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Life Fitness 95XI Cross Trainer Review



Are you attempting to lose weight with the aid of a treadmill? Then you need to think twice. If you haven’t given this treadmill a try, then you’re definitely missing out on something. The Life Fitness 95XI Cross Trainer is very similar to how a standard treadmill usually looks and operates, but not quite – The technology from USA will assist you in burning down those unwanted fats and keep that body of yours all healthy and fit.


This treadmill has been remanufactured for better results. It’s definitely an elliptical cross trainer that’s meant to give your body a complete workout. It also just happens to be the best kind of gym equipment to bring right into your own home for your very own usage, as well as a form of leisure exercising. You can tone and hone those muscles and keep getting fit daily with the help of this cross trainer.


The 95XI has been filled with plenty of features that can surely help you achieve that full-body exercise in order to lose plenty of weight. The machine comes with some really great hand-grips. The handlebars were specifically made to let you exercise in a much more natural gait, and in the right position as well. Based on biomechanical research, the hand grips have all been nicely positioned in order to increase the access to your own pulse rating, which will be shown on the Hand Grip Pulse Rate Performance monitor. The machine’s own set of handlebars are specially built for this purpose, and have been completely based after some in-depth physiological research. This lets users take their exercising in a much more ergonomic and naturally correct method. This could also help you modify how intense your workout may be, to prevent one’s self from exercising too much.


And what’s even better is that the 95XI’s cross-performance monitor gives you an amazing workout program system comprising of 26 different types, as well as a premium. There are 25 levels of pure resistance, a Life Pulse Digital Heart Monitoring System, a fully-customized Cool Down Protocol together with a Polar Telemtry heart rate. The treadmill’s overall design helps its users be able to browse through program workouts and magazines as they exercise. The machine contains two kinds of workout modes – Namely the Cross-Train aerobics function and the Cross-Train reverse. These types of workouts will surely assist you in exercising more in the right manner.


It’s very easy to use the 95XI thanks to its console, which contains both upper and lower levels, as well as an accompanying numerical keypad. The treadmill’s smooth and suave elliptical rotation, along with its hardware, have both been replaced here, giving you better results.


A treadmill is always a good way for you to exercise. However, the 95XI isn’t just your regular treadmill that functions like the standard treadmill. Instead, it’s more of a complete body exercise equipment that comes with additional features, monitored handles, remodeled units, and adjustable fulcrums. The machine has a measurement of probably around 84.8 x 26.5 x 64 and an accompanying shipping weight of over 500 pounds. This is surely delivered anytime as a worthy investment.


Plenty of benefits in regards to using this Cross Trainer include being able to take a look at your heart rate. This allows you to complete the best kind of workout that helps you get rid of fat and stress in your body, without placing yourself in a stressful situation. Thanks to the machine’s features, the 95XI is the best kind for any age and any size you want. It also allows you to completely improve your muscle endurance, the pulmonary and cardiovascular flexibility, as well as the motor coordination.


You can actually get that trainer to serve as your home gym, for any cardio training. The gym equipment used here has been created by certified technicians in order to fit those standard productions, along with its quality. The entire rebuilding process starts only when you have placed an order for purchasing the machine. This would then probably take around two to six weeks until the product has been rebuilt. It’ll be tested individually before it is released, then shipped to stores worldwide.

The 95XI just so happens to be Life Fitness’ ‘green’ elliptical’. And because it’s completely user-powered, the cross trainer can be used in any way you like at home, and won’t contribute too much to your electricity bills, which is always a good thing. This is a complete body workout machine that includes over 30 workout programs, and at least 25 kinds of resistance levels.

This machine has plenty of amazing features. It’s got long strides that measure over 20 inches – Excellent if you’re very tall. The machine also has its own set of amazing ergonomics. People who have tried or bought the 95XI have always loved the machine’s smooth strides. Even more so than other ellipticals, the treadmill does copy the feeling of walking on top of a standard treadmill, but it still gives off an ultra-low impact.

The machine’s pedals are completely comfortable as well. The 95XI is fully over-sized, and has narrowly-spaced pedals that can support a natural yet comfortable stride from the user. There are also hand-grip heart-rate monitors along with a wireless telemetry system found inside the machine. The 95XI can support up to 350 pounds.

As we had mentioned, the 95XI contains over 30 kinds of workout programs, and they’re all very impressive and diverse. 25 resistance levels are also included here. However, the machine’s warranty is very short, since it’s completely remanufactured. As a result, the 95XI has been sold with only a month-long warranty for its parts.

The 95XI is a remanufactured elliptical that comes from a very famous gym equipment brand. It carries the best kind of ergonomics, and provides tons of workout variety. The main drawbacks from this machine have got to be its short warranty. Even though Life Fitness is known for producing the most durable pieces of gym equipment, even at an affordable price, customers might end up feeling twice as safe when they purchase a machine that carries a longer warranty.

The 95XI is one of the main staples for the Life Fitness brand, much like the Precor EFX 546 is the main staple of the Precor brand. The 95XI is smooth, sleek, and strong. These are probably the best words to describe the machine.

Life Fitness does have the tendency to turn everything they produce into the most dependable fitness equipment in the entire industry. They are excellent from across the board with strength and cardio exercise equipment. Meanwhile, the 95XI is no exception to the rule.

Beginning with the console, the unit includes over 26 varieties of exercise programs, along with 25 kinds of resistance. This is actually plenty of options for most pieces of fitness equipment. You have the usual programs as well as several heart rate programs that can change the resistance based on the user’s own heart rate. The 95XI is fully Polar-compatible, which means that you can place a chest strap on and check your heart rate continuously while you’re currently using the unit.

The machine’s real motion is very smooth, and this is the reason why the 95XI is very fun to use. Its ergonomic upright positioning can copy a sprinter’s running motion for complete optimal performance. This kind of posture provides you with a nice sprinting feel which is the same as running on a track. The main beauty of the machine is its full impact on a user’s joint, knees, ankles, and their lower back. The real base of the unit itself is comprised purely of steel, and gives off a very elegant feel to it.

The 95XI is a unit that looks and feels similar to hopping on a nice car. Those who have called up and contacted the company on their phone, or have browsed through several reviews about the machine on the Internet, will know that the 95XI is the Lexus of Life Brand machines. They are both refined, long, sturdy, and durable machines with an excellent re-sale value. Not to mention that you can always find a plethora of Life Fitness products inside gyms nationwide, while you can find Lexus cars inside gated neighborhoods.

The main point here is that the unit is fully top-notch for your cash. You can never go wrong with your Life Fitness equipment, and that’s a fact. Occasionally you will come across knock-offs that look like pieces of junk in comparison. However, there’s only one of them – Make no mistake. It is an elliptical trainer with smooth motion, and an ergonomic design. Experts are completely acquainted with this brand since the company has been producing health club machines even before they started making them for their homes. The best features that the 95XI has are its auto-stride management and its ergonomic design. This represents everything that’s good in elliptical machines, in our opinion. You would be hard-pressed to find machines that look more comfortable and have a better feel.

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