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FreeMotion 850 Treadmill Review


The FreeMotion 850 treadmill is one of the best-selling treadmill models produced by FreeMotion Fitness, a Utah-based company. Nowadays, the company goes by the name ‘Icon Health and Fitness’.


You can purchase the 850 at around $1300, and you can find it in major health and fitness equipment stores such as The Sports Authority.


To start things off, 850’s motor is comprised of a commercial-grade quality 3.5 HP motor that rests on top of a 2.5” balanced non-flex roller. It’s got a pretty excellent incline, speed capability, and a good decline as well. This model provides you with speeds that go up to over twelve MPH, with a steep incline that goes to 15 percent. There’s also a decline from -3 up to 0 percent. This makes the 850 perfect for running, sprinting, or incline training. The machine’s console also lets you create quick and efficient changes to your routine, thanks to the digital quick-speed, the decline, and incline controls.


The 850 is perfect for residential usage, since it’s equipped with a folding frame as well as EasyLift Assist Technology, together with a pair of transportation wheels. You can bring this machine with you wherever you may go. The machine’s weight capacity goes over 350 pounds, while it’s got a pretty huge running area – Measuring over 22 inches wide. That’s actually much wilder as compared to the typical 20-inch wide deck. Meanwhile, it has a length of over sixty inches.


The console comes with a seven-inch backlit LCD display screen, which provides you with a highly impressive array of over 32 workout programs, all of them preset. The machine is also compatible with iFit. There are one-step workout controls which are very easy and simple to use, while the built-in water bottle holder and fan makes working out much more comfortable and fun. And lastly, the console also provides you with the best and most complete kind of audio offering  - It’s compatible with your iPod and other MP3 players, has its own music port, and three built-in speakers.


The 850 has its own lifetime coverage on its motor and frames. There are five years on all of the machine’s parts, as well as two years for labor.


One of the things that we loved about this machine is its folding design. Having a folding design on your treadmill is perfect enough if you have any intentions of utilizing that treadmill of yours inside your own home. However, the problem here is that plenty of treadmill models do have the tendency to compromise their durability, in exchange for a decent folding frame. The 850 doesn’t do that, so it’s different from the standard treadmill. Thanks to its Easy Lift Assist Technology, it’s so quick and simple to store and fold up the treadmill. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the deck itself is unsteady or heavy.


FreeMotion Fitness, the company behind the 850, is kind enough to provide lifetime coverage on both the motors and the frames here, which is actually a good offer in itself. You will also be receiving loads of coverage on the labor and the machine’s parts.


Seeing a good incline and decline on a treadmill is always a great thing. However, getting a machine to decline has got to be the icing on the cake. There are only a handful of treadmill models out there that do provide these kinds of capabilities – Luckily enough, the 850 just so happens to be one of them. The machine helps you decline fast and steadily, going from -3 to 0 degrees in a cinch by using a couple of one-touch controls. This helps you simulate different kinds of real-life terrain, just by touching a single button.


The amount of preset workout programs thanks to this model are genuinely impressive. It’s got over 32 built-in programs. The 850 costs over $1300, and this makes it a really excellent and budget-friendly treadmill for plenty of people.


The display screen’s dimensions aren’t too bad, especially when there’s over seven inches of it. However, it does have the tendency to look a bit crowded, and it can be hard to read as a result.


Another con here is the 850’s heart rate monitoring. Even though this model is completely built to work through with the aid of a wireless chest strap receiver, the chest strap itself isn’t included, which is very weird. But you can still utilize those dual-grips which have been constructed into the 850’s handlebars.

The 850, overall, is a highly-durable treadmill providing you with some really amazing comfort and performance features. It’s purely affordable, and contains a unique folding design. It’s the best kind of equipment made especially for in-house usage. The machine also provides some nice tracking options, like the aforementioned iFit compatibility (the iFit subscription itself is sold separately though). This makes it quick and easy for you to track down those fitness goals. In case running is your thing, the 850 is also one of the best options here since it does provide you with some high-performance features that are completely suited to a runner’s own needs.

In case you’re a runner who’s still looking for a treadmill coming from a famous manufacturer, then you might want to think about purchasing the NordTrack Commercial 1750.

The 850 just so happens to be one of the most excellent values from those treadmills in the $1299 price range. It seems like FreeMotion Fitness has done a great job once again in regards to this model. It’s got a gigantic belt and a large motor with it, but there are still some shortcomings found on its frame. That aside though, the machine’s frame design has managed to hold itself up well enough over the past couple of decades.

FreeMotion Fitness has even filled the 850 with tons of features coming from both an electronics and parts perspective. The units themselves have all managed to hold up well – However, we suggest that they do end up cutting several corners here in there so that the final price would eventually go down from the $1500 range. FreeMotion Fitness has the tendency to sell their best machines at this price range. And for those who want to save up some cash yet still get a good quality treadmill machine, then the 850 is the best one for you.

It’s easy to see that the 850 is a younger, and much classier model of the FreeMotion 860 treadmill, which doesn’t have its own computer inside it. It’s also got a weaker monitor, which makes the machine cost over $450 cheaper, but apart from that, the 850 and the 860 are pretty much the same thing. That’s probably because of the horrible build quality.

The 850 is still a great treadmill all in all. It’s got over 32 kinds of workout apps, and even has a Surface Response Suspension (SRS) Cushioning, which makes it the best kind of treadmill out on the market today. Perhaps the only problem we have with this treadmill is that it does have the tendency to squeak once in a while as you use it, and for some people, it could get extra annoying in the long term.

In certain cases, the best kind of treadmill you can use for your own home will be a folding treadmill, since you can obviously fold it up to a certain degree and take it with you wherever you go. But this isn’t exactly the only factor that it has. There are dozens of brands out there that claim to make the best kind of home treadmill. In certain options, some of these might end up falling too short in regards to quality, while the others will all depend on value.

Picking the perfect treadmill for your home does need it to have a decent balance between strength, performance, reliability, and features. For certain people out there, it’s important for a treadmill to have online connectivity, while others will look for factors like deck cushioning, music and audio, the quality of its on-board fans, the safety switches, or even the drink bottle holders. They can all play a very important part in helping you make a decision.

No matter what your preferences and needs are, when it comes to picking the best treadmills for your home, you must not overlook the warranty, especially the ones that come with your treadmill. If you use your treadmill regularly, then it’ll take a severe beating throughout the years, so a strong warranty is always good and the frames are important too.

The 850 is more than just the standard treadmill with its deck, basic motors, and the console. It’s filled with plenty of features that let the machine be custom-tailored to your liking, and of course, your very own fitness goals. The accompanying iFit technology is ready to present the world at your feet, by letting you build up maps at any place in the world. It automatically fixes the 850’s incline and decline, so it matches the train.

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