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Life Fitness 9500hr Elliptical Cross Trainer Review



Life Fitness, a gym equipment company based in Rosemont, Illinois, has produced plenty of the best kinds of heavy-duty fitness equipment and tools in the entire world. They have elliptical machines that bring in some really amazing results in minimal time, and have actually been able to utilize this in order to acquire the recognition vote with the largest amount of commercial gyms, and even with the armed forces. Life Fitness’ equipment has often been considered as the best choice of ellipticals for some people. You will soon learn that the Life Fitness 9500HR elliptical machines have the tendency to show up on the market since they were ‘remanufactured’, thanks to their newer versions having been released with better functions and specifications. But this is actually due to the popularity of the 9500HR inside the commercial marketplace, which remanufacturing the model has occurred.


Not only is the final pricing lowered down, but it also makes the 9500HR elliptical very cheap, despite it being made from high-quality materials. You can even use it at home. There are plenty of versions that come with the 9500HR, so you really must know what kind of machine you’re getting for your cash. The earlier iterations of the machine skilled faults thanks to their rear drives, as well as their hand grip heart rate sensors, but this is all thanks to their high usage in gyms and fitness centers. The review concentrates on rear-drive models. One of the more important things to remember here is that the stride length has a measurement of at least eighteen inches, so for people who are taller than six feet, the 9500HR isn’t exactly the best model for you. The foot pedals and dual functioning handles allow for reverse and frontal motion. This is great if you want to target a bigger amount of muscle groups in your body, which is the best for full-body toning.


The Life Fitness 9500HR elliptical is equipped with all of the best features that one would expect with the best kind of commercial-grade elliptical machines, and runs quietly. There are a couple of features to list down here, which includes the nine pre-programmed exercise courses which help you finish up your workout selection, 20 kinds of resistance levels, a split-level console with that integrated reading rack and accessory tray, as well as the very exclusive Life-pulse digital heart rating monitoring program which lets you calculate your individual heartbeats, with lots of accuracy as a clinical EKG machine. Unlike most other elliptical machines, the 9500HR is highly portable. These ellipticals do incorporate rear wheels which are meant for simple mobility and becoming fully self-powered. There are no requirements for them to park near a plug socket, unlike those elliptical machines from 2009. This makes it twice as simple to park your machine right in front of a window or your TV, and not only that, it makes exercising twice as enjoyable as well.


The advantages of the 9500HR include affordability, practical features, material made from fine quality, and recognition cons. The model cannot be faulted. You can provide plenty of things when it comes to the 9500HR, and you can easily see this thanks to its rising popularity. Perhaps the only downside that this machine has as compared to the rest is that it’s got a very short warranty.


Since this machine’s warranty doesn’t last very long, it could end up breaking down even after only a couple of uses. It would be a great idea for you to bring out an extended warranty measuring less than $200 for two years. But apart from that, the Life Fitness 9500HR elliptical machine has got to be one of the best elliptical machines your money can buy.


Life Fitness is a company that has long been considered to be a global leader in the fitness machine industry. This company has been innovating and building up brand new and one-of-a-kind fitness equipment pieces for over 40 years now, beginning with their very first model, the LifeCycle. The LifeCycle was the very first Life Fitness stationary bike, as well as the very first electronic stationary bike of its kind. The people behind Life Fitness, namely Augie Nieto and Ray Wilson, initially bought the design for the very first electronic stationary bike back in the 70s, and sold it to the public under the name ‘LifeCycle’. In 1991, Bally Total Fitness ended up selling Life Fitness’ products to its investors for a total of $62.5 million.

Then in June 1998, Brunswick Corporation purchased Life Fitness, and relocated to its current headquarters in Illinois. Nowadays, Life Fitness is responsible for designing, manufacturing, and selling both residential and commercial forms of fitness equipment. The official Life Fitness cardio product line includes things like elliptical cross trainers, treadmills, exercise bikes, and stair climbers. Meanwhile, their strongest line of equipment includes the Hammer Strength brand line of circuit and plate-loaded series equipment.

Life Fitness has also garnered popularity for innovation in both the looks and design of their products. Their set of elliptical cross trainers are pretty famous for their noiseless and incredibly quiet Eddy Current system, attractive design and consoles, as well as that ergonomically sound design of theirs. At present, the company is currently providing the X series filled with even more elliptical cross trainers, alongside the Platinum Club Series and Club Series, which have both been designed purely for home usage.


The first set of elliptical machines are the E Series. This is a group of cross-trainers designed by Life Fitness, and has been specifically made for comfort and convenience, especially for those individuals who are always on the go. There are three models included in the E Series, namely: the E-3, which is a mid-range model, the E-1, an entry-level model, and the E-5, which is the best one of the series. Depending on the console that you have selected, which is either the Track + Console or the Go Console, the models do vary in price ranging from $2199 going all the way up to $4948.

Every model included in the Life Fitness machine range has a choice of over two or more consoles. The Go Console, for instance, is the much more affordable choice here, since it provides you with basic programming, two kinds of user profiles, and lots of customizable options. They also come with a modern and sleek design. The Track + Console is the pricier one of the two, with its own set of interactive workouts. The Bluetooth connectivity of this machine, plus the amount of customizable options, and its dozens of workout programs, are included here. There are also four user profiles that you can place in the machine. These two consoles come with a blue backlit LCD display screen, a cup holder for your beverage, and an audio jack. Apart from that, each one of these consoles also has its very unique CoachZone Program, which lets users focus more on a targeting a specified muscle group at once, for tailored and more personalized training.

The models from the E Series all come with the average stride length that measures 20 inches. But the E-5 is a model that gives you an electronic and changeable stride feature, which you can change from 18 inches to over 24 inches. This is the only machine in the entire series that comes with an adjustable frame. The flywheel weights are completely undisclosed in regards to most of these models. However, the weight capacity of over 350 to 400 pounds shows that this is a pretty good sign that the drive system is very long, not to mention durable.

All in all, the E Series machines’ frames are all sturdy and well-made, and every model has its own set of lifetime warranties on their respective frames and over three years’ worth of coverage on its parts. There’s an additional one-year warranty on the labor.

Life Fitness machines’ frames are all comprised of highly durable material. The controls are all constructed right into the machines’ ErgoGrip Stationary handlebars. The consoles also vary in design, but plenty of them do provide either Android or Apple compatibility, as well as a whole host of customizable workouts.

Plenty of these top to mid-range models do provide loads of customizable features, including changeable foot pedals, and an adjustable stride. All of Life Fitness’ trainers come with their own set of lifetime warranties on their frames.

Life Fitness definitely knows how to place on the whistles and bells on their products, and even though they are good at constructing extremely well-built and durable trainers, they still come across as very expensive. Every series is different, so it’s very easy for certain people to pick the machine that suits them the most. However, if multiple people end up using the machines, they can take a look at customizable and adjustable options that not a lot of machines possess. One more consideration to think about is that these trainers cannot be folded for easy storage, and most of them don’t even contain wheels.

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