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Horizon Fitness T101-04 Treadmill Review



If you’re like many, you’re probably tired of going to the gym, only to find yourself waiting to use the machine you really want to use. We feel you on that. In fact, this is one of the main reasons we turned to at home gym equipment.  When we went to the gym, we waited forever to use a Bowflex treadmill (it seemed to be the popular choice). There was also a Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike and a Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike, along with a Schwinn airdyne and Weslo Cadence g 5.9 treadmill – all of which had a long line nesting behind them.  Not sure about your thoughts, but we really don’t feel like standing in line to use a Bowflex Max, max trainer or a rowing machine – not when we can easily buy one and put it in our home where we can use it any time of the day or night.

You see, with our own at home gym equipment, we can easily work out whenever we need, and don’t have to worry about getting in our car and going to the gym. This means we can work out while our children are sleeping, which is definitely a major bonus. While there are many different types of home gym equipment that stands out from the crowd, we would recommend the Horizon T101.

Mind you, we could always tell you to go out there and buy it as soon as possible, because it really is everything you need, but we don’t feel that is fair. We believe it is only fair that we arm you with knowledge on this machine so that you can determine whether or not it will make a suitable option for you. So today, we are going to take time out of our schedule to tell you all about the Horizon T101 and in the end, the decision you make, whether you buy it or not, will be completely up to you.

When you first receive the product and open it up, here’s what you’ll be facing:


About the Horizon T101


Horizon Fitness is a well-known company – they distribute low-cost treadmills and a variety of other fitness equipment to people that want high quality, but are on a fairly low budget. Looking at the entry-level Horizon T101, at the time of writing this review, you can easily find it for under $700, which is a pretty low price for something like this. In fact, this may be one of the biggest reasons as to why this is one of the best-selling in the industry.

This is a nice entry-level treadmill and it has a respectable warranty. Ye, it is a bit small in size, but in a good way. You see, when you’re done with this treadmill, if you don’t want to leave it sitting out, all you have to do is fold it up and be on your way. It can slide right into storage, without hassling with it.

Top Features of the Treadmill

There are a variety of top features of the Horizon T101, which is one of the reasons we have recommended it to all of our readers. Here, take a look at some of the top features we feel you would like in a treadmill:

Speakers – It has a unique speaker system that will let you play MP3’s. We aren’t sure about you, but when we’re working out and grinding on a machine, it’s music that motivates us. Without music, we’re not sure where we would be …we’d probably be sitting on the couch, instead of working out, which isn’t a good thing. So when we saw that it had this unique speaker system, it really caught our eyes. Sure, we could wear headphones, but those tend to fall off of our head when we’re exercising, so yes, this speaker system that plays MP3s was a major hit, well, at least for us, it was.

Nine Built-in Programs – With a total of nine built-in programs, it’s going to take quite some time before you get bored. The first treadmill we had (and this was way back in the day) had a total of 2 built-in programs. At the time, we didn’t put much thought into it, but now that we compare it with the Horizon T101 and see how a real treadmill is supposed to be, we wouldn’t go back to the old treadmill for anything. The built-in programs are easy to follow and if you want more programs (that is understandable), there are a variety of workout apps that you can choose from. Many of those apps keep up with your fitness goals and much more.

Incline – Yes, there is an incline, which is a major bonus. The old treadmill we had didn’t have an incline. When you’re working out at an incline, you will burn even more calories – it’s like walking up hill.

What We Like about the Horizon T101

The Price – The price is definitely something that makes this treadmill stand out from the crowd. It is great for those people that are on smaller budgets. If you’re looking for the best price on this product, then we recommend looking online as opposed to physically going to the store and buying it. Many times, there are places online that offer major coupons and some of them even offer free shipping, which is beneficial.

Warranty – The warranty is something else that we like about the Horizon T101. It has a two-year parts warranty, which is pretty good for a budget-friendly treadmill like this one. On the frame, what’s really neat, is the fact that there’s a nice lifetime warranty backing it – this lifetime warranty is also on the motor, so if it goes bad, all you have to do is contact the company. When treadmills are priced this low, you usually don’t find a warranty this good.

Exercise Programs – As we stated before, there are a total of nine built-in exercise programs. Those nine programs are more than enough to keep beginners busy. You can choose from distance, time, and even calorie goal programs as well as interval, manual and weight loss workouts. If you’re just starting out on a treadmill, take it from us, this is more than enough exercise programs.

Audio – Yes, the audio is something we obviously like. The port for an MP3 player makes everything a whole lot easier on us.

Incline – We’re not sure how you feel, but when it comes to working out on a treadmill, we personally like the ones that have an incline. Why? Because with an incline, workouts are even more efficient. This track is capable of inclining up to 10 percent and trust us, when you use the incline, you’re definitely going to feel the burn of the workout and that is a good thing. If you don’t feel a burn, then you’re obviously not doing it right.

Console – Not only does the console look great, but it is also user friendly, which is good for beginners. We’re not sure if you’ve noticed before, but if you look at Horizon consoles, you’ll see that the company obviously puts a great deal of thought into them. This one in particular is a gray console that has a total of three data windows. The LED lighting puts off a soft orange glow, which looks great against the gray console. There’s also a cooling fan included with this console, which is another major benefit in our opinion.

Here’s a picture of the console:

Heart Rate Monitoring – When people workout they like to monitor their heart rate for a variety of reasons. With this treadmill, you can rest with the satisfaction of knowing you can monitor your heart rate using the dual grip monitoring system.

Stability – We’ve tried a budget friendly treadmill before and we didn’t really like it because of the stability issues. For this reason, we were a bit hesitant when it came to trying another budget-friendly treadmill as we thought the stability would be horrible. However, we’re happy we gave this one a try because the stability is out of this world. It can support up to 300 pounds, which is amazing.


Portability – the portability is a major concern for us because we don’t like leaving our treadmill sit out in the open. When we’re done with it, we like to fold it up and slide it into storage. This one right here is easy to fold up, and transport.

It’s also cushioned …


What We Don’t Like about the Horizon T101

Motor – The 2.25 HP motor is great for walking and jogging. However, if you’re a hardcore runner, we don’t recommend it as it can only support up to 10mph. If you are a hardcore runner, we recommend going for something that has a larger motor.

Short Track – The track is 20” x 55” and this is an upgrade from our old one, which was 17” x 45”. However, if you’re a tall person, it may be hard to workout on this one. Taller people should go for a 60” track.



All in all, we recommend the Horizon T101 to most beginners. If you’re a hardcore runner, as we said, you should go for a motor that is larger. However, if you’re fairly short and just plan on jogging and walking, this would be a suitable option.

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