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Gold’s Gym Treadmill 480 Review


The Gold’s Gym Treadmill 480 has got to be one of the least priciest treadmills available on the market today. It provides you with all of the right kinds of features that you can find inside a budget machine. This might seem very promising for some, but as it turns out, the 480 is most likely to deliver plenty of frustration and disappointment instead of a proper cardio workout.


The 480 comes with its very own ClearView Display readout for speed, the time, the distance, calories burned, and the pulse. It contains four kinds of weight-loss programs, and four kinds of performance workouts. Apart from that, there’s also a motivational racetrack included with the machine, and comes with a pair of one-pound dumbbells.


The specifications found on the 480 include the following: A 2.5 HP motor, a 1-10 MPH QuickSelect Speed, at least 1% to 10% QuickSelect Incline, and a walking area that measures 18 inches x 50 inches. The treadmill comes with eight programs, as well as a dual-grip heart rate monitor and AirStride Plus Conditioning. It can support a weight of up to 300 pounds. The warranty is five years for the motor, while only 90 days for labor and parts.


Professional trainers will often point out the faults and shortcomings of the 480, including those one-pound hand weights which are meant to help you strengthen the upper body while you use the machine. However, they could be a tad too light to have a better effect in regards to developing one’s own muscles. The handlebars with its accompanying heat ray sensors are meant to be cheap on budgeted treadmills, so you really shouldn’t count on them too much if you want to get a very accurate reading.


In regards to building up the 480, several customers have reported that the pre-drilled holes found in their frames are a tad bit too tiny for the bolts when the treadmill itself was assembled, while the ClearView display was far from backlit. So even though the readout itself was still found inside a brightly-lit room, the console itself was very dark and hard to read inside a darkened space. When it comes to the motor, the belt and the deck, the 480 was an okay machine – But these aren’t quality components that are able to handle daily punishments.


The stream of reviews for the 480 are a reminder to potential buyers that they really shouldn’t expect too much when purchasing this machine. There’s tons of plastic used in here, along with a very ‘cheap feel’ to it, which is present in most low-budget treadmills. It’s very easy for you to feel a bit of disappointment after using it for a couple of weeks. The 480 is a tiny machine, and perfectly fits inside a very small apartment. But it is only meant to be used by the lightest of walkers (meaning people who weigh 180 lbs or less)


If you really feel like this treadmill has the ability to carry individuals over 300 pounds on a moving belt at over 10 degrees of incline moving at 10 miles per hour on top of a small 2.5 motor, then you will soon learn why most of Gold’s Gym’s treadmill parts only have a warranty of 90 days. That’s because when the time comes to contact customer service to ask for replacements, then this is where the real profit begins on the trainers – After purchasing market parts as well as repair costs.

Okay, we have to mention it here: It’s close to impossible for Gold’s Gym to suggest even a passable treadmill that can be sold for under 500 bucks. A treadmill is a highly-dynamic exercise machine, and it’s also very complex. You can only cut in a few corners before the entire design borders on epic failure in both execution and quality.

The 480 treadmill has, unfortunately, reached this kind of point. The $399 sale price is a complete waste of cash, in our opinion. But that aside, you really shouldn’t dismiss all of Gold’s Gym’s other treadmills, since there are plenty of better options out there – Just a bit expensive. We suggest that you save a bit of cash and go for the Gold’s Gym Maxx Crosswalk 650 for at least $649. The Crosswalk has got to be the best value budget machine found on the market today for several years now.

For a treadmill that goes below $400, then the Gold’s Gym 480 treadmill is sure to provide you with excellent value for your own cash. We think it gives off an even better value as compared to the more popular Gold’s Gym 450 – But despite the fact that you’ll be getting an excellent value here, it’s still pretty much an entry-level treadmill so you shouldn’t expect too much from finding it.

If you’re currently on the lookout right now for a good treadmill which you can use for running, light jogging or walking, then the 480 is for you. But keep in mind that this model isn’t as durable as compared to Gold’s Gym’s other treadmills.

Gold’s Gym’s treadmills are all comprised of inexpensive parts, so you shouldn’t expect them to last too long if you intend to run on it. Or if you really want a treadmill that’s built solely for running, then pick one that costs $1,500.

The 480 comes with over four types of weight-loss workouts. All of these workouts have been built to increase the amount of calories that you burn during your exercise. The machine also contains four types of performance workouts, and all of them have been crafted by the best kind of personal trainer, so you can ultimately reach those goals.

The machine is also equipped with hand weights, both weighing one pound. These can be used to give your arms, back and shoulders a bit of toning while you do your run. The hand weights will surely give you more out of every workout.

The G-Force 2.5 HP motor will provide you just enough power for light jogging and walking. This is accompanied by a QuickSelect speed technology, which lets you jump going from 0 to 10 mph with just a simple click of a button. The QuickSelect incline feature is also included in here, allowing you to increase that intensity by performing uphill exercises by up to ten percent.

The tread belt, which has a measurement of 10 inches x 50 inches, is also too simple. When it comes to a lot of budget treadmills, they usually just offer the right amount of running space. The belt also utilizes AirStride Plush Cushioning, in order to keep that deck firm all the while lessening that joint impact for a much more enjoyable and safer run.

The machine’s other features include a blue tinted display with a Motivational RaceTrack, a Priority Workout feature, and more displays that can help you keep a close watch on your progress. There’s also a PowerPulse heart rate monitor that can read your pulse which is pretty much the best for those who have done heart rate workouts.

Much like those other budget treadmills found in gym equipment stores, the 480’s biggest weakness is the warranty and its quality. The machine’s quality is so poor that a lot of people already expect this with plenty of entry-level treadmills. This has got to be the reason why the manufacturer has only backed up the machine’s motor for at least five years, while its parts could last for 90 days. We do suggest purchasing the Gold’s Gym 480 treadmill, but only if you’re looking for a good starter treadmill. If you take your running seriously, then the 480 might seem a bit too basic for you.

The Gold’s Gym brand will surely give you plenty of confidence, since the treadmill has exactly whatever it is you need for a good quality gym workout. The 480 contains eight types of built-in workouts, all constructed by professional trainers for both performance and weight loss. Thanks to its AirStride Cushioning, the motivational RaceTrack display and QuickSelect speed and incline controls, the treadmill surely has everything that you will ever need in regards to that full cardio workout that you want. The treadmill also comes with two one-pound dumbbells, which can help you strengthen and tone that upper body of yours. Also included is a five-year motor warranty and a 300-pound weight capacity, making the machine an actual bargain.

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