metabolism, which is excellent when you’re attempting to lose some weight here.


This machine also has its own set of heart rate monitors. You can find both wireless and contact heart monitors in here. One of the things we like about the machine is how these wireless telemetries can be utilized with only the aid of heart-rate controlled workouts. This guarantees that the trainee brings in a healthy and effective amount of energy in their workouts.


The T3 home treadmill contains their own maintenance-free track, while running a virtually silent motor and some above-average rollers. This is excellent programming and cushion that rounds out a really fancy list of specifications.


The machine has been created by engineers which know the importance of saving energy. The treadmill lessens its power draw while you’re not using them. Other types of fitness machines actually bring in twice the amount of energy when they’re plugged in and running idle. The motors utilized by Life Fitness can be adjusted to accommodate the user’s weight. Full capacity is utilized here when you need them.


The treadmill’s own Go Console is highly comprehensive in regards to workout options, and it’s also very intuitive to use. No matter if you plan to exercise simply for weight loss purposes, to enhance your speed or endurance, you’ll still be able to receive the best kind of training. But the Track Console feature is built for more serious athletes, as well as for those who want additional variety coming from third-party apps. It contains over 16 kinds of built-in workout programs, as well as a manual mode. You can gain access to fitness tracking with the aid of the LFConnect app. Both types of Life Fitness T3 treadmills have accessory trays, reading racks, as well as dishwasher-friendly cup holders.


All of Life Fitness’ treadmills and exercise machines are powered with a whisper-quiet MagnaDrive motor. All of them have three horsepower and are under warranty for at least ten years. The motor can withstand speeds going from .5 to 12 miles per hour.


The machine can carry up to 350 pounds of weight. The T3 itself weighs around 250 pounds, while the giant base guarantees stability.


Life Fitness’ own set of warranties do show that the manufacturers are pretty confident about the quality of their own products. Thanks to either one of these consoles, the T3 itself is sold along with an accompanying lifetime warranty on its cushioning and frame. There’s a 10-year warranty imposed on the machine’s motor, as well as a five-year warranty on both the mechanical and electrical parts. The labor itself is free during the first year of ownership.


Life Fitness’ own treadmills are bigger than most brands out there. The unit contains a footprint that measures 34 inches x 79 inches. There’s actually another treadmill model – The F3 – Which comes in a similar size, but can be folded up vertically when not in use.


There are several treadmills out there that arrive on your doorstep fully assembled, but several of them are so much easier to build compared to the rest. The T3, meanwhile, comes with a 32-page manual, and eighteen of them are dedicated to assembling the machine itself. Life Fitness is always willing to assemble the unit for you, that is if you pay them $180 for their White Glove delivery service. We feel like paying so much cash for the assembly is worth the full expense.


The Life Fitness T3 treadmill is completely one of the brand’s top selling-treadmills. It only costs less than the T5 treadmill, but it does carry plenty of the same perks, which is a good thing. When you compare the T5 and T3 treadmills, the T3 is seemingly a better purchase unless you want a treadmill with some additional weight capacity, and more track width.

And when it comes to the console, it all depends how willing you are to use these mobile fitness apps on your phone or tablet, and track down the progress digitally. We feel like the Go console will satisfy most users. But the more experienced treadmill users might prefer a bit more variety. The Track console and app are both compatible with Android and Apple products, and they can help ensure that training using the treadmill doesn’t get too dull.

The T3 is definitely a good-looking treadmill, and is built to serve. It’s a high-quality cardio treadmill that is meant for walking or reaching your potential top speed.

The specifications include a sixty-degree track, an amazing shock absorption feature, a power incline, and your very own choice of two consoles: One of them happens to be compatible with the iPod and other mobile fitness apps.

There’s a very long warranty that backs up the purchase as a whole. We admit that the T3 is a full entry level in its series, but it’s still incomparable to the best treadmills coming from other popular gym equipment manufacturing brands. For shoppers out there, however, this treadmill is probably more than enough. The T3 is very durable no matter if you consider its horsepower, the workout programming, and its track size, or even if you just want to pay a bit of attention to the extras. The main specifications here are its 3.0 HP motor, which has a peak of 6.0 HP. There’s also a FlexDeck cushioning system, as well as a power incline that could go up to fifteen percent of wireless heart rate monitoring and a choice of two consoles each. These two consoles are named ‘Track’ and ‘Go’. Each of them comes preloaded with over twelve kinds of training programs. The track console allows you to download brand new programs to use for your workout, with the help of a LifeFitness app. And what’s more, the whole thing is purely compatible with a third-party workout app and an iPod.

Is the T3 big enough to fit inside a workspace? The machine has a footprint measuring 79.5 x 34.5. if you don’t have enough space inside your office or home, then you might want to go for the Life Fitness F3 instead. It’s roughly the same as the T3, but you can fold it up.

The T3 is the top-selling treadmill from Life Fitness. Even though it’s the most affordable treadmill from their brand so far, it’s not really that much different when you compare it to the much more expensive T5. The T5 has a much larger capacity, and an even bigger track. Customers will get an even larger amount of motor power, and comfortable cushioning to protect joints.

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