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Gold’s Gym 450 Treadmill Review


The Gold’s Gym 450 treadmill gives you an excellent type of value for a treadmill that costs less than $300, and we think that’s a good thing. However, you really shouldn’t expect this machine to be extremely durable. Even though it gives you amazing value, it’s still technically an entry-level treadmill, and everyone knows that entry-level treadmills don’t last too long.


So is the 450 the right kind of treadmill for you? According to people who have tried it out, the 450 is excellent for those who want to find the best kind of budget treadmill. But if you’re a runner, then this machine isn’t the right one for you.


The 450 is constructed from the cheapest parts, so it won’t be able to handle the pressure of running. If you want to find a treadmill that’s built for runners, then pick a different one made by the same company, or something vastly different. Pick a machine that goes either above or below the $1,500 pricing range, since that’s what the most durable treadmills usually cost.


So what does the Gold’s Gym 450 treadmill have in store for its users? One of the best selling points that this machine has is its own set of six pre-programmed workout sessions. These are personal trainee workouts which you can change the incline, decline, and the speed of your exercise. It all depends on your own personal goals. Or maybe you can just place in your weight, the amount of calories you want to burn in a day, and the amount of time for you to workout. The next step is to press ‘go’ and you’ll be able to achieve a workout that’ll surely suit your own objectives.


The 450 runs on a G-Force 2.5 HP monitor, which provides you with just enough power for light jogging, or brisk walking. The machine is also equipped with excellent Quickspeed technology, which lets you jump from 0 up to 10 miles per hour, with just the touch of a button. There’s also a power-incline feature found in the machine, allowing you to further increase the intensity of the 450 in case you’re raring to do a couple of uphill exercises.


The 450’s 18 x 50-inch tread is very simple for a machine of this size. Plenty of cheap and inexpensive treadmills out there usually provide the same amount of running area. The belt also utilizes StepTech impact, lessening the amount of cushioning available. It also reduces the amount of joint pains that are frequently associated with jogging or running, especially on top of concrete surfaces.


The machine carries a blue-tinted LCD display that is willing to show off your time, speed, calories burned, the distance, and the pulse. Meanwhile, the 5-inch x 7-inch workout matrix will show off your exercises graphically, giving you more details. The features let you keep a close watch on your exercising progress as you work out.


Other important features here include a CoolAir workout fan which helps you cool off (as its name suggests) and make you feel very comfortable, especially when you’re currently undergoing a tiring and long workout session. There’s also a dual-grip BodyPulse heart rate monitor that can read your pulse beats. This is great for those who like to do heart rate exercises.


Much like the other treadmills out there, the largest weakness that the 450 has is its warranty and quality. The machine is just disappointing, which is already expected in regards to most entry-level treadmills. This is also probably the reason why their manufacturers only back up the machine’s motor for at least five years more or less, and its parts for up to 90 days.

We suggest that you purchase the Gold’s Gym 450 treadmill if you’re currently on the lookout for a good starter treadmill. This isn’t the unit for you if you are an experienced runner.

Some of you might already be familiar with the Gold’s Gym brand thanks to their line of gyms, especially since the amount of history that is found within the walls of those gyms. But plenty of consumers out there are now making the switch to invest in purchasing their own fitness equipment, including Gold’s Gym’s line of treadmills. This is the result of a reputation that the brand has successfully constructed through the years.

The Gold’s Gym 450 treadmill just so happens to be one of those very popular treadmill and gym equipments sold by the company. The product is exclusively sold at Wal-Mart. It’s a purely inexpensive and budget-friendly treadmill that you can purchase for your own home. The 450 has been designed to give you with a less expensive treadmill. It is a model that delivers on that end, but it doesn’t give you anything else whenever you are raring to buy a treadmill that gives you the best kind of workout. Plenty of Gold’s Gym’s 450 treadmill reviews have discovered that this is a treadmill that is willing to give you the best kind of workout there is, despite its simplicity. Unfortunately, a lot of people who have purchased this particular model isn’t too keen on working out after buying it. It’s broken most of the time, and doesn’t even give you the right kind of exercise that is needed to make sure you can readily keep up with your regular exercising routine.

Despite the fact that you are much more okay with having to purchase a treadmill that has been manufactured by Gold’s Gym itself, you still won’t be buying a treadmill or exercise machine that is mostly used in one of their famous gyms. We have conducted a very detailed review of the 450, in order to learn more about its advantages and disadvantages and were slightly disappointed by the review’s weak results.

Simply put, you will have to invest in a treadmill that comes with a very weak motor, and without the required stability needed to give you the best kind of workout. Those who have purchased the machine have even experienced problems in regards to the lights going out of their house in connection to the treadmill itself. One of the better features of the Gold’s Gym 450 treadmill is its ability to be able to adjust the settings easily and quickly. The machine’s heart rate monitor is also there to help you stay right inside the target range needed for your own workout. Too bad those two are the only good traits that this machine has, apart from the fact that it’s an inexpensive treadmill. There are also problems with the limited warranty, which makes it worse. The treadmill itself tends to run noisily while in operation, making it a less than desirable purchase. Here are a couple of advantages and disadvantages that we have regarding the model itself:

The 450 is a competitively-priced treadmill, which is good, since treadmills have the tendency to be very expensive. It’s also quite affordable. There’s a heart rate monitor constructed right into the system. Also available is a cushioned belt for extra support and comfort. The treadmill itself is quick to set up and start off right away.

The cons include a horrible warranty with its own set of restrictions and serious limitations. It runs very noisily, as we had mentioned earlier, while it is in operation and has been used vigorously. There’s not enough power passing through the machine, and is a very low quality treadmill all in all. Not only does it break easily, it’s also very hard to fix.

You might want to think about browsing through the Gold’s Gym 450 treadmill reviews and other articles similar to those. After that, you should think about purchasing something else. Even though the Gold’s Gym 450 treadmill isn’t that pricey, there are still several other choices out there that allow you to obtain the best kind of workout there is, without having to spend too much cash. You can either purchase the Merit 715T Plus treadmill, or even the Horizon T101 treadmill, since both of them cost the same price as the 450 anyway. You will still be able to get a better quality of treadmill at the same time. These are considered best buys from inside the budget-friendly category, thanks to their affordability and the quality of workouts they provide.

The motor found inside the 715T Plus and the T101 treadmills will give you the better and more consistent kind of workout and plenty of other workout options. This includes the options for you to set up workouts, and even elevations. The power that both of these treadmills can give you will let you work out at various speeds, so you can vary your exercises from full-on runs to brisk walks. The warranty found on both models are also much better as compared to the 450 or even other Gold’s Gym treadmills. You won’t have to buy any additional things to cover up most major parts. If there’s a problem occurring here, then you will still be able to get the proper assistance needed, so your machine will run smoothly.

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