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Bowflex Pr1000 – Set Up Your Own Home Gym


Are you the type of person that has been wanting to get in shape? Don’t worry, because you’re not alone in this crowd – so many people want to achieve the “perfect” body, yet, they’re not able to because like you, they live a busy lifestyle that simply doesn’t allow time for a gym.

Many people want to get fit and go to the gym, and we know this, but they simply cannot figure out where to fit the gym into their busy schedule. Think about it – if you were to go to the gym, when would you go?  There’s family and work responsibilities that can really take a toll on our schedule, making it impossible to simply find time to drive to the local gym, work out, then come back home – by then, everyone will be fast asleep or hungry, one or the other. How many times have you visited the gym only to have to stand in line and watch sweaty people as they use the machines you need to use? What would you do if we told you that it was possible to set up your own home gym? Surely, you’d want to exercise then!


Is it Possible for the Average Person to Set Up a Gym in Their Home?

Many people are not happy with the available options at their local gym and in all honesty, we don’t really blame them. Running is a good form of cardio, but if you live in those areas that experience al four seasons, when the temperatures are below freezing, running probably isn’t going to be a whole lot of fun.  The cost of plates, benches, and dumbbells can really add up.

The market is packed full of all-in-one home workout equipment that you may be interested in. However, not all of this equipment has been created equal – many of those machines cater to either cardio or strength training and many are made of substandard materials.

Don’t worry, because we have you covered! There are literally many different pieces of exercise equipment you can bring into your home in order to make your own home gym. Some of those machines don’t even require very much room because they are what we call “all-in-one” machines. While looking at the Bowflex max, Bowflex XTL, Bowflex treadclimber, and Bowflex Xtreme 2, we discovered the Bowflex PR3000 and the Bowflex pr1000. Due to a variety of reasons, we decided to settle for the Bowflex pr1000.

The Bowflex pr1000 is one of the few properly built exercise machines capable of delivering a balanced workout and is made of top of the line materials, so it is guaranteed to last for years to come.


Today, we are here to dig deeper into the Bowflex pr1000 so that you can see exactly why it stands out from the crowd …

Before we go any further in this review, we wanted to take a couple of seconds to show you a nice picture of the Bowfex PR1000:




We personally like the red color to it and believe that really makes it stand out from the crowd. What about you – do you like the red? We wouldn’t have it any other way.


Here’s another picture for you:




Power Rods Instead of Free Weights and Pulleys

While many machines use free weights in order to create resistance, this one uses flexible polymer rods. Combining this with hand grips, rollers, and ankle cuffs, you can use the power rods for a nice lower-body and upper-body strength training workout.


Here’s a picture of the rods – do you see what we’re talking about?



No need to worry, because these power rods are light in weight and compact. This means that you don’t have to work around hundreds of pounds of steel plates in order to get your body prepared for the next set. The power rods offer necessary resistance, making it possible for you to workout without putting any form of strain on your joints. Since it doesn’t have inertia, it is possible to so call “cheat” your way through those workouts.


Why Should You Buy the Bowflex pr1000?

This machine was introduced to the general public back in 2008 and ever since then, this machine has been one of the most popular workout machines ever created by Bowflex. Happily, the price tag on this machine isn’t going to leave your bank account empty. There’s also a nice rowing machine that will help you build strength and burn those unwanted calories.

The Bowflex pr1000 offers over thirty different workouts, so you’re definitely not going to get bored with them. To give you an idea, some of the workouts include:


  • Trunk Rotation and Ab Crunch
  • Low Back extension
  • Hip Abduction
  • Biceps and Wrist Curls
  • Calf Raise
  • Triceps Pushdown and Extension
  • Kickback, Leg Extension, and Press
  • Shoulder Press and Raise
  • Scapular Retraction
  • Rear Delt and Seated Lat Rows
  • Decline, Incline and Horizontal Bench Presses
  • Stiff-Arm, Narrow and Reverse Grip Pulldowns


The PR1000 is popular among families and casual fitness enthusiasts. It has earned a high score for how easy it is to assemble, how fast it is to setup and the versatile workout options it offers. After reading a large amount of reviews, we learned that many reviewers purchased this machine as part of their bigger fitness plan and have discovered that after a couple of weeks of using this machine, their body appearance approved.


What We Like About the PR1000

There are a variety of features that really stand out from the crowd. These include:


  • A small footprint of 100 x 78 inches
  • A folding bench, making for easy storage
  • A sliding seat, which is great for aerobic rowing
  • A workout placard for reference
  • Upholstered roller cushions that are great for leg workout


If you’re looking for a good entry-level workout machine, then the Bowflex pr1000 is highly recommended.

Take a look at this picture – do you see how cushioned the foot piece is? Bowflex obviously has the users comfort in mind.




Looking at this picture, do you see how everything is automatic on the machine? There’s no need to stop what you’re doing  in order to adjust anything and as we said before, this is an aspect that we really like.



If you are not familiar with these type of machines, there’s no need to fret, because even beginners can use them. In fact, Bowflex puts a nice little picture right on their machine, telling users how to use the machine. We personally like this feature and it saved us from having to go to the Internet to look up a couple of things:




What We Do Not Like About the PR1000

Like we’ve said before, if you really dig deep, you’re going to find some flaws in any product you choose. With the PR1000, there are some flaws that we noticed. For starters, the weight training is limited to a 210-pound maximum weight limit. However, most of the Bowflex owners won’t even come close to this number.

Something else many didn’t like was the fact that the machine doesn’t come with an instructional DVD to teach you how to set up a workout routine. These type of things are standard these days with exercise equipment, but that’s okay, because you can find many guides online.

Mind you, it doesn’t come with an instructional DVD, but do you recall the picture we showed you above? You know, the one that has instructions posted directly on the machine? Personally, we feel that is all you need in order to get started – simply follow those pictures and you should be good to go.


Here’s another picture of the machine in a room:




Don’t these bars look really sturdy?




Here’s a picture of the instruction manual:



It’s also available in French:




Would the Bowflex pr1000 Make a Good Addition to Your Home Gym?

So, what do you say – do you think the Bowflex pr1000 would make a good addition to your home gym? If you’re looking to burn some calories and get fit, we honestly believe it is well worth every penny. Depending on where you purchase the PR1000, the price will range anywhere from $400 to $600, with online stores offering lower prices.



The Bowflex pr1000 is a nice piece of equipment. It is a flexible and durable machine that has many satisfied customers backing it, hence the reason they have solid expert reviews. If you are the type of person that lives a busy schedule and you don’t feel like waiting in line to use the equipment you need, then you should consider the Bowflex pr1000 today so that you can workout whenever you want, without having to take a trip to the gym.


Now, we’re going to leave this off with a picture of the machine all ready to go:



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