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Gold's Gym Trainer 430i Treadmill Review



The Gold’s Gym 430i Trainer treadmill is a treadmill constructed by Utah-based company, Icon Fitness. They are the same people responsible for creating NordicTrack, ProForm, Reebok, Epic, as well as dozens of other popular exercise and gym equipment brands out there. The 430i is very affordable, especially for a Gold’s Gym treadmill: Going from between $400 to $550. However, it has garnered plenty of mixed reviews from its clients. At least two-thirds of the reviews that we have discovered regarding the product have come from satisfied clients, but the problems that we have noted during the remainder of the reviews were already more enough to make us feel wary about the product’s quality.


Perhaps the main problems that people have had regarding this machine has to do with the quality of its construction. The 430i has been broken down for so many people, and customer service must be a nightmare for the company itself.


The walking decks found on the Gold’s Gym 430i Trainer has a measurement of at least 16 x 50. The treadmill’s width is a complete drawback as well. If you want to measure the 430i for yourself, you have to grab a tape measure and take a look to see just how wide sixteen inches is. There are several ProForm treadmills out there that come at a similar price, but still hold up to 20-inch wide belts. Meanwhile, the 430i is only suited for walking, as well as users who measure 5’7” or shorter.


The machine’s 2.5 HP motor isn’t the continuous duty rating that we have come to expect from the 430i. Its 2.5 HP rating is pretty much the treadmill’s best performance, so this shouldn’t fool you. It isn’t even the same kind of powered monitor that you can find in pricier treadmills. It’s perfectly designed for simple walkers, and might even strain a bit when you use it for things like jogging or running.


So what exactly are the attractions that you can find in the Gold’s Gym 430i Trainer treadmill? When you take a first look at the machine, the features found on the 430i might seem very pleasant for a treadmill, especially when you take a look at its price category. Just remember that the parts utilized in this model aren’t made from the best quality, so it’s prone to breaking down.


The 430i is iFit Bluetooth-smart enabled. You can use your smartphone or tablet to take a look at Google Maps exercise routes, keep a close watch on your workouts, and see your progress as you reach your ideal fitness goals. The feature, however, does require a certain iFit subscription fee.

You can also fold up the 430i for easier and quicker storage. There are sixteen installed workout programs available here. The amount of pre-programmed workouts in the machine will allow you to mix up those exercising sessions, in order to keep you motivated as you strive to get fit and reach your health goals. Every workout immediately adjusts the incline and speed levels on the treadmill, so it focuses on either endurance, weight loss, and aerobic fitness.

With just the simple click of a button, you can change the treadmill’s own speed in order to fit your level of fitness. It can go from 0 up to 10 miles per hour. When it comes to the 430i trainer, however, the motor isn’t really built to deal with speeds that are much higher than a brisk walk.

The 0 to 10% incline is very steep. This is what people normally set their treadmills on while it is in operation, since it kicks up your very own cardio workout.

The 430i has its own LCD window that shows off a nice and motivational race track in case you want to keep a close watch on the progress of your very own workout. It also graphically shows off your own workout on a matrix that measures 7 x 10. Keep an eye out on your time, distance, speed, the amount of calories burned, and lastly, the pulse rate.

The sound of the speakers and MP3 input are both decent. It is compatible with most major MP3 players. The machine’s own shock absorption has been made specifically for walkers. If you end up going for a jog on the 430i, you might find it a tad bit too bouncy for your liking. In fact, you might even experience reverse shock from the deck that bounces back. The deck’s rear end is much more stiff for a solid push-off.

You can get the machine to monitor your heart rate by holding onto the handlebars that come with built-in pulse sensors. The reading isn’t really as accurate as you would get when compared to a wireless chest heart rate monitor. But nevertheless, it’ll still give you a general idea on how hard your workout training will be.

The warranty is comprised of 90 days for both the labor and the parts, which speaks a lot about the durability of the 430i Trainers, and most of Gold’s Gym’s equipment. Once 90 days are over, you’re pretty much on your own – However, keep in mind that getting a treadmill fixed can be very expensive. The motor and frame, meanwhile, both come with a warranty of five years.

The machine weighs over 120 pounds, minus over 10 pounds for the shipping container. This is the total weight of the 430i. The machine itself isn’t really that heavy and will surely impact the machine’s own stability.

If you’re currently on a very tight budget, don’t have enough space inside your home, but still want to look for ways to keep yourself fit, then the 430i will definitely work for you. But keep in mind that this machine isn’t necessarily built for the long haul. In regards to this price range, the company has had to compromise on its own components, the machine’s engineering, and its overall biomechanical features.

You can purchase the 430i at the official Walmart website. If you want it brought straight to your household, you’re going to have to pay for additional shipping and handling. But you can still get it delivered to Walmart store nearest your home, with free shipping. And once it reaches your nearest Walmart, you will be responsible for picking the treadmill up, and bringing it to your own home. If you select the in-store pickup, you might need to go look for somebody who can help you move the machine around.

The 430i’s low price and its amount of listed features might end up catching your attention at first and eventually lure you towards purchasing the machine itself. But before you could spend that hard-earned cash of yours, you need to take a look at some of Icon Fitness’ range of ProForm treadmills. You’re so much better off purchasing a ProForm than utilizing your hard earned cash to obtain a 430i Trainer.

The main philosophy here seems to be to pack a tiny bit of quality as compared to the 430i, and maybe people might think that you own a better treadmill. Well, don’t let that idea fool you. If you feel like you can obtain a good treadmill for only $499, then you need to have a major reality check – That is impossible! The 430i contains too many shortcomings to talk about, so we have to take a look at the machine’s positive features instead. The entire thing comes in a very nice package, and it actually looks like a real treadmill. It does make you feel better if your own way of working out is through purchasing exercise equipment, and sitting inside your home. But apart from that, thanks to the elevated amount of blood pressure that this machine can potentially create in a person, it seems like you’re so much better off than not owning it.

You can mostly purchase Gold’s Gym equipment at Walmart and Sam’s Club stores. Compared to the actual Gold’s Gym stores, these two are discount retailers. The treadmills have all been bought by Icon Fitness, one of the most popular names in exercise equipment production. Several of Icon Fitness’ other lines include ProForm and NordicTrack. Gold’s Gym’s own set of treadmills comprise only a tiny part of the company’s own economy line.

The machine itself is priced at over $400 to $600. Gold’s Gym’s range of entry-level treadmills only cost less than the other brands in the competition. The brand also contains models that could cost up to $1,500.

The Gold’s Gym CrossWalk 570 treadmill is another treadmill with the similar resistance as the 430i for training the body and your upper arms. Thanks to the CrossWalk Upper Body Arms, walkers will be able to tone their arms down and burn over 50% more calories than needed.

The lower-end Gold’s Gym treadmills all contain short treadbelts. However, the VX5000 carries a very spacious 60-inch x 19-inch running surface. This is best for runners who are taller than 5’7”. The machine’s tracks also absorb lots of impact thanks to its StepTech cushion technology.

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