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Bowflex Xceed Home Gym Review



Not a lot of people enjoy paying a monthly fee just so they could use the gym over and over again. There are people who prefer to workout at home inside their own gym.


There are several options you can do to build up that gym at home, and it’ll eventually come down to the amount of space you have in there, your budget, and your goals.


Using a home gym to perform circuit training is pretty much the best way for you to get back into shape, and this doesn’t even require plenty of time – Nor does it require plenty of spacious rooms in order to build a proper gym. Home gyms are the best ways to get consistent workouts performed right in the comfort of your own house.


Bowflex has been a leader of these home gyms for so many years now. We will now be taking a look at the Bowflex XCeed, along with several other home gyms which you can purchase and have it delivered to your doorstep so you can build up that home gym in an instant.


We will be placing a very quick summation of the best of Bowflex’s home gym models, in case you want to purchase one for yourself. We will also be taking a look at the various models available, and what is very unique about each one of them. This will hopefully narrow down your research, and find out which one suits your needs the most.


The fact that you are currently looking for a good home gym is an indication that you are very serious about wanting to get into shape. A home gym, after all, is a huge purchase and needs to be completely thought out, so you can definitely be happy with it in the long run, and receive the right workout that you’ve always wanted, right inside the privacy of your own home.


Those who are planning to go in this route probably wants to save plenty of time and effort, and avoid having to pay a huge sum of cash for a monthly gym membership. So we have to get this party started and take a look to see which options you currently have in regards to purchasing a Bowflex brand home gym.


Bowflex is a company that has produced several home gyms throughout the decades – The most popular ones are the Bowflex XCeed, the bowflex pr1000, the Bowflex Revolution, the Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE, the Bowflex Blaze, and the Bowflex PR3000. We will now be taking a closer look at each one of them, see how much each model costs, and what are the advantages that each model has.


The PR1000 has got to be the most affordable out of all of these models. There are 30 exercising options available here. This is the perfect starter gym, especially when you consider its pricing. The PR1000 utilizes the Bowflex patented power rod resistance system which is also found in the Bowflex XCeed.


The PR1000 also has its very own built-in cable system which you can connect to the rods to give it that weight resistance that you need the most for exercising. The weight resistance range begins at five pounds, and could go up to a whopping 210 pounds of resistance, in case you have all five of the rods connected to its cable system.


The gym’s dimensions measure over 81 inches in height, 84 inches in length, and 38 inches in width. And since the PR1000 has a measurement of over six feet and 3/4ths of an inch, it should probably be able to fit itself into any room that you have inside your house, without it grazing the ceiling. In fact, we suggest that the best place to store this machine in is in a room that measures 100 inches by 78 inches wide.


The Bowflex XCeed contains a horizontal bench press, leg curl, extensions, and a lat pull-down. Also found here are built-in rowing machine handles, in case you want to get some cardio workouts done. And what’s so great about the XCeed is that you can fold up that bench quickly right away for easy storage, in case you don’t have enough space inside your house.


An important thing to remember here is that you cannot upgrade the XCeed to over 310-pound rods. You will be stuck forever with the 210-pound resistance, since you can’t get it upgraded. Once more this home gym is the best option for beginners, or if you don’t need to lose too much weight, and for those who want a gym inside their home without having to place a dent in their bank accounts. So there’s actually a one-year warranty found on the framing itself. The power rods contain a five-year warranty, as well as a 60-day warranty on parts that break off during the ownership.


In comparison to the Blowflex Blaze, the XCeed doesn’t contain too many differences here. It does have everything that the PR1000 has, with the added bonus of being able to upgrade itself to a 310-pound kit, or even a 410-pound kit. The Blaze is two inches taller than the XCeed, and six inches longer. The actual dimensions are: L 90 inches x W 38 inches x H 83 inches.


You can actually perform twice the amount of exercising here with the Blaze, since it contains at least 66 exercise options. It’s also got a lat pull-down bar option in which the PR1000 doesn’t have one on its own. Also found here is a leg extension attachment, allowing you to work nicely on those hamstrings and quads.


The warranty is also much more different as compared to the PR1000. It’s got a 1-year warranty on the frame, 90 days on its parts, and a five-year warranty on the rods. So when it comes to this feature, the Blaze doesn’t have that long of a warranty compared to the XCeed, as well as the PR1000.


The main difference that the PR3000 has compared to the XCeed is that it has its own vertical bench. This means that you have to do those bench presses sitting up, versus having to lie down flat on the bench.

The leg attachment is so much better compared to the XCeed, the Blaze, or the PR1000. This is actually more than what one would expect at the gym. One of the things we have to mention about the PR3000 is that the bench cannot be flattened out, as compared with the PR1000 model. So there are a couple of exercises that you can perform with it.

You can also upgrade the machine to a 310-pound kit. So this is a pure advantage that the XCeed has over the PR3000. This should probably be enough for those who are experienced in handling exercise equipment. If you need over 410 pounds of pure resistance, then you have to go look for a different model this time.

So the main difference here is that the PR3000’s bench is flat instead of the usual vertical, it’s got its own lat pull-downs, and has a leg attachment to boot. The machine’s dimensions measure over L 96 inches x W 78 inches x H 83 inches. This is actually a tad bit longer as compared to the first few machines that we have discussed.

We also need to mention here that the frame contains a year-long warranty, the parts are covered for only a total of 60 days, while the power rods are for seven years. The rods warranty has got to be the longest one out of all the machines we have talked about. There are 50 types of exercises that you can do here.

The Bowflex 2SE Home Gym is equipped with the usual 210-pound rods, and can be upgraded to a 410-pound kit. Probably the main difference between the Xtreme 2SE Home Gym with the XCeed is that you no longer have to change the cables for your exercises with the XCeed, as compared to the others.

This allows you to perform exercises like bench presses, lat pull-downs, squats, etc. without having to change cables. It also helps you keep that workout going and you no longer have to waste too much time changing those cables.

Much like the XCeed, the 2SE Home Gym has its own angled lat pull-down option. It’s got a vertical seat like the ones found with the PR3000 and the PR1000 home gyms. It’s dimensions are as follows: L 96 inches x W 78 inches x H 83 inches. So this means you will need an eight-foot by 6 and ½ foot workout area for the home gym.

What you’re actually paying for when your purchase the XCeed is the ability to perform more back, arm, shoulder and leg exercises, compared with the 2SE Home Gym. You no longer have to worry too much about changing the cables for every exercise out there, and being able to upgrade it fully. It’s also got its own harness that other home gyms don’t have.

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