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Bowflex Max Trainer M3 Cardio Machine Review



Are you looking for an alternative to the preform treadmill? If so, then you may be interested in the Bowflex M3 – the Bowflex Max trainer has so many benefits nesting behind it. For starters, it supports a speedy calorie burn and is gentle on joints. If you like what you have read so far, then continue forward to learn more about the Bowflex Max


Let’s start out by taking a closer look at that calorie burn – how speedy are we talking? Well, how about a 14-minute workout – will that be good enough for you? That is all it will take on the Bowflex M3! This is probably because Max trainers are focused on engaging not only the lower body, but also the upper body.


Upper Body Exercise – With this machine, for the upper body exercises, you’ll be moving your arms. The arm motion is a lot like the motion you would do if you were to use an elliptical machine. However, with the Bowflex M3, the upper body exercise is around 80% more effective.


Lower Body Exercise – When it comes to the lower body exercise, we would describe it as being similar to stair stepping or elliptical training.


Additional Benefits


There are other benefits that come from the Max Trainer M3’s zero impact design. Why is this a benefit? This is because when a fitness machine has low impact or zero impact, it means it is going to reduce the risk of injury. These type of machines also give us the ability to exercise more intensely, with the same effort, so the results are going to come more quickly. 

Look at the tagline for these trainers: “Max results. Max reasons.” It all makes sense now, doesn’t it? The M3 has a total of eight resistance levels and two present workouts. You can also have two user profiles, which is great if you have a friend or family member that plans on using this machine.

The price is another benefit of the Bowflex M3 – at the time of writing this review, we found the machine online for under $1,000. The product is even delivered with a chest strap, so that you can monitor your heart rate wirelessly.


Differences Between the Max Trainer M3 and the M5

You’ve probably noticed the M5 on the market as well – there M5 costs about $500 more than the M3, but there are a variety of differences, other than the price, between the two. The number of preset programs and the number of resistance levels just so happen to be two of the key differences.  However, when it comes to the maximum and minimum resistance levels on both of the models, those remain the same.  Both machines come with a one year and two year parts warranty.

In the next portion of this review, we’re going to tell you what we like and what we do not like about the Bowflex Max Trainer M3.



What We Like

Looking at the Bowflex Max Trainer M3, we find many things that we like …many of the features are appealing to say the least. Take a look at the following features so that you can see what we’re talking about:

 Higher Intensity – There are some fitness machines that make it where the impact shock of training takes away from your endurance and efficiency. The same cannot be said about the M3 – you won’t be losing energy through impact. By taking this route, your body will be able to exercise at a higher intensity than what you may be used to.

Zero Impact – Because impact matters! No, it really does. Gym exercise can cause injury and have you resting on the sidelines if you’re not careful. This is why when you read Bowflex treadclimber reviews, Bowflex selecttech 1090, the Schwinn exercise bike review, or any other review that has to do with an exercise machine, you’ll find the individual talking about impact. Unlike treadmills, however, the Max Trainer M3 and the Bowflex M7 are impact-free.  This means that your arms and legs will remain in constant contact with the machine, making for smooth motion.

Resistance – On the M3, you will be able to choose up to eight resistance levels. This feature is more appropriate for those individuals that are already in decent shape. This wide range of resistance will prevent you from plateauing.

Upper Body Workout – The upper body workout that this machine offers is more effective than those on most of the elliptical trainers currently available on the market.

Two User Profiles – We really like how this machine is capable of handling two user profiles. This will allow two individuals to be able to save their workout data and physical stats.

Wireless Heart Monitoring – The Bowflex M3 offers a wireless heart rate monitor and it does come with a wireless chest strap.

Extras – With the Max Trainer M3, you’re going to find quite a bit of extras, like a convenient reading rack and a bottle holder. Looking at the rack ledge, we believe it is wide enough to be able to hold a tablet.

Compact – The Bowflex M3 is compact – these type of trainers don’t really require a whole lot of space, compared to treadmills. The footprint is 46” x 25”. The machine weighs a total of 143 pounds.



What We Don’t Like

This machine isn’t going to receive all five stars, not in our book – however, it will receive four stars from us. Here’s some potential drawbacks:

Best for People That Are Already Fit – Looking at other reviews, we find them talking about how the Bowflex M3 is best for those that are already fit. When you see a negative review written on this machine, it’s usually written by someone that wasn’t ready for its resistance.

Assembly – With these type of machines, assembly is always the downfall – it will take more than an hour to put it together. However, if you want, you can pay extra for setup.

Not Backlit – The display, unfortunately, isn’t backlit. This makes it hard to see during the night, unless you have a lamp nearby.

Simple Console – This trainer has a very basic console. You get two preset programs – you will see a display of calorie burn and other data. There’s no built-in entertainment, but you can set a tablet on the ledge.

Two Programs – The M3 has a program called “MAX Interval” and manual mode. The M5 has more built in programs than this.



As you see, the Bowflex M3 is great for intermediate to advance athletes that are able to spare some cash.  The M3 is an efficient too for taking your total endurance and body strength to the next level over and over.

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