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Bowflex TC200 TreadClimber Treadmill Review



The BowFlex Treadclimber TC200 is a machine that is truly built for even the lowest form of impact workouts, since the machine makes them both effective and purely efficient. The Treadclimber TC200 is the latest top model Treadclimber created by Vancouver Washington-based company, Bowflex. The TC200 will surely provide you with the best kind of premiere walking and running-based workouts.


The TC200 is a part of a brand new line of innovative models. This treadmill gives you a calorie-torching yet very low-impact kind of workout, all thanks to its unique three-in-one design. Basically, this machine acts as a stair climber, a treadmill, and an elliptical trainer in one go. There are two separate treadles with its own set of moving belts, elements present in your standard treadmill. These treadles move slowly in an upwards and downwards motion, which creates this unique kind of workout experience.  These can all burn up to over 2.5x more calories than the average treadmill. We couldn’t really find any information regarding the motor of these machines, but based on the TC200’s weight capacity, which goes up to 300 pounds, it’s definitely safe to assume that it’s a completely dependable drive system. The TC200 can go up to speeds of 4.5 miles per hour, which is slightly faster compared to the entry-level TC100 model.


When it comes to the TC200, you will realize that several console upgrades do require a better and more spacious look and feel to them overall. These include extra user profiles, two kinds of gigantic cup holders, and finally, a more polished and modernized look. The machine’s display screen is completely interactive, and fully back lit. it’s got an LCD display screen that is equipped with the best Bluetooth technology, which you can sync with a free downloadable TreadClimber app – And what’s great about this is that it’s also compatible with other fitness apps. There’s a dual-purpose USB port, which app users can utilize to power up and use that favorite smart devices of theirs, and keep them safe inside the device with the aid of a gigantic media holder with grips.


Starting from its brand new color-rich LCD display screen, you will be able to track down your running time, your speed, the distance, and the amount of calories you have burned while you observe your personal fitness goals at the same time, with the aid of four customizable user profiles found in the machine. The TC200 gives you five kinds of built-in workout programs. To check your heart rating, there are several contact grip sensors that are nicely positioned on the fixed handlebars.


The machine also has a three-year warranty.


One of the things that we truly like about the machine here is its one-of-a-kid design. As we had mentioned, the TC200 comes with a lovely three-in-one design. This is definitely a unique kind of machine setup since it lets users enjoy a low-impact workout without even compromising the idea of going through a tough and challenging workout. Bowflex even promised that you’ll end up burning at least 2.5 x more calories than on a standard regular treadmill.


The TC200 is very compact – Apart from the fact that it has a small footprint and the design is nice, the TC200 also comes with its very own set of transportation wheels, so you can move it around and bring it wherever you go, and store the machine just in case you need it.


There are also plenty of customizable options for the machine: This includes four types of user profiles found inside the TC200, so it’s very easy for you to keep a close watch on your personalized workout data, and keep records of it as well. This makes it much more easier for you to reach those fitness goals. This feature is also highly useful for those who share the machine with more than one person.


The TC200’s console area carries much more space as compared to the TC20 model, thanks to a media holder, its huge cup holders, a contact grip sensor, Bluetooth-enabled consoles, and a design that makes the machine look twice as attractive as ever.


Despite the fact that a real warranty managed to make its way to our list of things that we didn’t like about the machine, the good news here is that Bowflex still provides its customers with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Accompanying it is the ‘Worry-Free’ warranty that will cover up to three years of the machine’s usage.


The machine can go up to a top speed of 4.5 MPH, and weighs over 300 lbs. The dimensions are 55” L x 31.5” W x 62.50” H. The TC200 contains at least five types of workout programs.


The TC200 still carries a few cons: First one has to do with their heart-rate monitoring system. Even though you can still check your heart rate with the aid of the treadmill’s contact grips, you won’t find any chest strap receivers in here, as well as a limited option for being able to wirelessly monitor your heart rate. It’s also very expensive for a treadmill: The TC200 is normally priced at over $3,299 which is already quite expensive in itself. This machine comes with three types of exercise equipment in one setting, so you should consider that fact when you think about the TC200’s price. However, there’s no denying that this machine is still very expensive. Its past iteration, the TC100, is priced at around $1100, and you won’t even be able to find too many differences between this model and the TC200. So we consider the TC200’s price to be a major issue.


As we had mentioned earlier, one of the things we love about Bowflex is that they always give its clients a 100% satisfaction guarantee. But when you think about it, three years isn’t really that impressive for a warranty. Usually, when it comes to models at this price range – And produced by very popular exercise equipment brands like Bowflex, you could at least expect a decade over coverage over its framing.

The TC200 doesn’t even contain any program variety to it – Similar to the TC20, which has been discontinued for a while now. You can only choose between five programs.

Bowflex’s range of TreadClimber models are perhaps one of the best-selling and most popular three-in-one cardio workout machines that are able to produce the most efficient and quickest results. The TC200, which just so happens to be one of those machines, is a high-class and top-performing machine that comes with a very innovative look and feel to it, accompanied by its own tech-savvy console. The improvements that Bowflex has made to this machine in particular is the reason why the TC200 is one of the top contenders for people who are trying to find a low-impact workout, but still has enough power to burn plenty of calories.

There is no doubt that the TC200 is very expensive, and so much pricier compared to the TC100. So if you’re still hesitant about purchasing this machine because of the costs, we suggest going with the TC100 instead, or even the TC20. However, one of the advantages of the TC200 is that it does give off a very healthy set of upgrades for an additional $1000 – This is at least fifteen percent faster for the treadles, contains a highly upgraded look, as well as the previously-mentioned Bluetooth-enabled console. Other features include an iPad holder, an upgraded accessory tray, quick touch buttons, extra space for more user profiles, an upgraded console, and that three-year warranty.

The Bowflex TC200 TreadClimber lets you enjoy a quick calorie-burning session, and eventually provides you with some very impressive muscle tones, which is normally reserved for habitual brisk-walkers and runners. Since the TreadClimber contains a lower impact as compared to the standard treadmill, it delivers a much-lower risk of injury. It also brings in a much lower sense of perceived extortion from the user, even when they’re burning calories at a very quick speed.

The TC200 is a hybrid fitness machine which resembles a treadmill with its own split tracks. There are long treadles that can support low-impact motions, which is pretty much the same as the standard elliptical pedaling, except this one has excellent versatility to it. Those who are still learning how to use it can take short and quick strides that look similar to climbing a small hill or elliptical training. They can also power-walk with a maximum 58* footpath. The average stride length on a TreadClimber naturally changes thanks to the automated incline, which contains a maximum setting of at least forty percent. There are several incline settings included here, which makes it quick and easy for you to concentrate on toning certain muscle groups in your body, including your glutes and your calves.

Depending on the angle that you use here during the training session, burning calories with the help of a TreadClimber could go up to over 2.5 times faster, as compared to the standard treadmill with the same speed.

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