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Gold's Gym Trainer 410 Treadmill Review



The Gold’s Gym Trainer 410 treadmill is a very popular treadmill model found under the $500 price point. However, since the model itself is very cheap, there have also been sacrifices made in terms of quality and certain aspects of performance and comfort. But the upside here is that you still receive a pair of two-pound weights whenever you end up purchasing this particular machine.


The 410 treadmill’s drive system comes with a G-Force motor that runs at 2.0 GHP. It gives its users with the ability to incline with up to at least ten percent. The 410 treadmill tops out at around 10 miles per hour. You can change the speed and the incline with the aid of QuickSelect keys on the machine’s console. The entire running area has a measurement of 18 inches wide, and 50 inches long. It’s also got an AirStride Plus Cushioning feature, for additional support and stability. The 410 treadmill is able to withstand weights that measure up to at least 300 pounds, while the frame contains a folding design that utilizes the aforementioned SpaceSaver technology.


When it comes to the console area, apart from the two-pound weights that accompany this treadmill, you can also find an attached LED-lift indicator that flashes each time you have to lift up those weights – It all depends on the program that you have selected for your workout. And speaking of which, the 410 treadmill contains eight of them, all pre-built. To watch your heart rate closely, you can utilize that Dual-Grip PowerPulse TM heart rate monitor which has also been built right inside the machine. This helps  you keep a close watch on all of this information, and pick from all of the available workout programs given thanks to the LCD 5-inch x 7-inch workout matrix display screen. Other basic features with the 410 treadmill include the water bottle holders, as well as a reading track.


The Gold’s Gym Trainer 410 treadmill is attached with a warranty that covers up over five years on the motor and the frame, has over 90 days on parts, as well as labor.


One of the things that we really loved about the machine is its folding frame design. The model comes with a patented SpaceSaver Design to it. You can quickly fold up the frame in just one step, allowing it to lock itself into place until you’re all set once again to do that workout. This is also a highly-compact frame-designed machine. So this makes it very easy to store away, and use in plenty of small spaces.


And you definitely can’t beat that wonderful $599 price tag that comes with most Gold’s Gym brand treadmills. Even though you do compromise certain special features as well as durability, if you happen to be on a budget at the moment, and price is one of the main deciding factors while you look for the ultimate treadmill, then the 410 is one of the best options there is.


The 410 treadmill, as mentioned, comes with a set of two-pound weights, which you can conveniently store right inside its console area. You can utilize these weights as a part of pretty much any built-in workout program out there, with the aid of the LED lift indicator that flashes whenever the time comes for you to use those weights. Furthermore, you can add this to the overall calorie burn, and use it to work those muscles found in your upper body.


The 410 treadmill also has its very own set of cons. First off is the small running area. Even though the entire machine is compact, the whole running area is completely cramped, measuring over eighteen inches wide and fifty inches long. This is mostly below the usual dimensions, and might be a bit of an issue in regards to taller people, or basically anyone who likes to have enough space for running, jogging, or walking using a treadmill.


With most of Gold’s Gym’s equipment, you will surely get whatever it is you have paid for. So of course, for at least 600 bucks, this treadmill won’t exactly come with the best working parts. You might experience plenty of squeaking or other noises whenever the treadmill is currently in operation, and these parts won’t even last too long either, when you think about it.


There’s also a noticeable lack of console area. The console area itself is very basic, which is disappointing – Once again, you will definitely get whatever it is you have paid for. The console doesn’t include any full audio options, a huge LCD display screen, enough storage space, and a cooling fan just to name a few.


The 410 treadmill has a coverage of at least 90 days on both labor and parts, alongside five years of coverage on its frame. This isn’t too impressive when you think about it, but since this is a cheap treadmill after all, you can’t expect too much more than parts of this quality.

If your main goal is to save up some cash, then the 410 treadmill might just be the right one for you. Gold’s Gym’s range of treadmills aren’t exactly known for their durability and strength, especially the ones that have a lower price point. But for starter models like the 410, which is both compact and light at the same time, the whole thing is not too bad. It does have its own folding frame which is the best for home usage, but always remember that the treadmill has been built with cheap parts so it’s a tad bit noisy especially while in use. So our verdict here is to consider purchasing another treadmill if you could spend a bit more cash, but pick one that comes from a reputable brand and is affordable at the same time.

The machine is super light, especially for a treadmill. The 410 is definitely going to wobble, even while you use it at a leisurely pacing. If you have always wanted to build up the speed or use the incline for extra intensity – You shouldn’t expect a smooth ride with this machine.

Despite the fact that the 410 treadmill lacks in quality, the model has received a couple of favorable reviews. Naturally, with today’s economy, the affordable price is always a great advantage. And since it’s lightweight, it’s very easy for them to move around, and it doesn’t take up too much spacing here as compared to the other better and more expensive models. The 410 treadmill is also easy to use. You don’t need any special talents or skills here – Basically, if you can walk, you can operate the machine very nicely.

For a treadmill that can sell for below $400, the Gold’s Gym Trainer 410 has plenty of appealing features. Found inside this certain model is the following:

  • Eight types of installed workouts. It’s always wonderful to have a whole set of workouts from which you can choose the one you prefer. The whole variety of available workouts definitely prevents exercise boredom, and will surely challenge the body in so many different ways. You’ll get four types of weight loss workouts, and four more performance workouts to enjoy.
  • There’s also a power incline. Despite the fact that you can’t exercise comfortably during a run or a jog on the 410 treadmill, you can utilize that power incline to give yourself a more challenging workout. And once more, the treadmill itself might not feel like the sturdiest thing while you use it. However, it’s definitely worth a shot.
  • The machine is also equipped with its very own cooling fan. This is a fan found inside the console that helps keep you cool, so your workouts can be a bit more bearable.
  • The 2.0 Continuous Duty Motor is very efficient for walkers too. It’ll definitely give you a strain if you happen to be a heavy-set user.
  • There’s also a Grip Pulse Monitor – Even when you walk at a very steady pacing for a couple of minutes, you can still raise up that heart rate. The monitor lets you keep a close track of just how high the heart rate goes, and lets you work within that targeted range of yours.
  • The 410 contains an LCD display screen that can monitor your progress on the display. It shows off the time, speed, distance, the amount of calories burned, and your pulse rating.
  • Its entire running surface has a measurement of over 18 inches to 50 inches. This is also suited for those who prefer walking more than jogging or running. It’s a bit small for longer strides, and much more taller individuals.
  • The machine also has a weight limit of over 300 pounds. We’re really hoping they’re not serious with this one. How exactly will a tiny 155-pound treadmill handle someone who weighs 300 pounds?

In spite of all these amazing reviews that the 410 treadmill has received, it’s not exactly the best machine out there.

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