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Bowflex Max Trainer M5 Cardio Machine Review


Bowflex M5 – Is it Worth the Price

If you’re looking to get fit and tone your body, your mind may instantly sway towards and elliptical or treadmill – in these past, those two machines were a great way to get in shape, but now, there’s even better machines available. One that is really standing out from the crowd right now is the Bowflex M5 – we just can’t get over the features nesting behind it. In this review, we’re going to tell you all about it.

The Bowflex Max Trainer M5 is a tempting alternative to treadmills and ellipticals. Many people have claimed that it is more effective than both of those popular pieces of exercise equipment and honestly, we can see why they would claim such – it really is a good machine. The Bowflex M5 was inspired by elliptical machines and it offers a total-body exercise with no harsh impact of any kind. It was also inspired by treadmills as it will let you move at full speed. It is capable of deflecting harsh impacts, so it will give you the opportunity to burn calories twice as fast. Just like the Schwinn 470 elliptical, you should be able to see results quickly with a couple of 14-minute sessions on a weekly basis.

When the item first arrived, it arrived in a pretty big box – it was so big that we had to have someone help us bring it inside the house.

Here, we managed to take a picture of the box, before we ripped right into it:




Now that you have looked at the picture, do you understand what we’re talking about? Pretty big, right?

Now, this is when we managed to get it all assembled:




This looks like an interesting machine, don’t you think? We personally like the color pattern – the red on the pedals really makes them stand out and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Here’s a frontal view of the picture:




Do you see how the red accents really make it stand out? It certainly isn’t a sore sight in the home.


Sixteen Resistance Levels

There are a total of sixteen resistance levels that you can easily control due to the digital controls. If you choose, you can use it in manual mode, plus the eight training programs will help you make the most of the Bowflex M5.


Examples of the Modes

Before we go any further, to give you a better idea of the modes, we are going to show you some examples. Some examples of the modes include Smart Max Interval, Max Interval, Calorie Burn, Fitness Test and Fat Burn. There’s a backlit screen that shows the data, and the M5 can also store up to a total of two user profiles. This is great if you and a family member or friend plans on using this machine. Now that you see the names of the modes, what do you think about it? When we first saw the modes, we thought they were pretty cool and in all honesty, the modes are one of the aspects that dragged us in.


Max Trainer App

Combined with the free Max Trainer app that you can download on your mobile device, you can easily store and sync your workout results because this is a Bluetooth-enabled console.


Monitor Your Hear Rate

With this machine, you can monitor your heart rate as you work out. There’s a wireless chest strap that is included with this machine that you can use. If you don’t like the idea of wearing the chest strap, that’s fine, because there’s also sensors on the handlebars that you can use in order to monitor your heart.


Here’s a picture of the screen:



Additional Basic Features


There are some pretty cool basic features, like the water bottle holder – this comes in handy as you need to stay hydrated while you exercise For those of you that want to watch a show or listen to music on your tablet or phone while you exercise, there’s a media shelf that you can use.


Here’s a nice side view of the machine:




The M5 does come with an instruction manual – here’s a picture of it for you:




We just can’t get over the pedals – here’s a picture of just the pedals:



Is it Too Good to be True?

Many of you may be thinking that this machine sounds too good to be true.  Believe it or not, the Max Trainer lineup is well-established.


What We Really Like

Like the Bowflex M7 and the proform 520e, this machine right here has some pretty cool features that are worth mentioning. Below, we are going to list some of our favorite features:

  • 16 resistance levels for a nice challenge
  • Total body trainer
  • Builds upper arm strength better than standard ellipticals
  • Eight workout programs
  • Wireless and contact pulse sensors included
  • Includes an 8-week subscription to Daily Burn – this offers over 600 workout videos
  • Supports 2 user profiles
  • Water bottle holder
  • Media shelf for magazine, tablet, phone or laptop
  • Compact size
  • Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility – great for tracking data online


What We Don’t Like

As with any product on the market, while it may be good, if you really dig deep, you’re going to find something you don’t like about it. In this case, there are a couple of downsides that we are going to talk to you about.

For starters, the cost is something that may concern some people. The M5 costs more than many ellipticals and treadmills of similar quality. However, we can tell you right now that the price is well worth it.

The assembly is a downfall, but it’s something that you have to deal with when you buy most exercise machines. However, with the Bowflex M5, if you really don’t want to put it together yourself, you can pay extra to have a professional set it up for you – doing this will save you from that headache.

The warranty is something else that some people may not like – it’s not that great as it only offers two years of coverage. However, this little amount of time is common for something at this price.




When you put the machine in a room, it doesn’t look bad at all. Here’s a picture of it sitting in the corner of a room:



For those of you that don’t like the idea of the nordictrack fs7i and want a step up from the Bowflex M3, then the Bowflex M5 would be a great option. Looking at it, it has everything you need if you want a good workout that burns calories and will help you shed some pounds. This piece of equipment was designed to accomplish a variety of physical goals simultaneously.

With the Bowflex M5, you will have the opportunity to choose between a variety of fitness modes, including calorie goal, steady state, fat burn, stairs and much more. If you really want a good workout that will burn a large amount of calories, we recommend the interval Training modes: smart max and max interval. Instead of continuously switching from mode to mode, many experts recommend finding 2-3 modes that work for you and stick with those.

Mind you, if you’re looking for an easy workout, you’re looking at the wrong machine – this machine doesn’t offer an easy workout. If you’re wanting to lose weight and tone your body, you shouldn’t even be looking for an easy way out. Sometimes you have to work hard to get what you want and that is exactly what this machine makes you do – there are plenty of resistance levels and preset programs that beginners can use.

We understand that many people may be concerned with all of the hype behind this exercise machines, because they may have fallen prey to one in the past that was simply hyped up. However, the M5 really is worth the price as it does everything it says it can do, and then some. It’s challenging, durable, and dynamic all in one – this is why so many people really are impressed with the machine. Many love how it can easily be customized to every member of the household. There’s also a small footprint, so almost anyone will be able to add it to their home gym, without any form of inconvenience.

Yes, the Max Trainer M3 is a less expensive model as it’s under $1000, then you have the Max Trainer M7, which is a step up an sells for a little over $2,000. This one right here rests right between those two.

We agree, the company is a bit greedy with that two-year warranty, but there are so many great perks that are paced inside this machine – like features and proven results. So it’s tough not to want this machine, even with the warranty only offering two years.

Point blank, when you’re ready to get into shape and want to take on the ultimate workout experience for the quickest results available, the Max Trainer M5 is well worth the try. Your confidence and physical appearance will appreciate this one.

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