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Bowflex Blaze Home Gym Review


Back in the day, if you really wanted to get fit and stand out from the crowd, you were forced to go to gyms where you would have to endure long lines just to get the machine you wanted. Today, with the increase in technology, we are now able to bring the gym to the comfort of our home, one piece at a time. This means we no longer have to go to the gym – we can exercise in peace, without having to stand in line. For those of you that are looking for a good piece of equipment, you may be interested in something that Bowflex offers – they are an amazing product line.

With equipment like the Bowflex M7, Bowflex XTL, Bowflex Selecttech 552, Bowflex Selecttech 1090 and Bowflex Xtreme 2, you really cannot go wrong as they’re all good. However, today, we are here to review something different – something that we feel doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves – the Bowflex Blaze.


What is the Bowflex Blaze?


This is a mid-level model that comes from Bowflex and we could easily say it is at the top of our list. The blace offers over 60 different exercises, so you will have a lot of activities to choose from.  We believe the biggest benefit of this model would be the fact that you have the ability to upgrade resistance as you will eventually require more weight than the traditional 210 lbs.

Just like with the rest of Bowflex’s home gyms, the Blaze utilizes the unique resistance rod technology, which is much better than using traditional weight. If you have never tried this type of system before, you really are missing out on something pretty good. The exercise is intense and highly effective, so you cannot go one.


Product Summary


Looking at the Bowflex Blaze from a customer’s perspective, Bowflex just so happens to be one of the best pieces of gym equipment you’ll ever find. Bowflex has obviously built a pretty impressive reputation throughout the last couple of decades by making some of the best home gyms. Bowflex is well-known for their resistance rod technology, which we told you about in the beginning.

Here, let us take a minute to describe their resistance rod technology so that you can have an understanding of what it is. Basically, instead of using the traditional iron weights in order to provide resistance needed for a good workout, Bowflex has thought of an idea – a unique flexible rod system that is responsible for stimulating weight and providing a great workout like none other.  This technology has been proven to provide a safer and more effective workout than the normal weight-based system. You see, there’s a reason many people prefer this method.


Bowflex is a line that is recommended due to their top notch equipment at a decent price and the Bowflex Blaze Home gym would be a great example of this. The Blaze is targeted for almost everyone from beginner to immediate users.  This obviously means Bowflex has a large amount of features that are capable of satisfying both ends.  If our mind serves us correctly, there are a little over 60 exercises that you can perform on this machine – it’s amazing that you can perform this many exercises on one machine  - in the old days, we never thought this was imaginable.

We like how there’s a rowing feature, which is great for cardio and we cannot forget about the ability to be able to upgrade up to 410 lbs of resistance. In all honesty, this is one of our favorite home gyms from Bowflex and for a good reason. This appears to be the best value-for-your-dollar model that is offered by Bowflex.

Now that you have a summary of the Bowflex s

Feature and Specifications:

  • Built-in cardio rowing station
  • Number of exercises: 60+
  • Resistance can be upgraded to 310 pounds, then from there, 410 pounds
  • Standard resistance: 210 lbs
  • Leg extension/leg curl attachment
  • Multi-function handles that can be used for ankles or hands
  • 3 cable pulley positions – you have low, mid and high
  • Foldable, making it easy to store
  • Max user weight is 300 lbs
  • Dimensions: 90” x 38” x 83”
  • Workout area required: 90” x 80” x 83”



Setting Up the Bowflex Blaze


When you receive the Bowflex Blaze, you will need to put some time to the side to assemble it. Yes, the assembly process is a little bit on the time-consuming side, but all in all, once it’s really not that difficult. From start to finish, it took us around two hours and we’re not very good at putting stuff together. To date, we’ve put together the Proform elliptical, Schwinn exercise bike and the Schwinn elliptical, so we’re definitely not new to the entire assembly process.

We recommend having a partner help you assemble the Blaze, otherwise, it may take you more than two hours to put it together. However you shouldn’t experience any form of complications with the assembly process. Looking over the directions, they’re easy to understand and they have included a large amount of images that will help you with the entire process.

There is one thing we need to tell you about the setup and that’s the fact that we couldn’t find any other Bowflex Blaze review that mentioned the fact that it requires a larger workout area that what they have noted online.  The exact dimensions they listed online is 90” x 38” x 83”, and that is true, but in all actuality, for a workout area, you need to plan for 90 x 80” x 8”.   You need the extra room due to the resistance robs that bow outwards when they’re in use. So, before you purchase this machine, make sure you have enough space for it so that nothing interferes with your workout.

As long as you plan for those dimensions we just gave you, you should do just fine.

There’s a cool space-saving feature that we really like about the Blaze and that would be the fact that the bench is foldable. This means if you want, you can store the whole gym when you’re not using it. This way, it won’t be in your way.

Once it’s put together, you’ll see a chart on the actual machine showing you the different workouts (we really like this feature):


Exercise Options

Mind you, it’s the exercise options that originally caught our attention. To be exact, there’s over 60 strength-training exercises that you can take advantage of with this machine. There are even exercise options for every muscle group. It’s variety like this that is needed with a workout and having one machine that is capable of working out all the muscles in the body is a major bonus.

Take a look at the features offered:

  • Bench press
  • Chest Fly
  • Incline Bench Press
  • Decline Bench Press
  • Decline Chest Fly
  • Incline Chest Fly
  • Resisted Punch
  • Lying Cable Crossover
  • French Press
  • Triceps Pushdown
  • Cross Triceps Extension
  • Rope Pushdown
  • Standing Biceps Curl
  • Seated Wrist Curl
  • Reverse Curl
  • Leg Extension
  • Squat
  • Ankle Eversion
  • Standing Leg Kickback
  • Prone Leg Curl
  • Reverse Crunch

And much more …


There’s something unique that we really liked about the Blaze and feel the need to tell our readers about it. This would be the build-in rowing station – it gives you the cardio option you crave in addition to all of the strength-training exercises we just showed you. Come to think of it, we believe this would be our favorite feature. As you may know, rowing is one of the best exercises out there and research has told us that it is more beneficial than cycling, running or any other type of cardio exercise you may find.

Besides all of that, we really like how Bowflex has included a cardio feature. It is important that you have a regimen that is well-balanced – you should have a good balance of both cardio and strength training, which the Blaze does a good job at providing. It’s amazing how you can get all of this on one home gym machine.


Other Exercise Options


Along with everything we just told you about, there’s various other accessories and features that are responsible for adding even more exercise options to your list. Starting out, you have the bench that can be adjusted between four different seating positions: a 45-degree incline position, two flat-bench positions, and a free-position.

Next, there’s the leg curl attachment, which is really good. You can install this to the end of the Blaze and it will open up even more exercise options, as if you need more options.

Finally, there’s the handles – those are multifunctional and double as an ankle strap.

To be honest, we really cannot find anything bad about the Bowflex Blaze home gym. Thi sis going to sound weird, but we really don’t like when we don’t have anything to say about a product we’re reviewing. We feel as if this sounds like we’re trying to sell it to you, and not providing an honest review. But the truth to the matter is that Bowflex has covered everything we look for when it comes to a machine – it has performance, quality and ease of use packed all in one.

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