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Gold's Gym XR 45 Home Gym Review



The Gold’s Gym XR45 machine is a compact gym that provides resistance going up to 210 pounds. There are six different kinds of workout stations included here. If you want to gain the best results thanks to this product, keep in mind that high repetitions and low weight are there to tone up your body, while low repetitions and high weight will improve the amount of muscle mass.


The XR45 contains eight weights. Each weight goes up to 27 pounds. If you use all eight of them, you will receive a sum of over 210 pounds. There are certain health buffs out there that may think 210 pounds is still not enough, but they also need to consider how much they themselves weigh, especially when they want to use the bench press.


The overall design and imaginative vertical outline that comes with the XR45 empowers it to be buried easily, and serenely. The low and higher pulleys of the machine are completely versatile, since they tend to provide you with the best kind of resistance. The machine’s own DuraStack weight plates are assembled in an 81-pound stack. And what’s more, it is composed of a combination of fly stations and mid-section presses, which gives you the best kind of abdominal area quality.


The machine’s layout and one-of-a-kind vertical design lets you store it away inside a room in an easy and compact manner. The low and high pulleys are fully adaptable, since they give you just the right amount of resistance. The machine’s set of DuraStack weight plates carry over a very strong 81 pounds.


With the XR45, you will be able to perform things like chest presses, as well as chest flyes, which are all meant to work your shoulders and your chest area. The pulley station with its accompanying overhead bar lets you perform things like lat pulldowns, which can enhance your back muscles. Using that same overhead bar, you can also start working on your triceps with the tricep pushdowns. Lower pulleys can be utilized for shoulder presses or lateral raises, to enhance your shoulders. The lower pulleys, meanwhile, can also be utilized to perform pulley bicep curls, to isolate those biceps. The XR45 also has its own preacher station provided on the unit, which lets you do those preacher bicep curls.


The machine has a measurement of over 65 x 38 x 76 inches. However, this just so happens to be the most basic measurement of all of its equipment. It simply does not account for the additional space that you might be needing in case you want to lift up those lat bars off its holders. Even more space might be needed here so that you will be able to extend your legs while you use the machine’s leg extension feature.


The Gold’s Gym XR45 can bring up a maximum amount of weight of at least 300 pounds, which is very tiny if you compare it to the rest of the machines in the market. The XR45 doesn’t even have its own 90-day warranty, which is disappointing.


The XR45’s own back and seat paddings are excellent in themselves – However, one of the things that we didn’t really enjoy about this is that the seat is only placed in an upright position. You won’t find any versatility here when you use the machine similarly to a bench, especially if you want to do several free weight workouts. There are still a couple of other things that you can do with the machine itself.


The chest fly and chest press isn’t adjustable either, and this is one of the bigger disadvantages that we have to mention regarding the machine. And even though you can only use the XR45 at home, you still won’t feel too comfortable if you lean and sit backwards, since you won’t be able to adjust it.


It took us at least four hours to unload the box and assemble the machine in its entirety. One of the pieces of advice we have to give regarding assembly is that you shouldn’t be too stingy when it comes to the grease. That’s because the grease goes mainly onto the bolts in the first five steps, and none of them belongs on the pulleys. You can use the entire first bag on the bolts in the frame, and its arm assembly steps. You can use the second one on the bars which hold up the weights.


So the XR45 isn’t really a heavy machine, but we do love the fact that it handles the movements in the bench, but doesn’t fully control it. You will utilize the stabilizing muscles, similarly to how you would use free weights in the standard exercise machine, but not to the extreme. We have had a person who weighs 220 pounds and they are able to bench the entire stack without exerting too much effort. So if you happen to be a hardcore weight-pushing junkie, much like most of us in our 20s and 30s, then we need to go acquire a stack of Olympic Weights, and not complain too much about it being heavy. The machine’s set of chest flys are a tad bit slacky in our opinion, so it barely allows you to get an excellent stretch in the chest area, but placing a pillow at the back will fix that problem for sure.


The XR45 is very much recommended for both professional and beginner users, since it gives you all of the important components to provide yourself with the maximum amount of training needed. In case your exercise goal has the tendency to focus too much on your whole body, then you really shouldn’t hesitate for a moment to consider purchasing this machine. Always remember that keeping that equipment of yours in excellent working shape is important to bring that equipment to life – So you will also need an amazing professional gym equipment maintenance provider. The XR45 is the best gym for those who want to work at various kinds of fitness levels.

The entire gym comes in three huge boxes. Despite its huge weight, all of these boxes are easy to open up, and carry those parts downwards or upwards before you can assemble them all. Remember that after the machine has been assembled, it will be very hard to move. The fasteners aren’t metric too. Plenty of hex-head bolts all have a measurement of at least 16 millimeters and 13 millimeters. The 16 millimeter-sizes don’t come in other socket sets. Instead, these have a measurement of 17 millimeters and 15 millimeters, skipping the average 16 millimeter size. The two sides of the Allen wrench are also given in the assembly kit. The instructions for building the XR45 are clear and concise. The fasteners are encased inside three shrink-wrapped cards with clear labels on them. They are fixed in order of importance. The entire assembly process is also nicely thought out. There are, however, several assembly steps out there that require plenty of dexterity. None of it deals with lifting heavy weights. The machine itself is very complex. However, if you listen and follow those instructions, you won’t have any trouble with this process at all.

The connections are strong, making the gym itself look very solid. Plenty of home gym equipment used here is very weak in the connections – Where they quickly rattle and come loose. This one is nicely fixed, which is great. It isn’t stiff, heavy, or even stable much like those commercialized kinds of gym equipment, but the same kind of commercial equipment does cost a huge sum of money, and won’t even fit into tiny spaces like apartments. The guide bars for the weights aren’t that smooth either. The machine’s pulleys are as cast, and are not precise at all. If you want to find a good quality gym machine to use in your home, then you will be disappointed with the XR45. In regards to the pricing, everything is very reasonable.

The package has a measurement of over 18 inches x 18 inches x 48 inches. It nicely fits into the back seat of a 2005 Neon. The parts for the machine are nicely packaged as well. The entire hardware is kept inside a separate cardboard-backed vacuum. Meanwhile, the sealed packages are completely tamper-proof. Every piece of equipment is kept inside its own bag. Assembling the machine will take you over four hours without stopping, and it was very easy to follow and understand the directions. The tools you will need for building the XR45 are a tiny Phillips screwdriver, a #2 Phillips screwdriver, Vice Grips that measure 13 millimeters, and 5/8-inch sockets and an alien wrench.

The pullets seem a bit noisy, which has got to be our only complaint about the machine. However, we were still slightly picky. You won’t be able to hear those pulleys creaking if you happen to be listening to some music while you exercise. Every station works nicely to our very own standards.

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