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Bowflex Xtreme XTL Home Gym Review



When you want to lose some weight and get fit, the best thing to do would go on a good diet and start a useful exercise routine. Many people may turn to a rowing machine, spin bike, or even a Proform Pro 2000 or Norditrack x11i – yes, all of those are great pieces of equipment and there is no denying this. However, there’s one that we would like to tell you about today and that’s the Bowflex XTL.

The Bowflex CTL is a home gym – it’s a resistance exercise machine that you can use in order to build strength and muscle. For those of you that aren’t familiar with this company, Bowflex started selling home gyms back in 1986 – as you see, they have been up and running for many years now, so they obviously know what they’re doing.

Traditionally, you may have noticed Bowflex Home Gyms being sold on television infomercials (we’ve all witnessed those late night infomercials). These days, you can easily walk into a sporting goods store or go to the Bowflex website and get a home gym.

Many Different Exercises

A lot of the exercises you can do on a gym machine can be done on the Bowflex XTL home gym. However, it has the advantage of being compact enough, so that you can store it in almost any room of your home – even if you have an apartment, you could use it.

The Bowflex XTL just so happened to be one of those models that helped Bowflex make a good name for themselves. When it was first introduced, it achieved phenomenal sales. One of the biggest selling points of this machine is the fact that it is light in weight, so it can be moved to storage after you are done exercising on it.


The Size of the Bowflex XTL



When the Bowflex XTL has been fully assembled, it is a pretty sizeable piece of exercise equipment. It measures 92 inches in length, 50 inches wide and 83.5 inches tall. Looking at the bench of the machine, you’ll see that it is long – this is so that it can accommodate the rowing station seat, which will need to travel the length of the bench when it is being used.



Looking at the other Bowflex gyms, we find that the height and width of this one is similar to the others on the market. This is because they use the same bendable rods that are called power rods for the resistance mechanism. These resistance rods are capable of extending 48 inches into the air – the backboard bench is a total of 36 inches in length.


The Workout Footprint

As you exercise on this home gym, you are going to find that the size of the machine is going to vary. Yes, each of the power rods are around 48 inches in length, but when you pull on an exercise attachment that is hooked to the power rod, it is going to bend down and out to the sides of the machine.  For this reason, you will be required to set the gym up in an area that offers extra space around the machine so that you can freely exercise, without bumping into something.


Accessories That Are Included



While some of the other Bowflex models don’t come with any additional accessories, besides the machine itself, the XTL is different because it comes with additional exercise attachments. The extra attachments include the leg extension, lat pull-down tower and the Purvis pec bar.  Mind you, when you add these attachments, it will make the Bowflex gym taller, wider, and longer.



Easy to Store



When you are exercising on the Bowflex Power Pro XTL, we admit, it may seem quite large, especially if you have a small home or apartment. However, as we previously stated, once you’re done with the machine, you can easily fold it up and put it into storage.

There’s a small locking knob located under the bench – when you release that, you can fold it up to the power rods. From there, you can vertically secure the bench by clipping the accessory cabled together in front of it, then wrapping the leg press belt and hand grip attachments around the vertical seat. On the rear base of the gym, you have wheels, so you can easily roll it into the storage area.


No Need for the Gym Anymore



As long as you have the Bowflex XTL in your grasp, you will no longer have to go to the gym – you can save money as you won’t have to pay for a gym membership anymore. This machine right here is all you will need in order to get the maximum workout – it’s the same type of workout you would get if you were to use a paid gym subscription.



Until you see some of the features, you’re not going to understand what all this piece of equipment is capable of. Have a look at some of the features of the Bowflex XTL:

Lateral Tower and Angled Bar – This is responsible for helping you build shoulder and back muscles at a rapid rate.

310 pounds of Resistance Standards – With this feature, you will be able to use weights, without risking damage to your joints. This can be upgraded to a total of 410 pounds.

Hand Grip and Ankle Cuffs – These hand grips will offer a comfortable workout.

Comes with a rowing machine – The rowing machine makes for a great cardio workout.

Comes with Leg Extension and Leg Curl Attachments – Using these attachments will give you the opportunity to tone and build your leg muscles.

Comes with a T-Bar – This is a nice feature that adds a higher level of intensity to the rowing workout.

Comes with an adjustable pulley – You can adjust the pulley for a great upper body workout – this feature will make your workout time even more challenging, which is exactly what you need.

The machine, of course, comes with an owners manual, so you won’t be left without a clue. The manual will guide you through your workout by offering techniques you can use in order to increase your results.

Below, you will find a picture of the owners manual:




For those of you that are looking for the ultimate workout equipment, why buy different pieces, when you can get it all in one with the Bowflex CTL? This machine will fit perfectly in most homes and with your lifestyle. With the handy wheels, when you’re done with it, you can roll it into any destination within your home and it even folds up, so that you can easily store it.

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